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Have you thrown a party recently for your pet’s birthday? Is there anything your pet can do to make you genuinely angry? Now ask yourself those same questions but with a focus on your significant other. The answers are now a bit different I presume. There are things our partners do which we cannot overlook. With no particular wish to undermine your love for your better half, it is a fact that everyone treats pets differently comparing to humans. Are pets more important than our SOs and if so, why?

The Survey

Recently, I heard of a survey done by “Joybird”, the furnishing company. They reportedly questioned more than 1,000 pet owners all over the 50 US states, to find out to what extent people are ready to spoil their pets. Needles to say, the results were very interesting. Moreover, they shed some light to the question – are pets more important than our partners?

The Pet-Friendliest States

According to the survey, Maryland may as well be pets’ heaven. Utah, West Virginia, and Massachusetts are following closely. So, what are the pet owners ready to do to make their pet lives cozy?

Pampering your pet is a must if you are a pet owner. Training them, if possible, is a significant step you can take to make both of your lives more convenient. However, pampering is another level of connecting with your pet. By doing so, you express love and dedication to a creature that loves you unconditionally.

On the other hand, your pet responds with the same kind of affection. The question that we must ask inevitably here is: What about your significant other?

How Do We Measure Love?

In case you are a “quid pro quo” kind of a person, the chances are you would first ask yourself what you are getting from your partner. Is it love? Enough loyalty and respect? Support? In many cases, our emotional response to others is reciprocal to the affection we receive.

Amazingly, even the people who are very careful with expressing the affection do not measure the reciprocity when it comes to their pets. Apparently, we forgive our pets all of their mischievous moments and we are ready to forget. How about forgiving and forgetting when our partners are in question?

Sure, people should know better than to let us down, make a mess out of the situation and so on. Unlike pets, they should act on reason and we have higher expectations from them. However, setting some ground rules and behavioral boundaries with all creatures in your life can get you a long way.

In order to find the answer to the question – are pets more important? – we must recognize the fact that the love we feel for others is the same kind of emotion we feel for our pets. If we are able to love, we just need to find the model to express it. That way, both pets and our partners would give and receive enough love.

Pet-Owner’s Love in Percentages

The survey I mentioned earlier states some very interesting observations. For example, these are the everyday routines that testify just how inseparable pet owners and their pets are:

  • The amazing percentage of pet owners (80%) shares food with their pets
  • The same percentage of pet owners (80%) have thrown a party for their pet at least once.
  • Also, the big number of pet owners (73%) shares the bed with their pets.
  • 62% of pet owners have opened a social media account for their pet and are handling it regularly.
  • More than half of the participants in the survey (60%) have stated they would break up with their SO in case they did not get along with their pet.

Honestly, we understand that it is difficult for humans to achieve the level of loyalty that pets are able to display.  Therefore, no objections here to the extent people are ready to spoil their pets. We would just like to bring the following suggestion out to the open.

Our Solution

Imagine if everyone would be so kind and giving to their partners. There is no receiving without giving first. So, try to give a little bit more to your SO. If afterwards you receive the same kind of kindness back, good for you. If not, well, you can always look for another partner. It is not like he or she is your irreplaceable pet, right?

We would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Whenever you are ready, let’s exchange opinion. In the meantime, do not miss out on the Halloween Monster Match at bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango!


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