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How and When to Appreciate People in Your Life

By January 25, 2020May 5th, 2021No Comments

Not everyone feels good in showing emotions. It happens ever so often that we feel gratitude or appreciation for someone, but we are not able to express it. Thus, the relationship with that specific person or a group remains burdened. How and when to appreciate people in your life is a question we need to answer if we want to be true to ourselves and people we are surrounded with.

Let people know you will listen to them

Listening can be difficult, although it may not seem that way. It demands attention and patience. Above all, someone’s time. And we know that time is money.

When you let someone know that you are ready to listen to them whenever, you basically pledge to commit and provide understanding – which is something we all need. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to show you appreciate people in your life.

Describe the experience you gained facing challenge someone imposed

We all fight our own demons through a lifetime. We face various fears and learn how to overcome them. Every now and then, we are challenged by either circumstances or other people. Although many people regard those moments as a misfortune, there are people who consider them to be gifts.

A challenge is a lesson. Whatever you may think about the cause of the challenge, there is no better solution than to embrace it. Through challenges, we grow. We learn how to handle difficulties, or better yet – how to avoid them.

The important thing here to understand is that once you show appreciation for challenges, you are doing two important things. One is saying thanks to whoever challenged you and the other is practicing gratitude.

Don’t argue, rather embrace differences

There are many situations in life when we lose our cool.  Even though such reaction is sometimes justified, it is more often pointless. It serves for letting off steam and rarely something more.

Difference in opinion is natural. We form our standpoints in accordance with our beliefs, the way we were brought up, the circumstances surrounding our lives. There are no two identical individuals in this world. So, why do we let ourselves get annoyed when someone tries to impose the viewpoint?

Embracing differences makes us better people. Furthermore, it can help prepare us for many important steps in life. It shows that we value something or someone that exists besides us. Embracing differences decreases ego, or at least puts it under control.

When was the last time you showed appreciation for someone?

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