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TikTok Madness And How It Affects Our Reality

By July 18, 2020May 6th, 2021No Comments

It seems that we are witnessing not only the “new normal” imposed by who-knows-who, but the war of social media platforms as well. Wars are waging online. By this, I do not refer only to the exchange of opinions and trolling, but to the plans behind launching of new platforms also. Creating public opinion is crucial, apparently. However, this TikTok app drew a spotlight on itself and experienced a tremendous transformation very quickly.  Somewhere along the way, it started to tackle the hot political topics. TikTok madness and how it affects our reality is the topic we are exploring today.

TikTok Wonderland

At the beginning I perceived TikTok as a not-so-relevant social media with a focus on teenagers. To me, it was a place where young people exchanged whatever type of material they wanted. Sure, it started as place for choreography tutorials, but it spread to different areas of interest quickly.

One of the interesting things I found out about TikTok is that it allows people to form a kind of a circle of temporary friends to engage in one event. For example, a lipsync. All boundaries get erased and strangers connect depending on their interest. This is not news, you may say. And you would be right. However, never before did we have an app so dynamic and fast-paced with material being exchanged so rapidly. TikTok madness took the world by storm.

TikTok Challenges

Now, people are filming themselves doing the most different and outrages things. Some of them are quite interesting, I admit. Others are boring as hell. Amazingly, people are watching this, and it appears that even the most ridiculous challenges are becoming viral. Not to mention the dangerous ones, such as the “skullbreaker” challenge. Seriously? How deranged has part of the society become?

Luckily, there are things that make us laugh. Honestly, I laughed endlessly when I stumbled upon “walk in naked” challenge. Military coming home was emotional as well.  TikTok is endless like the universe and it keeps expanding every second. God only knows what you may find there. TikTok madness will make sure you are shocked every now and then.

TikTok Affecting the Major Players

With this rapid expansion and the ability to attract large number of people, TikTok inevitably became the means to create the public opinion. Not only that, but it has transformed from the choreography platform to a place where it is easy to gather individuals to support your cause.

This is good for some. But for others who find themselves on the other end of the spectrum, not so. Take political rallies, for example. We have all witnessed the hype and aftermath of what happened in Tulsa. With no wish to discuss the conspiracy theories and your political preferences, we cannot look away from the fact that TikTok apparently played a major role in this event. Obviously, social media can either make our narrative prevail, or completely destroy what we fought for.

This goes to show that once again, we have underestimated the power of social media platforms and that we continue to do so. It seems to me that one of the biggest misconceptions abut social media is that they are completely benign.

Connecting Online

Don’t get me wrong. I support people connecting online. Nevertheless, it is becoming more and more difficult to predict which information you share can be distorted and used against you. This is probably one of the many battles people are fighting globally. Individual’s freedom to express himself/herself is the legacy which may be in peril in many places on Earth. We should protect it and be smart.

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