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How Do You Take Your Coffee?

By November 14, 2020September 21st, 2021No Comments

The question of all questions: how do you take your coffee? I like it black and strong. And I could drink it anytime, anyplace. Furthermore, as far as I am concerned, coffee might as well be used as a noun: do you coffee? You bet I do. In this case it would refer to many stages of delight and various levels of commitment to doing cool things. So, I am addicted, I admit it. But I am not the only one. In the US, people drink either simple instant coffee or sweet and creamy variations offered at coffee shops. However, coffee is a drink with a character and is served in the most unbelievable ways worldwide. Today, we are talking about Italy.

Italians and Coffee

If you are a coffee fan, you must have fantasized about the perfect cup of Italian coffee looking over Piazza Navona. No? Am I getting too carried away here?

When you put the words “Italian” and “coffee” in the same sentence, you instantly think about cappuccino. However, there are many ways Italians drink their coffees. Moreover, there is a certain time in a day to drink the specific type.

Take espresso, for example. It looks as though the person who orders it needs just to take a sip of the instant, short drink to get an instant fix.  Nevertheless, it is more than that. Italians do it better, as they say.

Italian Variations to Espresso

Espresso is the basis for a good coffee in Italy. If you browse the Internet, you will probably find the info that they usually serve espresso with a slice of lemon. At the first glance, you would probably not pair the two. However, they claim that it brings out the sweet java flavor to the open. This is espresso in general. But do not forget that as far as Italians are concerned, there are many different types of espresso drinks.

Previously mentioned cappuccino contains espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk. In Italy, people usually drink coffees that contain milk early in the morning. Apart from the classic – its majesty, cappuccino, this applies to the variations such as: caffè latte, or latte macchiato.

On the other hand, strong, black coffee is perfect after lunch in the afternoon. Caffe coretto is something you drink in the afternoon, or even in the evenings. It contains espresso and alcohol.






Regardless of which coffee you drink in Italy, it is important to know how to enjoy it. Or with whom to enjoy it. The Italian way teaches us that coffee is a pleasure in itself, a true gem among soft drinks. Actually, it is more than a drink. It is a moment in time, an experience to remember. An act of relaxation and refreshment. A boost of strength and focus. And above all, the irreplaceable small ritual.   

Italian Coffee Maker

I must admit that I have never thought about the ways Italians make their coffee. That is until I met some true Sicilians who like their coffee “normal”, meaning – strong.

Now, when it comes to coffee making, Italians pride themselves with a coffee maker called the Moka pot. This machine was invented in the 1930ies by Alfonso Bialetti. It consists of two parts basically.

The bottom is the container in which the water boils. The upper part is the container where you put your grind coffee. The two parts are connected with a tube through which the water evaporates from the bottom up and mixes with the coffee to make the perfectly balanced espresso mixture. In case you pour in the hot water, you should set the stove to medium heat, and leave the pot on it to work its magic.

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

I take my coffee “normal”, as Italians would say. Usually, I do not drink it on the go, and do not take it for granted. Taking a time to drink it can make your day. I enjoy my ritual, no matter where I am at the given moment. It speaks many languages and induces desires that will eventually become plans.

Do you have a plan to take your morning coffee at a terrace overlooking the vineyard in the Tuscany region? No? Well, who knows? You may be passionate about other “poisons”. Perhaps, instead of how do you take your coffee, we should be asking about other earthly pleasures. Either way, tell us about it.

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