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Spins and Multipliers in Slots Explained

By January 24, 2020May 5th, 2021No Comments

Slots are among casino games that have seen the biggest change once put online. Playing online slots is a unique experience and cannot be compared to any other game. We have come a long way from simply pulling the lever. Nowadays, there are many features in each slot. They make the gambling experience more dynamic and exciting. If you are not familiar with how those features work, these are slot’s spins and multipliers explained.

Free Spins

Free spins are by far among the most popular features in any slot. In majority of slots, Scatters are the symbols which trigger free spins rounds. It is important to know that at the moment this happens the betting level stays the same as in the triggering spin.

Some slots feature the fixed number of free spins. The others award different number of free spins depending on the number of Scatters. Either way, the more Scatters a player sees appearing on the reels, the better.

Re-trigger Free Spins

 Re-trigger Free Spins is a feature that goes a step further and provides the opportunity to get large number of free spins to playthrough. This features triggers occasionally while the free spins feature is still active. It starts once a designated symbol appears on the reels. What it actually does is adding free spins to the already triggered free spins feature.


Re-spins are not the same as free spins, nor its volume can match. However, they can increase the winning potential. The initial number of re-spins is 1-3 and you can play them on free reels. In slots, there is a reel that triggers the re-spins. That reel is inactive while the player plays through the initial re-spins.

There is also the chance that the slot is designed so that it offers a certain symbol which adds extra re-spin on one of the free reels.


 Multipliers are quite self-explanatory. They multiply each win by certain number and can make you a rich person. There are always symbols representing various types of multipliers.

Slots can have fixed multipliers or even progressive ones. The most favorable multipliers are those that increase with every spin which does not pay out.

Multipliers are there to either increase the winnings, or to multiply your line and total bets. Spins and multipliers are the essence of every slot.

Base-Play & Free Spins Multipliers

This feature is a bit unusual, as multipliers normally do not appear during a base play. However, if they do, they increase the winning payline’s value.

Free spins multipliers, on the other hand, are the multipliers that appear during the free spins round. They can be of a very high value and usually presented as a hidden icon.

Scattered Multipliers

Scattered multipliers are interesting because they implicate that the Scatter does not necessarily need to be on the payline. It can land anywhere on the reels and trigger the multiplier.

Pick Me Bonus Games

Bonus slots are the slots with a bonus round. The bonus round activates upon triggering 3 or more symbols on certain reels. The bonus feature usually consists of either free spins or the “Pick me” feature.

This feature consists of you making a choice. In most slots, the player should decide on a box he or she wishes to open. Once decided, the player gets the cash prize. There are slots that offer players to either choose one option or to continue to pick until reaching an empty field.

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