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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could control the future? Trained psychologists say that this is possible. They have actually recorded many successful examples of people being guided with their mental forces thus creating the real events as per their imagination. We can agree that imagining a slightly better world is a necessity these days. So, lets explore the path to visualization and imagining the world for yourself.

The Mind-Body Connection

Personally, when choosing advice to follow regarding any psychological issue, I go for the mainstream professional authorities. On the other hand, the curiosity often gets the best of me, so I end up exploring alternatives as well. However, there are rarely issues that science hasn’t explored. You just have to dig deeper to find the answers.

To cut the story short, one thing that both authorities agree on is that mental strength has great influence on a human body. The connection between the two has been proved many times.

Apparently, the science has evidence of brain cells activating when a person thinks about physical exercise in detail. And those cells activate as if that individual is actually in the gym, exercising. The brain patterns proved to be the same, assuring us that mental exercise is just as important as the physical one.

More interestingly, mental exercise is possibly even more important. Why? Because it acts as the driving force, the fuel without which the physical exercise does not reach its full potential. And most of professional athletes know this.

The Future Starts in Our Minds

We live different lifestyles. Each person’s future depends greatly on the capacity to visualize. There have been many talks about the ways some of the greatest scientists, such as Tesla for example, visualized success in their own minds, prior to achieving them in real life. Imagining events to the smallest detail appears to be crucial.

Psychologists claim that the more senses we are able to include in our imagination, the better the results. Furthermore, the sequence of events is important. The visualization needs to be structured.

It activates attention and perception, as well as motor control and memory. Playing this highly personalized movie in your head can improve your self-confidence and motivation.

Tips from the Experts

There are many tips you can come across on the Internet searching for successful visualization. The three most important, as I see it, are: define a specific goal, include all of your senses, and let go of the doubts.

Here are some tips which you can easily put into practice, and some more tips from professional that you can find at this link .

  • Practice visualization in a quiet place, where you feel comfortable, undistracted and serene.
  • Determine the specific time during the day (or night) to perform mental exercises which should boost your mental strength. More importantly, be consistent and do not skip a day.
  • Spend at least 5 minutes each day, practicing visualization. Some say that the longer it lasts, the stronger the influence, and the more memorable the results.
  • Start with imagining the positive outcome and the ultimate goal. Steadily include elements referring to the possible obstacles you may encounter, and the way to overcome them.
  • When visualizing, imagine the details. This means thinking about what exactly you would wish to see, how exactly you wish to feel, what smells do you feel, who do you see beside you, what do you hear, etc.
  • Surround yourself with mental maps, or vision boards. This map should contain visuals and short quotes to motivate you to stay on the path and do not give up on your dreams. Wondering how to do it? Pinterest is full of examples.

Let us know your thoughts on visualizing as a technique and whether it has proved to work. Above all, we would love to hear tips on this subject, if you have any.

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