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We’ve seen it all. Yet again, when sex scenes are trending it draws our attention. Recently, I came across several articles dealing with the phenomenon of the globally popular Netflix movie “365 Days”. All of them included Twitter reactions to the movie, mostly made by female audience. Some were politically correct, others slamming the main premise of this movie. However, there is more to it than it meets the eye. So, let’s begin.

What the Movie Is About

“365 Days” is an Italian – Polish co-production that quickly positioned itself on the first place among the popular Netflix movies worldwide. Some say that it is a European version of “50 Shades of Grey”. However, the sex scenes are more explicit.

This is a story about a young woman who is dissatisfied with her life, regardless of her successful career and obviously well-off life in Poland. She is in a lousy relationship and yearns for more excitement. Suddenly, she gets kidnapped by a mafia boss, while on a vacation in Sicily. Surprisingly, the man who abducted her put her up in his castle and promised not to touch her until she fell in love with him. And he gave her a year to do so. Yes, the plot is so dry.

What Raises Eyebrows Here?

The amazingly handsome Michele Morrone plays the role of don Massimo Torricelli.  Throughout the movie, he displays the behavior of a rough and brutal man. As you may have guessed, he was forced to take over the family business. Sounds familiar? So, what I suppose the director wanted to tell us here is that the main character is basically misunderstood and quite able to love wholeheartedly.

  • There goes the first stereotype. Bad guys are actually capable of great acts of love. Although this may be true in some cases, it dangerously masks the reality of the world we live in and sends the wrong message.

The female character Laura Biel is played by Anna Maria Sieklucka. Two main characters play this game of cat and mouse, constantly seducing one another until they surrender completely. NY Post published an article about how this movie was slammed for glorifying the Stockholm syndrome. I do not argue that this could be one of the ways to interpret the plot. However, the syndrome is very rare and not easy to determine. Moreover, I do not think the creators of this film were aiming to raise the questions of this kind –  which brings us to another dangerous stereotype.

  • If not communicating psychological aspects of the depicted situation, then what is this movie all about? Passion and sex, I would say. Apparently, we need it more in our lives. The number 1 ranking of the movie “365 Days” says so. Are we all so shallow?

What Intrigues Us Here?

The fact that this movie is so popular tells us that many people were curious to watch it. They may have enjoyed it or felt disgusted. Either way, the topic intrigued them enough to click on the play button. Hey, I did it for pure amusement and out of curiosity. Was I naively expecting a great love story? Maybe. How about the mysterious turn of events? Certainly. Did the movie provide it? No.

Now, honestly when I watched the movie I expected more than steamy sex scenes. Maybe it is because my female brain is desperately trying to connect sex with romanticism. However, I felt the story is lacking deeper depiction of the main characters’ psyche.

What all movies of this kind are deprived of is the psychological aspect of the connection between two people. And when we deal with sex only, it makes things easier. The movie is easy-going, not difficult to understand. Above all, majority of the audience will certainly talk about it, creating hype – as if we haven’t seen all the nudity already many times before. Eventually, the piece will become so popular that will launch the entire crew into stardom, earning heaps of money. Mission accomplished.

Should You Watch It?

Well, this is entirely up to you. There are elements of drama. There are also moments that resemble the “Godfather” scenes and plots. The movie features some great soundtrack, and I discovered that the main actor is actually a pretty good singer as well.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more meaningful drama about truly connecting with someone and exploring sex and love, I hear that BBC’s “Normal People”, done in co-operation with Hulu is a completely different story. Maybe sometimes it is good to step away from stereotypes.

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