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Moodpath App to Track Your Mood Swings and Warning Signs

By June 20, 2020May 6th, 2021No Comments

You may not be a fan of gadgets and apps. However, it seems that after recent global events, the number of people experiencing depression is on the rise. Feeling depressed is becoming the new pandemic. Although there is no wonder cure for this state of mind, there are solutions that can make your life easier. Or the lives of your loved ones. It is crucial to recognize the warning signs. Apps have once again offered a service that can be your starting point. And, if everything else fails, don’t forget you can always ease your mind playing at our bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango, providing instant payout and 24/7 live support.

Moodpath App

Moodpath App  is not a new thing. It has been launched almost three years ago but is apparently experiencing its revival.   What it does is to track the user’s daily moods over the course of two weeks. Eventually, the app sends the report with the analysis of the user’s mental health and provides advice and exercises to follow.

Most importantly, it tells about the warning signs to watch out for. This is probably the most important thing it does.

How Does the Moodpath Work?

The Moodpath App ask the user three question on a daily basis. The questions and answers reflect the emotional and physical well-being. For example:

  • Do you have significantly less energy than usual?
  • Is your self-confidence obviously lower than usual?

The built-in algorithm analyzes the user responses and provides feedback. Naturally, nothing can replace professional help. Nevertheless, nowadays when most of our lives are led online, apps of this kind can be the first step to seeking professional help. Why? Because they can help us realize we are in trouble.

Pressure Relief

I see many people being told that they must live in the present moment and focus on being happy. It has become the imperative. I am not a doctor but to me it seems that this advice puts pressure on people who are struggling.

It takes courage to recognize and accept the fact that you are not well. Also, it takes determination and strong will to ask for help. Everyone has experienced periods of feeling low. There is no shame in it, and you are not less valuable because of it.

Therefore, you are already a winner if you have found strength to face the signs of depression. Try finding the reasons to be grateful, as there must be at least one such drive that can motivate you to keep going. Above all, try letting go of the guilt. Instead, try simply giving a hug to people close to you who are willing to understand and help.

Happy are the individuals who are able to navigate through life with a positive and “can do” attitude. They are the ones who are rolling no matter what. We salute you and invite everyone else to try to Roll for It.

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