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How to Tell a High Variance Slots?

By May 11, 2020May 6th, 2021No Comments

Variance sounds like a big, important word. And it is. However, when applied to slots, its meaning is simple, and we are exploring it today. Remember that variance eventually refers to every gambler’s slots playing style. It can also enhance your gaming experience. Now, since we know that slots are the most popular online casino games, we took a step further through our ongoing promotion. You are now able to participate in our Home Cash Show and choose the bonus offer you prefer. But, first, let us see about how to tell a high variance slot.

The Meaning of High Variance Slot

I am sure that so far, you have noticed that sometimes the slots you play result in smaller wins more frequently. Other times, spinning seems to be drying out and then – the big wins happen. These are two different variances in slots.

High variance slots are those that eventually pay bigger amounts of money. However, in order to keep up with slots of this kind, the player needs to equip himself with enough funds and patience. They say that high rollers prefer high variance slots. The reason is obvious. In order to follow through, the player needs to have sufficient money, be skilled and not afraid to bet higher sums of money.

How to Tell a High Variance Slot?

There are several tell tale signs of a high variance slot. Make sure to check them out before starting to play.

  • Check the paytable – if it contains symbols that pay out higher than usual, this would be the first sign of a high variance. Also, the number of symbols that pay out is smaller than in low variance slots.
  • Check the wins – high variance slots produce massive wins, and this is their most popular characteristics.
  • Limited Wilds and Multipliers – In line with every other aspect of high variance slots, the number of appearing Wilds and multipliers is limited. Nevertheless, when these do appear, it makes the waiting worthwhile.
  • Check for free spins, re-spins and re-triggers. High variance slots always include these. The reason is usually to treat players while they wait for that big win to strike.

How to Navigate a High Variance Slot?

Playing high variance slot can be exhausting. Therefore, it is not for just anyone. Playing should be fun, and if it is not – then it is time to change your game.

Now that you know what high variance slots are, you also know that two things you should possess in order to play these: money and mental strength. These slots take time, until reaching their peak and paying out. Brace yourself and spin!

Secondly, plan your bets. Know your bankroll. If you are new to these types of slots, start with smaller bets and see how it goes. You can always take it to the next level. There is also one other advantage of playing this way – it takes longer and builds up potential for winnings.

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