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Player Friendly Roulette Rules Explained

By April 24, 2020No Comments

The game of luck and strategy. The game that demands patience and skill. Its majesty – roulette. Through its history, roulette attracted the immense number of people trying to figure out the game. To try to find the loophole, to enter the winning streak at the backdoor. Players today have those enthusiasts to thank for being able to apply the rules that can help them win and turn the luck their way. But before applying the rules, we need to understand them. These are some of the player friendly roulette rules explained in short.

The Advantage of European Roulette

If you are a regular player of roulette, you already know the difference between American and European roulette. However, for the sake of reminding the wider audience we need to stress the advantage of European version.

Namely, the American wheel has two zeros, while the European has only one. Also, the American version has 36 numbered spots and thus – 38 possible results. On the other hand, the European version features 36 numbers and 37 possible results. Taking all this into consideration, it is logical to assume that the house edge in European roulette is significantly lower. More precisely, it is 2.7%, while the American roulette has a house edge of 5.26%. This sheds some light to player friendly roulette rules, doesn’t it?

“La Partage” Player Friendly Roulette Rule

So, let us assume that you have chosen to play the European variation. If so, the pros advise that you play only even money bets. Actually, the “La Partage” rule applies only to these types of bets.

Therefore, you can decide between the high-low, even-odd, or red-black wagers that pay even money. For those of you who are new to the world of roulette, even money bets refer to the wagering with even odds. Some like to call it a “50-50”. In even money bets, the player can expect to win or lose the same sum of money.

The “La Partage” rule is one of the two most popular player friendly roulette rules. It comes in handy when you are betting even money and the ball lands on zero. This is the point when the dealer splits all even money bets in half. No wonder why they call it the La Partage (division). Dealer keeps one half for the house and returns the other half to the player. Why this rule is so important? Because, although European roulette house edge is 2.7%, the La Partage decreases it to the unbelievable 1.35%, making it one of the most player-friendly roulette rules.

En Prison” Player Friendly Roulette Rule

The name “En Prison” means “in prison”, as you may have guessed. The name suggests that you “lock” something down. And what you are actually able to lock here is your bet. Namely, the “En Prison” rule, the same as the “La Partage” applies only to even money bets.

Upon landing a zero on the wheel, the player has the right to put the marker along his bet. So, instead of splitting the bet in half, as in “La Partage”, the player locks his bet by placing the marker. The next step is important. In case the player wins in the following spinning of the wheel, he is then able to get his bet back in the full amount. Otherwise, he loses his entire bet.

Roulette is the game that makes our hearts pounding. However, no matter how volatile it may be, there are rules and tricks that you can apply in order to improve your chances. In case you prefer the game of pure luck, and simply enjoy the completely unpredictable nature of certain games, relax and spin! There are many different reels and wheels at our bet safe and crypto accepted Brango Casino!

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