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Unbelievable Things Banned in the USA

By February 8, 2020September 23rd, 2021No Comments

Understanding some of the laws in the USA can be pretty weird if you’re coming from outside. You can get a gun in the store next door, but still, you’re not able to place sports bets. Since weapons aren’t banned in the States, some things you won’t believe are. Here is the list of some things banned in the USA.

Bare-Hand Fishing

Fishing is a favorite hobby for many people and lucky for them, it is totally legal activity in all of the American states. Namely, it has some regulations, but still free. For example, the state of Indiana has a strict law about fishing. There, you are not allowed to do this activity with bare hands.

Feeding Pigs With Garbage

Ok, we know that these animals are always hungry and can eat almost everything, even garbage. However, this act is allowed in every state, except in North Carolina. This state has a regulation that regards cooking garbage first before giving it to the pigs.

Texting and Walking

You can’t look at your phone or text while you’re crossing the street in Hawaii. This relatively new law predicts fines start at $15 and can go to $100 if you make multiple violations of the law. This is understandable when you know that this activity causes approximately 12,000 injuries per year.

Drunk Surfing

Believe it or not, Iowa as a landlocked state which banned surfing under the influence of alcohol. We know that things could escalate if alcohol is included too, but in Iowa, there is no reason for such a law. Let’s suppose that they know best.

Wearing Saggy Pants

In Collinsville, Illinois, saggy pants have been banned since 2011. The law determines the way of wearing pants. The fine is $100 plus community service for the first offense, and $300 plus community service for subsequent offenses.

No Toy Guns For Minors

Minors in Kansas City are not allowed to purchase cap pistols. It seems pretty normal until you learn that in Kansas City minors are allowed to buy shotguns freely.

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