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James Bond Roulette System

By June 23, 2020August 9th, 2022No Comments

If you are a fan of James Bond movies and books, then you probably know that 007 is a master at poker and baccarat. However, in “Casino Royale” he tried his skills at roulette. As usual, the invincible 007 proved to be the master of roulette as well. However, what is interesting is that he apparently introduced a system of his own, which many people tried applying afterward. James Bond Roulette System is our topic of the day.

James Bond Roulette System in Short

The James Bond roulette system is a progressive type of roulette strategy. The progression type is low and people believe that the risk is medium to low. It has its advantages, but it can demand an extensive bankroll, time, and risk-ready attitude.

One of the most important things here is to divide the bets into 3 different groups:

  • The first group should represent 70% of your total,
  • the second one 25%,
  • and the third one 5%.

Although 007 plays very smoothly and confidently, in reality, it is not so easy to maintain the cool.

First of all, the progression starts once you lose. At that point, you should double the chips and keep wagering the same amount every round. So, we can say this is a flat betting system, although you can choose to wager more money, but the proportions need to stay the same.

The Odds

The odds of winning are 67.6%, which is very high. This is because if you apply this system, 25 out of 37 numbers will be covered. However, as we have said earlier, this system demands extensive bankroll.

There is a chance that you can enter a losing streak, and although eventually there are good chances of winning, again, you need to be able to cover the losses. Whatever you do, try placing flat bets. Alternatively, consider Martingale, or any other Roulette strategy.

The Bets  

As we stated above, you should divide your bets into three groups. This is what the masters of roulette advise:

  • 70% of your total should be a bet on 19-36
  • 25% of your total should be a bet on 13-18
  • 5% of your total should be a bet on zero

A bet on High (19-36) pays out 1 to 1 in both American and European roulettes. You should first place this bet that makes 70% of your total. Bond’s total wager here was £200, which means he wagered £140 on High.

Secondly, the bet on 13-18, the so-called Line Bet that pays out 5 to 1. This is where you should wager 25% of your total.

Thirdly and lastly, a 5% bet should be placed on the Zero. Why zero? Because the amount you wager here is smaller and the payout could be 35x the wager in addition to the original bet (in case of the ball lands on green). Purportedly, 007 in “Casino Royale” took £160 on this round only.

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