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Winners of our Valentine’s Day Blog Promotion

By February 17, 2020May 5th, 2021No Comments

We have winners of our Valentine’s Day blog promotion which proved to be a success, thanks to all of you, wonderful people. We are grateful and excited to have such a wide circle of players who have already formed a true community. Being able to share thoughts on all important issues in our lives is a step closer to knowing each other better.

Once again, we wish to thank all of you who participated in our Valentine’s Day blog promotion. Below are the first three rewarded comments. Please note that all of your deserved free spins will be processed at the earliest convenience, including consolation prizes.

Christopher, 100 free spins

“My wife and I met online when she was 15 and I was 18. She lived in New York and I lived in Texas and was about to leave for marine’s boot camp. We wrote letters and texted every moment we could, kept in touch for 8 years. Some years went on in everyday talks. Through three tours of duty and everything, we still never stopped our friendship even though we never met.

Then she just so happened to be coming to Dallas for a flight and I was staying in Dallas for school and she came to meet me. We have been together ever since that day and have been married for three years now and have two children.”

PA, 50 free spins

“If I secretly liked someone, I would follow him all year round and will surprise him every day with different surprise gifts – such as sending lunch to him at the desk, keep following and tracing what he likes or wants. Every day there would be surprises to make him speechless! And smile when I see what I do for him…  I would watch from a distance, not revealing myself for 1 year. I would not let him know that it was me surprising him every day for 1 year.

It is my happiness when I see the person I love is happy and smiling. After 1 year I would walk up to him and pull his head down to kiss his mouth. And I would reveal everything I did for a year, that each surprise he got was from me. If he’d accept it, then – my luck.“

Mario, 25 free spins

“On Jan 21st, 2010, I went to an online adult site for a cam show. I met a girl on this site. I was 24 at the time and she was 19. Her name was Lorraine and she was from Davao City, Philippines. A few days after the cam show, Lorraine and I started getting to know each other. We traded Skype I.D.’s and video chatted form that point on and even though we were together only online, it was as if we’d know each other for a lifetime. She told me about her family and how hard it was fighting a life of poverty. She told me about Davao City, about the parks and markets therein. She told me she lives mostly with her older cousin Reyna because she loves her like a mother, and because it was the only way she could communicate with the outside world.

One day when I came home from work, Lorraine was nowhere to be found. No emails, no video chats, no messages at all. Then another day would come…and another…and another after that. Like a shooting star soaring across the night sky, Lorraine was Quickly out of my sight. My soul was crushed, and I didn’t know what to think or how to feel. I thought something horrible had happened to my dear sweet Lorraine.

It would be Feb 01, 2011 when Lorraine and I would be together online again, just a few days before Valentine’s day. No words can ever express how happy I was to video chat with her and be with her once more. Lorraine broke into tears when she saw my face. She told me that her beloved older cousin Reyna had died of a stroke. She apologized for not being able to communicate with me for so long. I remember what I said to her like it was yesterday. Not another word, please don’t be sorry, I am coming there to be with you.

Of course, I had to go through a lot of red tape. I never traveled outside my hometown, never traveled outside of USA, and never traveled by plane. But I did all three things in 2011 and was able to arrive in Davao City right on Valentine’s day. My dear Lorraine was finally in my arms and I in hers. Of course, Reyna had died months earlier and there was nothing anyone could’ve done to stop God’s will. Lorraine and I made a life together. We’ve been together for about 10 years. I haven’t permanently moved to Davao City just yet because some parts of my life are still here in the states.

In life everything is uncertain and very little can be controlled. But there’s one thing I’m 100% certain of is that that Lorraine and I can’t bear to face any of life’s uncertainties without each other. I love you so much my beautiful Lorraine and may the light of beloved cousin Reyna continue to shine down on us. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

We know that love is among the favorite subjects to many of you. Apart from our Valentine’s Day blog promotion, there will soon be other interesting topics to think about and exchange thoughts. Stay tuned. In the meantime, keep playing!

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