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Memorial Day Free Spins for the Brave

By May 25, 2020September 23rd, 202115 Comments

It is time for Memorial Day free spins and for honoring the heroes. The men and women who built the country as we know it. Some may say that it is easy to continue the fight when standing on the shoulders of giants. However, the fight for freedom never ends. It stretches through memory of generations forming a legacy to be kept for ages.

We may not be aware of it, but we keep fighting for freedom every day. Our small, daily wins contribute to the nation’s strength. We would love to hear about the ways you continue this fight in your life. Whether it is through teaching values to your kids, or helping others and keeping them from falling, or through service, etc.

Each contribution matters. So, feel free to write whatever comes to your mind. Leave a comment with your username below this post and we will reward you with Memorial Day free spins.

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  • Every day i continue to support this country by each day that passes by, that my 4yr old grows a bit wiser on the losses we have overcome, and as a doing what small part it may seem, his part help the closest near him as in our direct contact of family/friends. And that, as he learns good habits, i already see him creating the road to the new age generation as he mirrors these actions to our 6 month old as she grows older too. So our small part, has a trickle effect, unfolding and revealing infront of my very eyes and the days that pass us by.
    Brian S

  • richard ebert says:

    Written by Dick Ebert

    Homebound indefinitely at the orders from the state,
    due to a virus running wild the order was not a moment too late.
    I know people are scared and wondering what to do,
    so these words that I am writing are a message just for you.
    This is a battle that we are all facing but not by ourselves,
    so please don’t look for the answer from a bottle in the cabinet or on any of the shelves.
    We might think this is hard and for most of us it definitely will be, you’ll see,
    especially those who lose loved ones and I pray heaven is where they will be.
    There has been many times man has suffered from viruses and sorts running wild in the past,
    But through prayer and standing behind our leaders and doctors before,
    in time sent the worrying and despair right out the door.
    Worrying isn’t something that we are supposed to do,
    but praying about everything is what God says is right for me and you.
    He hears our prayers each and every one we speak,
    it doesn’t matter if you feel that it’s strong or weak.
    Speak with your hands or your mind or even your heart,
    God knows you and loves you and has from the start.
    He wants your love back and it’s time to let go of your fear,
    Just open your heart and let Him know that you love Him, trust me, that’s what He wants to hear.
    The suffering we are going through is really quite severe,
    but God’s son is one who suffered more than anyone will ever here.
    Not only did He suffer but He did so giving His life for you and me a truly unselfish deed,
    So if you want to find comfort through this time of suffering, “LOVE HIM IN THIS TIME OF NEED”
    Stay safe and my love and prayers are with all in this world!!!!

  • Roxid108 says:

    Domestic violence from service men (and women) towards their partners and children, alcoholism, and drug addiction, as well as depression, anxiety, inability to maintain employment or function in a “normal” atmosphere for longer than a few moments. This is/was my Family’s experience after my grandfather and my father came home from their service. My grandfather Was a mean man after he came home from the army, and my dad struggles with drinking. A lot of people will not talk about the bad parts of being in the service and I can’t speak to theirs, but I do think that people go into the military with good intentions. My personal opinion is that we need to remember that we all have families and we need to have respect for the differences in cultures and for the ways we raise our children. Money and oil should never be fought for. Peoples freedom is another story, however, when America committed genocide to my ancestors and took their land, it seems ironic that they can be allowed to be called “the land of the free” But Anyways, it’s just something said to the masses to make them seem like they did it for good reason. (Like there is a good enough reason to kill and rape innocent people in the first place)? Happy Memorial Day,

  • Ronarenee says:

    Every year for memorial day and veterans day I go to the veteran memorial and put flags on each headstone. And on Christmas I go to the nursing homes and make sure our veterans with no family or family that’s too far away are invited to a “holiday dinner” so they arent alone for the holidays. I started this when I was 14 and it gives me the utmost joy to see their smiling faces every year

  • Damouseshouse says:

    I may not be on the front lines nor am I one to ever be in any war for that honor many others have put their lives on the line and forever grateful am I that they do. Yet it may not be much I for one do try my best whenever u see anyone in need to be there weather they be a vet on the side of the road or any man have always offered a soda a cig and any money I could usually 20 dollars most times for what they do with that money I do not ask as long as it makes their day a bit easier. Many a times opening my home to help them if need a place for a night or two. If they smoke I will even offer a couple of joints as this land was built on freedom and I’ll be damned I’d any will say we cannot take away a little of lives stresses however we choose. My cousin served as a marine and I know what he went thru my best friend went into the army and he also has shared many stories and if they wish to smoke who’s gonna tell them they can’t I won’t that’s forsure. Hell my first girlfriend of 5 years brother Ryan Fournier a true brother of mine fought two tours in Afghanistanonly to come home and die from some of the stuff he faced out on that battlefield. He would if still here today tell you that if not for the freedom to ease the stresses he met on those tours he’d probably lost his mind way before he lost his life fighting for this country. So I see anyone I need you can trust if nothing else I got them a couple of coca colas a few cigs 20 dollars a couple of joints and a place if they need for a couple of days to maybe at least for a little while help them remember that some of us don’t judge some of us will see thru the rough exterior and maybe a few of us are glad tho not as free as we wish to be can still be free enough to sit back in our own homes and laugh and share stories and get high together.

  • Carol dinger says:

    I’m a mom to a 7 yr old girl. I was raised having to hunt, fish, grow and forage my own food. I was taught to treat others the way you wished to be treated, respect my elders, love God and to live an honest life. So I strive to continue this lifestyle on to my daughter and to show her each day that what we say and do matters tomorrow, and that for our nation to continue to thrive and be a free and good place to live we must hold our values tightly and practice them daily. I encourage honesty and humility. I try to show a good example and tell her it’s ok to teach her friend’s her values as well.

  • Jennifer Cuevas says:

    The way i show my gratitude and appreciation for my freedom is by letting my kids know that nobody is better than they are..and they are no better than anyone else. They have the freedom to make all their own choices..even if its just a simple decision to make. Some people live a life where they have no voice,no rights. And that is a very simple freedom that we dont realize how important it is. Always do what you want..make your voice heard and use your power of freedom.dont stay quiet. Username Sexxxyjc

  • Annie Freudig says:

    Regardless of this Coronavirus outbreak, or any other epidemic we have or may face; Memorial Day must always be remembered, recognized, prioritized, and celebrated. Without those who braved as heroic, selfless, respectable, loved ones; we may not even have the opportunity to face, and hopefully overcome such challenges!


  • Cindy says:

    To me this is a time to spent with family because life is to short we can’t predict the future but we can pray and thank God for every day he protect us and spare us for the day so for me time is precious yes we all are on lockdown now but God will save us all and protect us in this difficult time. My heart and prayers go out to all people that is infected with this pandemic but God will be there for us in his name I pray for everyone

  • Armando says:

    Every day I remember my grandfather and all my other family members who serve in the US Army and USMC. My grandfather a WW2 Veteran who has passed will always be remembered cause he rushed that beach in Germany and survived to tell the tale. I am tha kaul for him and all other soldiers who took bullets and lost lives for our freedom.

  • Brian says:

    Well, my father was a Naval Photographer-and normally we would have a BBQ. Instead we had to be apart from one another this year. Though that was the case, we spoke on the phone and made sure all was okay in our lives.
    Maybe next year we will get together and make up for this year.

  • Madeline Templin says:

    As a teacher to young kids, previously in Milwaukee, and currently in Chicago, I have chosen to work with the HeadStart program, therefore the children I am with often come from homes in which they struggle day to day. The parents I have met do not let this define them and no matter how they have to hustle to try and make money for their family, some of them have shown me that their dedication is greater than that of anyone I have seen. Whether their job is being a stripper or working at a fast food joint, they always impress me with the effort they put forth to make sure their children are being placed on an educational path that could allow them to make different choices in life, perhaps go to college, have a career path and sense of hard work and appreciation of the work they do but also the work that has been done by those around them that allowed them to get where they are.

    I have seen how hard it can be on both child and parent when the child may be getting dropped off to the before school program as early as 6am only to be picked up from the after school program at 6pm, only allowing for a small window of time to spend with family and eachother before night comes and the cycle resets. Some children have parents who are incarcerated, some have parents that have passed away due to violence in the community or the struggles of addiction, leaving a void in their life.

    For parents who have limited time with their kids, I make it a point to photograph and document things both mundane and monumental that happen while they are in my classroom, some parents like to have photos printed, and the documentation hand written, some like it texted to them. This opens a new door to the bond between the parent and child when the parent can actively discuss things they know their child accomplished and children feel less separation from their parents as a result.

    For the children who are lacking the parental figure in their life, myself and a co teacher have spent time incorporating community and community leaders into our curriculum, showing children the people they can turn to and the community they can get involved with and that they are not alone, as the exact people may not always be around for them to turn to as they get older, but the fundamental role is still in existence. It has allowed for opportunities to present themselves where police officers come into the classroom, and that short time spent creating positive bonds and perceptions, has often changed the attitude of the child towards authority or towards the other leaders that run the community.

    We also bring in people we are friends with or have become acquainted with who hold jobs like doctors, lawyers, business owners, etc., to expose the children to people who they one day could become if they work hard.

    Constantly stressing the importance of hard work, defying the odds, overcoming obstacles, knowing the people in the community who are there to protect and help them, and also offering opportunities for positive interactions with their parents with the time they do have together, has all encompassed an overarching theme in which a child learns about appreciating and respecting the hard work of their parents, the heroes at home, who may not be out fighting for our country on the front lines, but they are figting their own fight every day, leaving their child so long, working jobs that they aren’t proud of. When you begin to bring light to enough people in this same position, maybe in a way it is like a small army of parents who are hoping to one day create a better country and better world for their children to be a part of as they grow into adults.

    The same idea extends to the positive experiences and interactions we attempt to create to break the stigma of certain members of our community like police officers, or to give a face and a personality to the doctors and lawyers and other successful people who these children never could relate to, let alone dream to aspire to be like them one day or turn to them in times of need due to the human view of occupations that society has otherwise placed out of reach of these children and those before them.

    Everything starts with children, so instilling these ideas and themes at a young age can provide a promising future in which this world may just be a little bit better as a result of those children.

    Lastly, I’d like to think of these children as those worth honoring as they are also fighting battles that are so rarely given proper attention. Instead of grouping these children by shared loss or issues, we like give credence to each individual voice of each child who fights their own battle, whether it be big or small, we want to show them they are heroes in their own right.

  • Madeline Templin says:

    Username: madelinetemplin

  • Janice Bradshaw says:

    I think the state taking children away fron parents and allowing things ti happen and not even making a report on it Is messed up. My son was in a group home given seroquil and was molested nightly till he had the cops called. When my case ended i wanted the police report and they never made it.
    My son had to run away to get outof that abuse before ge was taken out of that group home. I think we should have more rights.
    Janscasino user

  • Francisco Rivera says:

    I go and do community service work for our veterans that are unable to get around. Times are tough and they should have more support than anyone.


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