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Recently, we wrote about happiness and how to maintain it in these unusual circumstances. Connecting with people at the safe distance appears to be crucial. There are ways you can help yourselves, ease the pressure and charge your batteries in order to cope with the crisis. Today, we decided to skip the very fun part and simply remind you about the things you can do to help your community, or the people close to you. Ways to help people cope with coronavirus is our topic of the day.

Help Producing Masks

Although many hospitals are well equipped with masks and other professional gear, there is always a shortage somewhere. Ask around and see in what ways you can help.

If sewing is what you are good at, do not hesitate. There are nurses who will welcome the cotton masks that can be washed and dried at high temperatures. In case you consider yourselves extremely skillful, you can try to make layered masks of the exact material that health care practitioners need.

Even if you cannot sew, you can connect with people who can and ask if you can donate some funds to support the production. There are always alternative ways to help people.

Call Friends and Family   

We can bet there are people with whom you have been meaning to talk for a very long time, but simply could not find the time. Well, the time has come.

We know that you may not have as much free time on your hands as you hoped for, especially if you are working remotely. Nevertheless, the chances are this is as good as it gets when speaking of time. So, dial those numbers and show that you care.

Expressing appreciation always makes it worthwhile. Plus, it can really help you re-establish the bonds you once shared with people. It could be that you grew apart due to no specific reasons. The everyday life took over.  Even if you are holding a grudge over something, this could be the perfect moment to bury the axes.

Apart from expressing appreciation, there are many other ways to help people. Listening is one of them. Some think it is a skill, which anyone can practice. Why not give it a try?

Calling Your Ex

Now, calling your ex could be a different thing. In case you think you were rude, or you left from that relationship owing something to your ex, call and apologize.  Otherwise, this type of a call could benefit yourself only. Quarantine time can be used to look deep inside your own psyche and see what you did wrong. Sometimes, calling your ex can be an eye-opening thing and force you to confront your own weaknesses. However, there are people more experienced than the author of this text, who have shared their thought on this topic. So, check them out.

Help Out the Local Businesses

We are all in this together. Although many say it is still too early to estimate, we can only assume that local small businesses will suffer after this crisis.

Sometimes it is easier to shop at large supermarkets where you can find every single thing you need. However, if we want to think long-term, we must take into consideration the economic survival of our local communities.

Therefore, every now and then remember the bread from the local bakery that you liked so much and stop by to buy it. Or, order the takeout food and coffee from your favorite place. Let us help the families who are trying to run their businesses and survive.  Above all, do not forget that only if we sustain one another, we can pass through the storm unharmed.

We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the ways to help people cope with this situation.

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