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A man is an egoistic being. We all are. It is in a human nature. Without a certain amount of egoism, we would not be able to survive through centuries. I know it sounds harsh when we like to think about ourselves as of very conscientious people, kind and considerate. Fortunately, we have means and willingness to learn and adapt, as well as to grow in spirit. Nevertheless, we keep yielding to our vanity. Closing our eyes in front of the circumstances that we made ourselves believe are greater than us. Where there’s a will there’s a way, they say. So, why do we keep finding excuses for not acting, not going through with our plans, not defending people who are weaker than others, not standing up for what is right?

Things We Fear

Kudos to people who manage to have control over their ego. When you take a look at the everyday circumstances that we successfully evade because it is easier that way, you will see how weak we can be.

For example, the diet never starts the moment we talk about it. It does not matter. We will start tomorrow. In order to start exercising we need a preparation, bot physical and psychological. Then, we need a proper gear. And don’t let me even start on planning an annual check-up. We will do it next week, next month, and so on.  Self-deceit is a powerful thing.

Additionally, many people have troubles connecting. They give a way to prejudice and just let others pass them without making a true connection. It is safer that way. Why? Because:

  • who knows what they are truly like
  • how “normal” those others are,
  • how privileged or unprivileged they are
  • to what extent we share the same values
  • what their background is
  • if they have alternative motives for making bonds
  • will they hurt us, and ultimately
  • what-the-hell they want from us?

Well, guess what – you will never know, unless you reach out, right?

Fear and Passion

It has occurred to me that fear and passion are the two most powerful drives. Passion makes us to unimaginable things. The greatest works of art represent expressions of greatest passions. The most unbelievable human stories of survival were inspired by passion in its many forms – desire to live, aspiration to succeed, a strong wish to help someone, etc.

Fear on the other hand can either motivate us or block us completely. Apparently, people are always struggling between these two ends of the spectra. If we feel frightened, we will back down. If we feel passionate about something, we will fight for it. It is amazing that after so many centuries a man has lived on this planet, human behavior can be reduced to these two actuators. Fighting fear is a more complex concept, and you can find some of the practical advice here.

Therefore, the question is: how to motivate yourself to act and not be a passive by stander of your own life?

Find Your Driving Force

Obviously, we live in times of tensions and various movements that will shape our future. In order to be able to stand firmly with both feet touching the ground, a man needs to recognize the inner virtues. The same goes for the traps our minds can make and prevent us from acting as we should.

In order to let go of fear and find your passion to motivate you, psychologists suggest the following:

  • Self-actualization
  • Practice love and belonging
  • Accept your own worth
  • Try to form a bond with that special someone, both physically and emotionally

Do you think you have enough of a will to find your way?


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