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Twitter has long been known as a platform for exchanging opinions. Unlike Instagram where appearance matters and visual impressions prevail, Twitter favors your brains. Or the lack of sane judgement, it depends. Either way, it has always been the go-to place when in need of the latest news, updates on any possible subject, or simply feeling the need to express yourself. Now, an important part of that experience is about to change. Twitter to remove the reply button is the news that got our attention.

Limiting the Audience

When on Twitter, people interact in virtual space. The written word has influence and strength. Above all, it remains as a testament. We often forget this when we engage in an argument. And not every exchange of opinions is an educated argumentative exchange. Moreover, it usually isn’t.

People who appear on Twitter just so they can troll others have the same rights as you and me. I know, it’s shocking. We enjoy the freedom of opinion and expression as one of the basic human rights. The question is whether the time has come for a social media platform to take away those rights to certain users.

Twitter is reportedly removing the “reply” button. This means that you will be in a position to prevent anyone you do not wish to contact with from commenting on your post. Therefore, you would be in a position to have your custom-made list of people with whom you wish to “talk” regarding the certain subject. The options to choose from would be your followers only, everyone (public) or only the people you mention in your tweet.

Will Twitter Lose Its Leverage?

The question that inevitably imposes is whether this would be a set back for Twitter. Additionally, is this the proper way to create the safe environment?

We may argue that this is a way to go, because everyone has the right to be protected and choose with whom he or she wishes to communicate, in real life and online.

Nevertheless, we may not overlook the fact that Twitter as it as has been influential specifically because of the power to stir things up, to spark an argument, to make people rethink their choices – if you wish. It is the essence of its existence. Furthermore, it goes in line with freedom of speech. If we surround ourselves only with people and comments that feed our vanity, how real that world would be?

Who Benefits from Limited Audience?

When someone decides to limit the audience for any kind of feedback, it sets the stage for manipulation. Although this move may be beneficial to individuals, imagine what it can do on a larger scale. Companies and institutions creating public opinion through tailored comments is just of one of the possibilities.

The proposed changes would certainly benefit those who are exposed more than others. Public figures who are having hard time maintaining their image under the spotlight due to ever-emerging number of haters would probably be relieved.

On the other hand, if this test period ends unsuccessfully, and Twitter decides not to go with the change after all, we may be denied the chance to witness some of the epic clashes on Twitter. This refers to tweets that make us laugh , as well as those that make us think just a bit deeper.

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