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Cuddling is an exceptional art form. And as every art form it influences our minds. The greatest thing about this art form is that the results it delivers are visible and instantly positive. Plus, it is a mutual process of energy exchange. We can actually bond, or boost someone’s immune system and confidence while sharing love, and vice versa. Since there are no limits to the ways we can cuddle, the only question that remains is: What is Your Favorite Cuddling Position?

The Arm-Draper

If we skip the most popular “spooning” positions, the next one on the list is “the arm-draper”. The term comes from the position the arms are in. The arms of the persons cuddling seem to be “draped” around each other. The most important thing here is that the partners are looking eye to eye.

This is definitely not the right position to fall asleep. Looking into each other’s eyes keeps a person alert. And we all know that eyes are the window to a soul.  This cuddling position can be a good choice if you are planning on starting the conversation with your partner, or simply enjoying the moment, listening to some music, for example.

Moreover, the complete intertwining of arms and bodies can signify strong bond or a wish to form one. People whose minds are not in tune rarely share this type of a cuddle.

The Sweetheart Cradle

Sweetheart cradle is the position meant for both sleeping and relaxing, talking, etc. This is the position that ignites the fires of bonding forming trust or strengthening it.

This cuddling position is comforting and can say a lot about the individuals wrapped in a hug. The partner who has the arm around the other displays the protective tendencies, while the other enjoys the safety. It says a lot about the roles each of the partners take in a relationship. Either way, it is one of the most intimate ways to cuddle, letting someone lay his or her head on your heart.

Scientifically Proved Effects of Cuddling

As for the scientific stand on this matter, the experts are unanimous. Cuddling in any possible position is beneficial to the mind.

It raises the oxytocin level and lowers cortisol. As a result, a person is relieved from anxiety and stress. However, this is not the only positive effect of cuddling. Apart from relieving you from stress, it can also make you feel physically better.

I am not sure if you know this, but cuddling can act as a powerful pain relief natural medicine. As stated above, cuddling increases oxytocin. This is the hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter. It can block pain signals. In fact, it is so powerful that numerous studies have reportedly been conducted to research it better and try to find the lab-produced replacement.

There are also various articles citing the 2017 study  focusing on the effects of oxytocin treatment in persons with autism and other difficulties with social interaction.

As cuddling is one of the best triggers of oxytocin increase and always accessible, why wait? Make it part of your lifestyle. Grab your partner, or your pet and start cuddling! And when you get a chance, let us know about your favorite cuddling position. Let’s share the good vibes!

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