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Side Job as a Necessity in 2020

By September 26, 2020May 6th, 2021No Comments

The year 2020 has so far been a year to forget according to many. Some of you lost their jobs. Others finally managed to grab the opportunity and started working. Some of you fell in love, but seriously this time. Others decided to live through this pandemic like there is no tomorrow. Before we jump into celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and so on, let us take a long look at our lifestyle in 2020 and what we can do to make it better in 2021. Landing a side job is just one of those things. Let us exchange opinion. Your suggestions are always welcome.

What We Are Facing

The year 2020 brought unexpected turn. Perhaps some of you anticipated it, but I personally did not. And let me just say that I do not have the habit of looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. So, it happened. The fires in Australia, then the pandemic, the loss of too many lives worldwide, the social turmoil. It is no wonder that we are having difficulties to function normally.

Economies are facing some difficult times, no matter where you live. On the other hand, people are experiencing lack of the ability to focus, lack of motivation, etc. They should all know that they are not alone. Seeking professional help is always a good idea. Nevertheless, there are things we can all do on our own to try and find a solution. First of all, get back on our feet, financially.

Side Job as a Way Out

Did you know that more than 36.5 million Americans lost their jobs this year? Majority of them were employed in leisure and hospitality field. When dealing with a stress of losing a job, a person should focus on the positive aspects and possible prospects in order to survive.

Then again, in order to be able to cope, a person should connect and share, as every burden is easier if communicated. Then, when we have these two aspects together: focus on prospects and sharing with others, why not consider connecting them into a possible side job?

Creative Side Job Ideas  

Below are just a few of ideas to get you started. Creative minds will do the rest and generate the entire layout of possible side jobs. We have no doubt in you. The important guideline to follow is to ask around and see who can help you out in any way or join forces.

Writing a Blog

If you are a creative person, writing could be one of the sources of income. Creating a blog could be quite lucrative side job only if you manage to connect with the readers. Once this happens, it would be easy to negotiate the ad deals with companies.

Teaching English Online

If you are an English native speaker, teaching English is a great side job. There is an outrageous number of non-native English speakers who teach English online to foreigners, mostly Asians. You have the advantage to start with, as everyone prefers a native speaker. This goes especially for classes that focus on developing English communication skills. Additional advantages of this side job are:

  • a person can decide on the working hours per week
  • this side job has the amazing potential of becoming a full-time job
  • a job like this gives the opportunity to meet various, interesting people from different cultures.

Renting Your Home

I am not sure if I would ever try this one out, but the numbers show that it is a very profitable side job, if we can call it a job at all. Basically, you rent out your home for a day either through some of the official platforms dealing with renting, or through other channels. Reportedly, there are people who are making additional salary by renting their homes just a few days a month.

Turning Your Hobby or Passion into a Side Job

Are you a barista without a job? Try filming yourself making the perfect cup of coffee and start your vlog. Do you enjoy carpentry? Try taking photos of your work. Introduce some new design ideas and post the best possible pics of it online. Pitch your work to whomever you think would be interested. Are you out-of-work teacher experienced working with kids? Try tutoring and helping kids with their homework, or their skills development. Are you a good swimmer? Get certified. Well… you get the idea.

I have a friend who is obsessed with make-up. She made a fortune with eyebrow tattooing. Needless to say, she started off with a very modest initial capital.

Final Thoughts

Basically, tell a personal story through the work that you do. It is the best way for people to connect. And, in the meantime, when you get the urge to try your luck and potentially shorten the time needed to earn some really big bucks, connect with bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango. Have you tried the latest RTG slot – Witchy Wins?

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