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Confidence or Intuition in Playing–What’s Your Choice?

By October 22, 2020May 24th, 20232 Comments

Have you noticed how casinos resemble life? Or better yet, how life paints all of its best and worst colors among the casino crowd?  Online casinos especially have the tendency to pull out to the open the best features of someone’s character. When playing online, you are usually alone. There are no tricks, no need to behave in a certain way to dazzle someone or to keep your cool. You can be yourself. This is also the moment when you can test your own boundaries and get to know yourself better. What is your drive – confidence or intuition?

Confident Players

It is logical to assume that confidence goes hand in hand with skills or knowledge. In order to obtain either of the two, a person needs to undergo the process of planning or preparation. In the gambling world, we can call it a strategy.

Only players who have tried a game numerous times can justifiably say that they know the game inside and out.  If you wish to be successful in one of the strategy games, you need to know how to handle the bankroll. Moreover – how, when and what bet to place, as well as what to expect in order to plan the next move. It seems a lot if you are new to gambling. However, there is no game that a person cannot learn. All it takes is a good will and the capacity to make the right choice of a game that suits your character.

Confidence or intuition is where the player should recognize his or her main stand-fast. Confident players are not true risk takers. They prefer to play it safe. Their moves are carefully thought through. For them, the only way to make the move is for a move to seem logical. If it is not, they will not risk it.

Confident players are the ones who have played a certain game many times and learned to recognize the possible outcomes. This allows them to develop their own strategies and weave the game around their own moves. Moreover, this is the only way for them to feel comfortable – if they feel confident enough in their skill, to be leading the game.

Games That Suit Confident Players

Having all of the above in mind, we came to the conclusion that the best possible choice of games for players who rely on confidence are poker and blackjack. Both games presume that players are skilled and have some tricks upon their sleeves.

Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Poker at bet safe Casino Brango can be the perfect choice if you have resolved your confidence or intuition dilemma. The “bonus” here refers to the optional side “Bonus” bet. It can provide a separate chance to win solely on your two-card hand.

You see now why this online poker is a good choice. Apart from the even bets, it allows you to place a Bonus bet where you can scoop a win even if you lost your full hands. The side bet payouts usually range from 3:1 with low pairs, 10 and under, to 30:1 with two Aces. Make sure to check out Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Poker.


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Intuitive Players

As the title suggests, Intuitive players have resolved their confidence or intuition dilemma to the benefit of intuition. These are the players that are true risk-takers which can sometimes lead them to great winnings.

Intuitive players rely heavily on their intuition. They can also be good connoisseurs of a certain game, and all of its good and bad aspects. Nevertheless, when it comes to decision making, they will trust their guts. To be an intuitive player you would need to be an intuitive kind of person in general. Embracing life as it is and go with the flow.

Being intuitive does not mean that a person is indecisive or unintelligent. Quite the contrary. Intuition makes our previously gained knowledge come in tune with the outer world. Plus, it has a certain advantage over other features. It is completely unburdened by deep thinking and strategy planning. Therefore, intuitive players seem more courageous and fun.

Games That Suit Intuitive Players

As you may have guessed, table games are not the right choice for this kind of players. They usually prefer fast-paced games that boost the adrenaline and can boost their wallets quite as fast. The games of luck are what they are into. We are thinking of roulette or slots.

Even if you have no troubles deciding on whether confidence or intuition is your thing, it would be a shame not to try out the Halloween monthly promotion Monster Match at crypto accepted Casino Brango. We have bonuses up to 160%!


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