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Working Remotely From An Exotic Place

By August 22, 2020May 6th, 2021No Comments

If we had learned anything from the global situation that we have been in for months, it is that working remotely actually works. Who would have thought? As in every cloud there is a silver lining, the pandemic provided us with some important, positive insights. The future of any kind of business looks very different than it used to. In case you are a “digital nomad”, as they say, have you thought about working remotely from an exotic place? Today, we explore Greece.

Working Remotely and Living in Greece

Greece is one of the rare countries where people have a very laid-back lifestyle. “Take it easy, you’re in Greece now” is the writing on many taverna walls, hotel lobbies, etc. And it is true. Everyday routine definitely has another dimension in Greece.

The question is why would you want to live and work there?

Recently, Greece has taken steps to promote travelling and working at the same time, in order to improve the economy. Apparently, they came to a conclusion that sometimes, you have to give in order to receive. In this case, we are talking about money. Therefore, the Greeks have reportedly decreased taxes on transportation, for example (air, rail and buses) from 24% to 13%. The cuts in taxes can boost savings on one end of the spectra.

Nevertheless, Greece offers many other benefits to digital nomads working remotely. Its climate, food, and people offer for unique living experience.

Advantages of Living in Greece

Did you know that Greece has app. 300 sunny days per year? Not only that you would have a chance to bask in the sun for most of the year, but it would boost your immune system and reduce the stress.

Greek food is among the healthiest in the world. Its cuisine is balanced and rich in all the nutrients that you need. Above all, fresh local food is available all year long. The prices vary depending on where you prefer to shop. However, Greek markets are filled with products from both Greek producers and foreign brands. Nevertheless, the Greek protect their own economy and the local products are usually less expensive comparing to the foreign ones. Often, these are of very high quality as well.

Working remotely from Greece gives you the chance to experience both swimming in the sea and skiing in several Greek mountain tops that are usually covered in snow in winter. It is an all-encompassing adventure. Imagine this being your office view for the most part of the year.

Working remotely office viewWorking Remotely in Numbers

It has been estimated that Microsoft Teams is the most popular web tool among the employees in Greece who work remotely. Amazingly, app. 70,000 bank employees have been working remotely during the coronavirus crisis. Have you ever thought that remote work would be applicable to bank staff?

Bigger systems encounter bigger challenges in accepting changes and transferring to new business models. Namely, only 29% of the companies with more than 2,000 employees lack the equipment or other means to make the transition a success.

More than a half of people who work in Greece believe that their employers have secured the technical requirements to enable them to function properly from home.

The Main Benefit of Working Remotely Anywhere

There is no question about it. The biggest benefit of working remotely, no matter where you are based is – more free time. And improved productivity, if you ask the employers. People spend way too much time commuting between home and work. And it is not just the time per se. It is about the opportunities that more free time gives.

Greeks apparently prefer to spend that free time surrounded by the people close to them. I believe many of you worldwide would agree with them.

As for the productivity, Microst tried something similar back in 2019. We wrote about this and how they introduced a 4-day work week. It is an interesting story. Check it out.

Apparently, working remotely will become a “new normal” and a standard practice. If you are not a digital nomad, there is another way to make sandy beaches a reality – join the Free Spins Elevator and win some serious cash!

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