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Free Spins Honoring Father’s Day

By June 21, 2020September 23rd, 202131 Comments

Father’s Day is a day dedicated to our dads or those brave men who took the roles of father figures in our lives. It is the day when we get to show them a bit of appreciation, no matter if they are still alive or no longer with us. Today we want to celebrate that role father figures play in our lives and to say thank you. In the name of that, we at Casino Brango prepared free spins honoring Father’s Day.

What You Have To Do?

We are sure that you have many memories related to your fathers and ask you to write one that you will always cherish. You can do that in the comments below this post up to June 24th and we will reward you with 20 FREE SPINS. Don’t forget to write your username, as well.

Terms for Free Spins Honoring Father’s Day

  • Promotion is available only for depositors
  • The promotion will end on Wednesday, June 24th and free spins will be processed in the following days
  • No two free promotions available between deposits
  • One person/account/household/IP Address may claim this promotion only once
  • You need to wager free spins winnings 40x before a withdrawal
  • Maximum cash-out is $/€ 50
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service
  • In the interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€ 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slots games will result in all winnings been void while playing the bonus in question
  • Do not forget to leave your username
  • Unless specifically stated otherwise other standard Casino rules apply.



  • Brian says:

    Through all of the adventures my Father took us on, he NEVER failed to keep us safe and get us home.

  • Millertime2 says:

    My father had a heart attack two weeks ago but love thru it, it made me think of all the cherish times we had together laughs, cry’s , he was always there , no matter what I cherish to have a second chance with him.

  • Mario Dominguez says:

    I would have to say my favorite memory is the look on his face when he held my son, his only grandson he just beamed with pride that day and I’ll never forget Mrdominguez

  • Cindy says:

    My dad is my inspiration my world he would do anything for his kieds he is always there when we need him he is the best dad in the world he is my world my rock my everything

  • Leon says:

    My dad was never around so my Mother gets all recognition for doing both jobs.

  • Klcatm73 says:

    Always backed me .I miss you Dad!

  • Ejmmomma17 when my son beat the odds

  • I my son beat the odds when everybody said he wouldn’t make it to term is still breathing today yes he is special needs what he’s been overcome every obstacle anybody and everybody is put in front of them

  • Favorite Fathers day memory is years ago, i sent my Father a bunch of Harley Davidson gear, and when i spoke to him on that day, he said you really did it over the top on this one! I was happy to finally return all the giving he gave me, and was able to show my appreciation by giving him some well wanted items.
    Love ya Bruce, from Brian Sonnenblick

  • Louis Sampson says:

    My best memories are when I was able to fix some hot chicks car for him
    but let her think he did it…lol
    she test drove it off and never came back. hehee!


  • Garett Davis says:

    My favorite memory of my dad is all of them!

  • My father has never been around never even knew who he was the Lord has blessed me live so I thank God for that…..
    username ( hitfast84 )

  • Dhines1970 says:

    When my dad and I were riding on Space Mountain together at Disneyland. We were both screaming and laughing as we rode the fast ride. Also, when he was at my soccer game and I scored a goal. He was on the sideline screaming for me to score 4 more. He was and is a great encouragement in my life.

  • Donna Renee Smith says:

    My Father has been passed away since September of 2009. I miss him very much. He was a very hard worker and farmed all the time, so therefore we never really were allowed to take the time out of his work to have special events. But we always set down at suppertime and said prayer then had supper as a family!

  • Rebecca says:

    Every Sunday dad made sure we had a family day

  • Walter Hurtado says:

    I love my dad and here to collect my 20 free spins. my username is Walter626

  • Jennifer+Cuevas says:

    My dad grew up playing baseball all his life..he still.plays. and my grandpa was almost a coach for his team. When i was a kid i had the same. My dad coached us when we played baseball growing up.
    Username sexxxyjc

  • pailoni says:

    UNDERSTANDING- My favorite moment with my dad would have to be when he listen to me instead of just ranting off. That made me more comftable to open up and talk to me dad anytime. Username is heirsthrone



    At some point during the 3rd grade, Augie Doggie won me over and became my favorite after school cartoon. Without even being aware of it, I developed the habit of referring to my dad as “Dear Ol Dad”
    And just like Augie Doggie; any related, event, emotion, or feeling of the moment got added in. So if he gave me money, I would say “Thank you, Dear Ol’ Money Giving Dad!”
    My dad had to get to the bottom of where this was coming from and before we knew it Augie Doggie became a ritual together for many years to come. Still today we refer to each other as Dear Ol’ Dad and Dear Ol’ Daughter. 🐶💞🐶

  • Kevin chunsa says:

    Happy Father’s day!
    Happy 20 free spin!
    Happy to get it!

  • I consider my step dad my real father. He took in my 2 sisters and myself when we were just babies. I have plenty of good memories thanks to him. He raised us as his own and gave us everything we could have asked us.

  • richard ebert/theebe says:

    Lots of great memories of my dad, but the best by far was him accepting Christ on his death bed! It doesn’t get any better than that!!

  • Armando says:

    My dad taught me to be brave, educated, and proud of our culture and heritage. Regardless of how misguided we are, we are all the same culture and need to look out for one another. Raise the weaker to become a part of the strong, and help the stronger be big brothers to those who are weaker. Those of use who are smart help the ones who arent so smart so all of us as a culture can rise together and be the best…

  • Aftabul says:


  • Damouseshouse says:

    Everyday is always the best memories of my father as I blessed with an awesome father. Tho if I could only choose one it was Sunday nights as a kid my dad would make milkshakes and we’d watch the Sunday night line up on fox 41 which was married with children, in living color, and whatever else was out. I must’ve only been only 6 or 7 but yea those times were pretty special. Thanks (damouseshouse)

  • Henry says:

    Hey pops, thanks for all the tough love you have given me. I appreciate the times when you give words of encouragement, and the times your willing tell me things I don’t want to hear. Thankyou for all the sacrifice you have made through the years.

    To all dads/ fathers out there, Happy FATHERS DAY!!

    Username : aol042087
    Sincerly your son

  • Derek says:

    Dear pops, thankyou for all the tough love you have given me. I appreciate you showing me right from wrong, and teaching me how to be strong in tough times.

    Username : ihavebadluck12

  • “Back in the early ’80s, we usually watch movies in Delta Theatre and we would ride the jeep to get there. I was the chubbiest among my three siblings and I had to sit on my dad’s lap because I was too heavy for my mom. I fondly remember embracing him and falling asleep during the ride. Even when I woke up, I would pretend to be asleep so he would carry me until we reach the cinema. I no longer remember all the movies we watched in Delta. What I remember the most are the jeepney rides and me sitting on my dad’s lap.” that’s my memorable experience with my dad

  • Guevaraadri says:

    I remember when my dad would take us off roading when we were younger so much fun as a preteen


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