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Free Spins for Your Comments About the Craziest Acts of Love

By February 14, 2020September 23rd, 202124 Comments

On this day dedicated to sharing love and spreading joy, it is our wish to ignite the fire of emotions and good vibes and give away as much as 100 FREE SPINS. Let’s make this a place to share the stories about the craziest things people do for love.

Have you ever been so madly and unreasonably in love that you wanted the entire world to know? Or, maybe you did the unimaginable just to draw someone’s attention? Perhaps you thought about the particular scenario, but never got the guts to do it? Tell us about it.

As usual, we will reward the craziest comments and the most creative gestures you can think of. Leave your comment below this post. Deadline for sending comments is Sunday night, February 16th, midnight casino time.

The Rewards

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We will process the free spins during next week, starting from Monday. Terms are stated below. Enjoy it!

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  • Ashley watkins says:

    My parents divorced when I was 3. My dad drove long haul so I hardly ever got to see him. It was rough because i was a total daddies girl and I was just lost without him. When I was 5, the week before valentines day we had a bring your daddy to school day. I was the only one whose dad wasn’t there. It broke my heart. I went home and threw a huge for I threw out all my cards and candy for my class and absolutely refused to go to school. Naturally it was an argument I didnt win. I get to school going through the dad just ugh about everything. We come in from final recess to start our valentines day party, we passed out snack and our cards and everyone’s candy dropping them into our little self made valentines day boxes. When I got back to my seat there was no box no cards no candy or snack. Just an empty desk. I didn’t even ask what was going on I just immediately started bawling. The teacher asked me what was wrong and between sobs I was barely able to spit out that my box was gone and I didn’t get anything. The teacher smiled and said well someone here wanted to give you a valentines day surprise with everything all together. So i start looking around and I’m like what, I get more, I get a special gift! Just then the classroom door opens and my dad comes walking in with balloons and flowers with a big pink teddy bear a diamond bracelet that repeated every color 3 times of black and blue and red green orange pink purple yellow, the biggest box of chocolates ive ever seen and then my bday box with all the cards including an extra one from him. I ran to him and hugged him so hard I didnt even care about all the other stuff. Ingave him a big kiss on the cheek said he was the best vdat present ever and asked whoball the other stuff was for. My dad went missing in April of that year and i never saw him again. We still don’t know what happened to him and even though its worn and some pieces have fallen out I havent worn my bracelet in years but I still have it safe in my little pink ballerina jewellery box the same one he gave me for Christmas. It still plays when you wind it and when I start to miss him so much it hurts I pull out my box I wind it up I and I look at my little bracelet and I listen to my music play and it takes me right back to the day when I was the luckiest little girl in the whole wide world because I got my daddy for valentines day.


  • Acts of love: after losing a new born to allergies and complications, there was a overwhelming amount of love and support from family and friends that were all very compassionate for my lose. R.i.p Jayden

  • Cindy says:

    My crazy love story is me and my husband was friends from when we were so young still in nappies we were friends but not that close so as we get older he has girlfriend and i have boyfriend i was very intrested in him but he wasnt into me so we grow out appart but about 9 years ago i lost my little girl at 11 months so i was alone. So my husband now was the only one that time that supported me after my little girl passed away so we become closer and close 4 years we got married we have 2 beautiful boys and we are so happyely married. So moral of this story is never stop believing that your friends you love can be one day your husband

  • LeCount says:

    Craziest act of love huh? I would have to say it was the time’s when I used to work all day, then spontaneously make a 2 hour drive after work to see my girlfriend, then drive back to work in the morning on usually no sleep.

  • Cindy says:

    My valentines gift from my husband was the crazyiest gift if ever got he gave me a big box and when i open it there was a nother box but only smaller and i open it still a smaller box so i went on open this boxes ubtil i get to the last box it was smaller than a matches box so when i open it there it was just a leave of a rose. On it was written i love you forever

  • Christopher sullivan says:

    My wife and I met online when she was 15 and I was 18. She lived in New York and I lived in Texas and was about to leave for marines boot camp, we wrote letters and texted every moment we could , kept in touch for 8 years some years going every day talking. Through three tours of duty and everything we still never stoped our friendship even though we never met. Then she just so happened to be coming to Dallas for a flight and I was staying in Dallas for school and she came to meet me, we have been together ever since that day and have been married for three years now and have two children.

  • Henry xe says:

    Posted this on Extreme but its a different casino so hopefully i wont get penalized.

    In my early twenties “ 2014 “ i wanted to get in shape for the longest time. I had personal trainer, that i met twice a week. Besides the fact that she was in top notch shape was extremely pretty. A few months months into our training we went a couple times from dinner, just to talk over ours and what not. Somewhere along the way i ended telling her that i like her. Heres pretty often how it went down.

    Me : not only do i think your smart but your down to earth, you should give me a opportunity to prove myself

    Jess : Do you realize how many male clients i have? And do you not know your not the first one to attempt this?

    Me : can u blame me? Have you not looked at yourself freaking mirror lately? God damn…

    Jess : after she politely decline she asked if i still would like to continue our workouts sessions. I didnt want to be a sore loser, and told her of course. After being told and made extremely clear about our relationship as Clientele strictly and nothing more. I contiunue working out with her, never once dare to make any moves i didnt think much if it anymore

    Fast forwars a couple months I recieved a text message from her, telling me how Miserable She is and that she needed somebody to talk to. I was confused and my buddy told me… Bro aint no personal trainer would tell you that kinda stuff, you better dive for it. Jess ended up Hurting her ankle during a fitness competition and needed someone to help her. I couldnt believe it, i already accepted the fact that a hottie like herself and her status would never want someone like me as least i thought. I wasnt even consider super buff of fit and she constantly around other male trainers but yet picked me. Not only was i able to taker for dinner on valentines day we ended dating for a bit. Thanks to her i learned about myself.

    Never Say Never 👍

    Account : aol042087

  • Jamie says:

    My boyfriend and I met years ago but we we’re with other people at the time. He was married and I was engaged. But I still remember having this feeling that I would see him again one day. And kept having these dreams of us being together. I thought nothing of it but years later and here we are – moved into our new home and happily engaged. Dreams do come true!

  • Brandon says:

    Last year my boyfriend gave me a key to his place, and I gave him 2 presents a picture frame and the second gift was a photo of him kissing his ex that my friend took when she saw them the day before.

    Then broke the key off in his lock greatest day lol

    Username: brandonstarr91

  • luis ocampo barrera says:

    It all started when she closed my eye and told her I love you and we love each other so far .. user name 0427

  • luis barera says:

    She was the one who looked at me in the holes and I miss her, she is not with me..user name 042788

  • Mario Donaldson says:

    On Jan 21 2010, I went to an online adult site for a cam show. I met a girl on this site, I was 24 at the time and she was 19. Her name was Lorraine and she was from Davao City Philippines. A few days after the cam show, Lorraine and I started getting to know each other. We traded Skype I.D.’s and video chatted form that point on and even though we were together only online, it was as if we’d know each other for a lifetime. She told me about her family and how hard it was fighting a life of poverty. She told me about Davao City; about the parks and markets therein. She told me she lives mostly with her older cousin Reyna because she loves her like a mother, and because it was the only way she could communicate with the outside world. One day when I came home from work, Lorraine was nowhere to be found. No emails, no video chats, no messages at all. Then another day would come…and another…and another after that. Like a shooting star soaring across the night sky, Lorraine was Quickly out of my sight. My soul was crushed and I didn’t know what to think or how to feel. I thought something horrible had happened to my dear sweet Lorraine. It would be Feb 01, 2011 when Lorraine and I would be together online again; just a few days before Valentines day. No words can ever express how happy I was to video chat with her and be with her once more. Lorraine broke into tears when she saw my face. She told me that her beloved older cousin Reyna had died of a stroke. She apologized for not being able to communicate with me for so long. I remember what I said to her like it was yesterday. Not another word, Please don’t be sorry, I coming there to be with you. Of course I had to go through a lot of red tape. I never traveled outside my hometown, never traveled outside of USA, and never traveled by plane. But I did all three things in 2011 and was able to arrive in Davao City right on Valentines day. My dear Lorraine was finally in my arms and I in hers. Of course Reyna had died months earlier and there was nothing anyone could’ve done to stop Gods will. Lorraine and I made a life together. We’ve been together for about 10 years. I haven’t permanently moved to Davao City just yet because some parts of my life are still here in the states. In life everything is uncertain and very little can be controlled. But there’s one thing I’m 100% certain of is that that Lorraine and I can’t bare to face any of life’s uncertainties without each other. I love you so much my beautiful Lorraine and may the light of beloved cousin Reyna continue to shine down on us. Happy Valentines Day!

  • Swanky says:

    Years ago my uncle Kurt fell madly in love with a co-worker and tried many times, unsuccessfully to get her to notice him. Having nothing left to lose, one Valentine’s Day he presented her with a velvet jewelry box- upon opening it she found his carefully placed prosthetic eye along with a note carefully written in poor cursive saying “My Dear Kim. You will always have my eye. Yours, KT” .
    Unfortunately for Kurt, Kim didn’t find any sentiment in the gift but was rather mortified. Kurt’s behavior was reported as harassment and he lost his job and his love all in one day! Update: met my aunt 4 years later and has been doing great ever since 😉

  • John Lloyd says:

    Well i want to say,, the best gift i have received.. is that its celebrated 1 month of my son this valentines day. Im so happy 🙂 my one and only son. Nathaniel John 😀 username: johnlloyd63

  • PA says:

    If I secretly like someone, I will follow him all year round and will surprise him everyday. Which the surprise each day is different Such as sending lunch to him at the desk Keep following and tracing that he likes Or want something Every day there are surprises that make him speechless! And smile when I see what I do for him Which I will watch from a distance, not revealing myself for 1 year I will not let him know that it was me that was his surprise every day for 1 year. It is my happiness when I see the person I love is happy. And smiling at what he intended to do after 1 year I will walk in front of him and pull his head down to kiss his mouth. And I will reveal everything I make for 1 year And say that the whole year of surprise you got from me. If he’s okay then Lucky of me.
    My username is Psl88fwin pls,

  • Kate Randina says:

    When traditional marriage counseling doesn’t work, it must be the work of the devil. At least that’s what Jose Magana-Farias and his son, Victor Farias, must have been thinking when they kidnapped Magana-Farias’ ex-wife from the parking lot of Walmart and performed an exorcism on her in the hopes of saving the marriage.

    The father-son duo went all-out for the exorcism, even picking up two priests in the kidnapping car and dowsing the victim in sacred oil to purify her. Thankfully, she wasn’t harmed, but needless to say the marriage was not saved.


  • When I was 18 years old I had a boyfriend at the time and was living with him taking care of his Grandmother. He had introduced me to a couple of his friends and I remember seeing this one friend of his, (Kevin) and thinking that I am definitely going to hook up with him somehow, someway. He had also had a girlfriend at the time. We ended up exchanging phone numbers and he would sneak over and see me while my boyfriend was at work. I ended up falling madly in love with him and broke up with my boyfriend. We now have 8 kids and have been married for almost 15 years this March. I can honestly say that I am still madly in love with him and hope we will grow old together.

  • When I was 18 years old I had a boyfriend at the time and was living with him taking care of his Grandmother. He had introduced me to a couple of his friends and I remember seeing this one friend of his, (Kevin) and thinking that I am definitely going to hook up with him somehow, someway. He had also had a girlfriend at the time. We ended up exchanging phone numbers and he would sneak over and see me while my boyfriend was at work. I ended up falling madly in love with him and broke up with my boyfriend. We now have 8 kids and have been married for almost 15 years this March. I can honestly say that I am still madly in love with him and hope we will grow old together.
    Username: kimberly08

  • Damouse says:

    My babygirl and j are spending our second Valentine’s day together and no one has ever captured my heart more in my 37 years of life when all was lost I had just gotten out of a second long term relationship and I had been all but fed up with love and any relationship at the time I found my dream my soul my reason for existing in one I would of never imagined for she was too lost from years of others making her self worth aost non existent and yet she is the most amazing beautiful creature to ever exist she is flawless and far more than I ever thought possible and I dont just say this as one day you will see her be and do amazing things she is more beautiful than any actress has more soul than any she is young but wiser than the oldest soul inexperienced but can do anything she tries she will be adourned by all who may see her rise to greatness and she chose me so to say the least none could or have ever been so lucky as I and you all can read how this our second Valentine’s day I called it for none will understand to you see it come to fruition and I just had to share how blessed and how amazing I feel this Valentine’s day thank you

  • Janice Bradshaw says:

    I’ve known my husband for 25 years I met him because a witch wanted me destroyed because my boyfriend went to jail and he was her mechanic.
    My boyfriend was seen choking me in front of my two children in our motel room. That’s when Charlie showed up he was so cute and I was so lost I let him take a bath and he locked the door
    I just wanted in. He ended up leaving me there telling me to go to my sister’s house. I didn’t and he saw that my ex was there so he figured he would come bye also. He did then he went to prison about half of these 25 years and I didn’t realize that he really was using me. Im still being used but I will love him till I die… Please don’t ask me why

    User janicebrad

  • My dad met my mom at 14 she fell preggo and had baby at 15 she had major stroke at 16 and paralyzed one side. My dad married her and then worked jihs and himself through college. Made his own plumbing company and still saw the same girl thr day he died as when he met her when they were young. He said he still rememberes what she was wearing. ..


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