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The Most Unbelievable Gambling Stories

By May 21, 2020October 13th, 2023One Comment

There have always been great people in history who gambled big money away only to win even more. Some of them were purely lucky, others thought it through before coming to a casino. Some even had their own agendas and strategies. All of them had one common goal – to break the bank. These are some of the most unbelievable gambling stories in recent history. You may find them inspirational. Or, they can make you try looking at things from another perspective. Afterwards, join us at bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango. We are live 24/7 and offer hot selection of games and instant payouts.

Nick Leeson

Nick Leeson is considered the ultimate gambler who lost enormous amount of money and did not even entered a casino. Unlike other 2 gamblers on our list, Leeson’s gambling stories were adventurous, bud sad. He made several extremely bad choices. However, the amazing thing is that despite his epic fall, more than a decade after, he was giving interviews and speeches on how not to break the bank. So, what did he do?

In short, Leeson was a Fund Manager at Baring’s Bank, one of the oldest banks in the world. And he brought it down to bankruptcy. He traded with derivatives, reportedly using the bank’s weak spot of not being able to track his wrongdoings. Therefore, he created a secret account to hide the losses he made. On the other hand, Leeson tried to reimburse the money by risking it even more in shady trades.

Nick Leeson’s $1 Billion Fall

One of the most unbelievable gambling stories started in 1995. Leeson gambled that the Nikkei index would stay still overnight. Now, he must had really been born under an unlucky star because the Nikkei index fell rapidly in just a few hours, due to the earthquake that hit Japan that very night. The loss was estimated to app. $1 billion! Leeson escaped, only to be caught soon in Germany and sentenced to 4 years in prison.

In 1998 there was a movie, inspired by his story, called “The Rogue Trader”. Nevertheless, we find it more interesting to hear from the man himself about the adventure that marked his life.


Edward Thorpe

Unbelievable gambling stories would not be complete without mentioning Edward Thorpe. Many of you must have heard this name. Mr. Thorpe wrote the most popular book on Blackjack, which became a must-read for all fans of the game of 21. It is called “Beat the Dealer”. Naturally, the book reflects on Thorpe’s own experience and his knowledge in mathematics. He was a professor of probability and statistical analysis.

Thorpe’s work actually proves to what extent Blackjack is a game that demands skill. Although, this may sound intimidating because you really need to put some effort to master the skill, it is at the same time comforting to know that a man can beat the system.

Edward Thorpe’s Influence on Casinos’ Operation

The book “Beat the Dealer” provoked casinos to change the Blackjack rules, in order to put Thorpe’s theory out of practice. Nevertheless, this decision reflected in significantly lower number of players at Blackjack tables. Hence, the rules were reinstated. This is a short interview with Mr. Thorpe showing the way he thinks about gambling and finances.


Paul Newey

If you Google his name, the result you get is that Paul Newey is a businessman and semi-professional poker player from Dorset, England. He is also said to be the co-founder of Ocean Finance and New Wave Ventures. People estimate Newey’s net worth to more than $335 million. Unbelievable gambling stories Mr. Newey could tell are probably many. However, we will focus on just one.

The reason he found his place on our list is the fact he made £3 million in just one night. He broke the bank in a casino in Birmingham, UK, where he played roulette. Before poker, roulette was his game of choice.

Newey had his own strategy, which he referred to as “full & complete”. It basically covers many variations of a number he bets on. The goal is to enhance the odds, and the estimates say that his odds were at 3-1. Therefore, he found no difficulties in betting £300,000 on a single roulette spin.

The money he won, the entire £3 million he reportedly lost in the following month – only to continue playing and eventually winning even more. Take a look at some of the most amazing poker folds.



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