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Progressive Jackpots in Slots Explained

By January 22, 2020May 5th, 2021One Comment

Slots are everyone’s favorite for many reasons, and progressive jackpot is just one of its alluring features. Online slots are the games you can play and expect various awards in terms of free spins, bonus features, free games, etc. Progressive jackpots in slots explained is the text referring to how one of the most attractive slots features actually work.

How Progressive Jackpots Work

Basically, progressive jackpots work in a way of collecting a percentage of each wager. That percentage amount then goes into a pool from which the software draws the jackpot.  The pool amount increases with each new wager and accumulates until the lucky player hits the jackpot. The jackpot amount keeps showing at the bottom of the screen, so each player can witness the accumulating.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

You may know by know that there are various types of progressive jackpots in online casinos. The most popular is the one linking several online casinos into the same pool. This means that players who play the same slots in different online casinos contribute to the wager percentage that accumulates in the same pool.

The jackpot prize forms from that pool, i.e. it contains the percentage of all wagers made in different casinos. Understandably, these jackpots are the biggest in volume, and thus – the most popular ones as the potential winning amount is huge. Moreover, players know that the more popular the slot is, the bigger the jackpot.

One more popular type of the progressive jackpot is the so-called in-house progressive jackpot. It forms from the wagering percentage of certain slots played at one online casino, or the operating company. These jackpots can be huge as well.

How It All started

As a quick reminder, the origins of progressive jackpots in slots date back to the 90ies. It was then that the first software was linked to the land-based casino slots. Naturally, online slots provide for much more convenient way of playing slots. In the meantime, the software powering progressive jackpots has evolved. It has become the inseparable part of all online gambling sites, providing ultimate fun to all slot’s fans.

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