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Workaholic, The Signs and the Perils of Becoming One

By February 22, 2020May 5th, 2021No Comments

People say that new generations are not so dedicated to spending time at work. Apparently, many businesses have shifted online and there is a growing demand for various jobs that we can do remotely. Moreover, new technologies provide for opportunities to spend less amounts of time doing the usual tasks. Nevertheless, the change in people’s attitude towards jobs changes a bit slowly. Hence there are still individuals who identify themselves with the jobs they. They enjoy the fact someone needs them. Their dedication knows no limits. Workaholic, the signs and the perils of becoming one is the topic of the day.

The Necessity to Have Things Under Control

Control freaks are a special kind of workaholics. They can be difficult to handle in real life as in business. Although, managers like to have them onboard. These individuals like to have everything under control. They are dependable and trustworthy. Or, are they?

The thing with control freaks is that they usually feel honored to be a “go-to person”. Now, it is up to a company to decide whether putting so much reliability on one person is the best solution.

Workaholics annoy people around them. They also deprive them of growth opportunities. Why? It is simple. Once they grab their piece of responsibility, they are actually grabbing a new chance to show their competences and learn something new in the process.

24/7 Availability

Constantly thinking about work and putting all other things aside in order to be available anytime, anywhere can be truly exhausting.

There are rare cases when this kind of dedication actually pays off. Mostly, workaholics find themselves in situations where burn out is inevitable.

There are also managers who have the need to oversee everything and like to be consulted, as micromanagement is the only way the know how to run a business. They are in no less danger of a burn out than any regular employee. Moreover, their attitude towards work can serve as the path others should follow, as managers, i.e. leaders set standards.

Lack of Rest

Whatever position a workaholic has in a company, rest is a necessity – both daily and annual rest. Vacations were meant for a reason. There is no pay or benefit that can compensate for bad health and depression. Let alone, bring a satisfaction that can match some other pleasures in life. The only thing workaholics need to learn is to embrace joy and real life that surrounds them.  Moreover, every now and then, they can spin the reels at our bet safe casino Brango. Who knows? Maybe they come across a new way to relax while cash keeps flooding in.

Do you know a workaholic that gets to your nerves? Tell us your story.

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