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Christmas is all about telling stories, sharing, and connecting. At bet safe Casino Brango we like to share stories with you. Actually, we think that you are not just the best readers, but also the best story tellers, as we have witnessed in many of our previous blog promotions. Therefore, this Christmas, let us weave the crime story together. We are giving away up to 100 free spins for ending the story.

How to Participate?

We have started a story below and ask you to give your contribution to the story’s continuation by writing a comment below the post by December 28th, 2020 with no more than 10 sentences and 1 comment per participant. Do not forget to include your username. Before you start writing, read the introduction to the story and the terms of the promotion, stated below.

The Rewards

The 3 most creative comments will get 100, 50, and 25 FREE SPINS respectively. Others who participate will get 10 FREE SPINS, as written in the terms of the promotion below the text.

Let’s write the story together! You can win up to 100 free spins!

Christmas Crime Story

In his younger days, before joining the force, our Investigator was quite a wild child. Casinos have always been his passion. Everything surrounding the glitter and luxury of Vegas and casino operations interests him still.  However, in those early days, he was more interested in finding a flaw in the system than protecting it. Hence the people he was hanging around with were robbers mainly.

One day, during the Christmas frenzy, he found himself in an odd situation. He woke up naked next to the woman he could not recognize. The hangover was there, the empty bottles and loads of cash all over the room. He could not remember what exactly happened the night before. Was the money his, or did this woman brought it with her? And who was she, anyway? He took a shower and flashes of what coincided started to fill his mind.

In Vegas, everybody’s gotta watch everybody else.”   Oh, come on. That’s a movie line. There is no chance I heard that in real life. Wake up, you fool! – he thought to himself. And then he recalled the last thing he remembered doing: standing in the casino and raising his head to try to find the eye in the sky thinking the game was on. He then felt her hand on his shoulder and remember her saying: “What do you say we get out of here as soon as possible?”


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  • jennifer cuevas says:

    When she said that I immediately thought to myself she did something last night that can land us in jail…or did we both do something? That might explain all this money. As my head is pounding from the hangover I’m trying to remember the night. All I got was bits and pieces of the night which now I remember someone was robbed at gunpoint and shot dead. But who was it and which of us did it?

    Username sexxxyjc

  • Robert Cellucci says:

    As he looks over, astonishing one of those love at first site moments occurred. He couldn’t believe his eyes as Angelina Jolie dressed in all black was staring him right bank into his eyes. With his mind completely derailed from the game and unaware that his biggest win of the night just took place, the cashier jolted him as he began to leave the table. “Sir don’t forget your winnings”, he said. Doing his best to handle two things at once he shoved all the chips into as many pockets as he could including some into Angelina’s half unzipped leather jacket. Making her look a lot more fuller in the breast section as it wasn’t needed considering her recent breast augmentation in doing a reduction to lessen her chances at getting cancer. They made their way to the cashier, Battling their way through the Paparazzi and endless photographers trying to capture the next big news highlight for celebrities during the holidays. Wasn’t long before hotel security and staff jumped in to escort them. They finally had room to catch breath and fix themselves, standing at the cashiers booth. “After counting all the chips, I’ve totaled up a full payable sum of $360,000. Cash or Bitcoin? “ the cashier asked. Angelina replied, “We will take cash please. Before they could exit the booth Angelina spotted Brad Pitt Entering the casino lobby has he had been trying to find her in efforts to reconcile the relationship. She immediately asked the security if they could accommodate a room for the night under an anonymous name. Considering the amount of the winnings with no questions asked off they went to a vip suite. A little tipsy as they both were, once to the room and thrilled with everything that had just taken place, it wasn’t long before clothes came off and fantasies were fulfilled.

  • Mario R Anduha says:

    Don’t say a word she said to the man with the lucky streak just collect your chips and let’s go!m Mybfather owns his Casino and if you don’t come with me now you will have his thugs bust your head and take the money..
    So I grabbed my chips and she led the way, who was this mysterious sexy boomdhell …. Veryry high maintenance. .Standing well over four inches taller than I am I knew she was 6t about 165 lb shaped like an hourglass.. Do dreams really come true?;Igot the money and the girl …..she lead the the way up to the biggest Penn house I have ever ever seen. . She must be telling the truth that her father owns this casino because there’s no way in the world a 22 year old woman could own something like this unless inherited or some kind of financial genius..Who cares i must be the luckyest man alive.
    She already had the champagne poured,she handed me my glass and that’s when everything turned to a blur..I can remember her saying was my father has no idea we’re up here.. Its been three years since I saw him but I still have the key and nobody ever pays for this place.Its so expensive so there’s nothing for us to worry about it’s just me and you.
    BI don’t want your money I just want to piss off my father.
    We start kissing she kissed me I kissed her we would take turns and then the clothes came off and the best sex of my life.wake me up in the morning she said You’re okay to go now your money is in that suitcase, I told her thank you as I was walking out the door of the suite I turn around because I could hear Splash and tinkle of a man going pee. I turn around and Through the Mirror on the Wall I could see her standing with her dress hiked up and you can figure out the rest yourself sometimes when you win you lose sometimes when you lose you win I just better or just go. . And at that moment she turned around with their dress hiked up, is she, was she, wow a woman that for some strange reason just enjoyed pee standing up. I got the money I had the girl and the rest is history they call me Brango.
    Brango the one and only.
    The end.
    Hope you enjoy the endong to your story. Yours truely Mario. Anduha
    Aka Fleanazty. 12-24-2020
    Marry Christmass and a Happy New year to all the Brango casino Family!

  • richard ebert says:

    He was playing his favorite draw poker game, intoxicated as usual. Just before he asked her to get out of there, a huge commotion broke out near by and distracted everyone. He and the woman were sitting next to each other and quickly looked at her hand while showing her his and said let’s get rich. They exchanged one card giving him a natural Royal Flush that paid 1000 to 1 odds. The commotion was a bridal party of 30 that was celebrating by shooting off 30 party poopers full of confetti all at once. They blocked the eye in the sky for only a few seconds which was long enough for them to make the switch. $100 bet turned into 100 grand and it was time to go!

  • adrian13
    the woman is one of the people who his hanging around they took the money from the casino by winning but with cheating the game that learn from him and they get out from the casino after the winning claim to the cashier before they chase by the casino personel and they have a good time all night and because what happen in casino he dont have any idea that the woman is carrying him out in casino, the to much alchohol they drink and when he awake he dont rember anything what happen cause in a blink of time just out in casino and mind is floating that dont know whats going on.

  • As he responds, “i cant take that ride with you, on this one! I got unfinished business that i will forever give my life, til im 6 ft under, i will re-retro innovate the idea people have when it come to: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

    As he proceeds to hack the worlds intel computer system and sends a workd wide web message to all cekl phones sharing the events that just took place, and in the unknowing massive push in the servers… after all is shared, all of mans technology crashe ls and sends humans back into the stone ages if centuries ago.

    Part 2: coming soon:……..
    Rise of Gambling with: creation of the wheel and it’s revolving roulette revolution!

  • Damouseshouse says:

    That’s right that’s how we met she was at the bar last night. She was a wild one, we ended up hitting up casino after casino losing everything, my entire life savings. So, even made this even more confusing if I lost all I had, how’d all this money get here? Maybe there’ll be more clues in my phone, grabbing his phone. Did i do something stupid and rob the casino, he couldn’t help but wonder. When there it was so simple too wow should of looked there first. He had left it open and it was all there he lost everything but 30 dollars, and remembered he had signed up for one of those online casinos. Thinking what do I have to lose he deposited and started spinning hitting a mega jackpot for a million dollars on his third spin too. Wow no way he remembered the whole night wasted so much money and now a millionaire. Brango casino saved the day and he couldn’t be more thankful he even got the girl in the end.

  • Ezra says:

    Then it hits him. It all comes flooding back at 1 AM he had went to a top loan shark and got 50k hes giving 24 hours to pay back he then proceeded to the casino where he starts betting 5k a hand and he hits a hot streak. That’s when the girl starts hanging all over him and he’s into her and starts having her blow the dice and his hot streak continues until it ends and next thing he knows he’s down to 500$ and the casino comped him a video room and the girl wanting to leave got him to leave and asnhe wonders how he’s going to pay it all back he decides to drink and partake in drugs with the girl until he blacks out and wakes up to finds that some how while blacked out and 500$ was all he had from the last of his memories he had went and ended up winning 1.2 mil and when he realized it he retired his gambling days. Paid back the loan shark and ended up marrying that girl and starting a family then end..9

  • Kenneth Wayne Bledsoe says:

    The investigator made his way across the bedroom and into the living room. There he was brought to a sudden stop at the sight of the huge golden trophy on the dining room table.
    Then it all came back..the woman in the bedroom was the hostess at the awards ceremony…the trophy was his…the money was his.
    The international competition for white-hat hackers was over. His revolutionary system improving casino security had wowed the judges and the prize money was his. The trophy was his..and the hostess?
    He smiled and started back to the bedroom.

    The End.

  • Ben says:

    What the man couldn’t remember was, earlier that night before everything happened. He was standing in the middle of the crowd, pushing his luck harder on the tripoker game he already won in 7 hands. Each time was the double of the last bet. A winter night, with just $200💸 he bring in has become $46,800. And now he doubling it one more time to see what luck really come along with him tonight.
    Amongs the crowd, there was a beautiful chick in the cowboy costume dress staring at him, she gave him a smile that squeeze his heart. Waving the girl to come over. He said to her ” a sign it is, your my lucky charm, young lady! ‘ she getting closer to him, gently wrap her hand around his body, hugging him, take his car key, spin a ring she wearing on her finger that also showing small needle that later putting him into sleep… The stack of 100k was disappeared half also his memory…..


  • Sarah Bones says:


    “I looked at her in confusion because last night was a blur but without thinking I packed my stuff up and followed her, i don’t remember how I got here, questions whirled in my head, where’s my car, who checked in, how did I get to the room, was I drugged. But I followed her anyway in hopes for answers

  • Yules Giraldo says:

    As he finished his shower, he quietly walked into the room to see the mistress still fast asleep. “My God,” he thought to himself with a cynical smile, “not this again.” The recap of last night became more clear.
    Our investigator remembered the feeling, it was a weakness, of being in Las Vegas on Christmas Eve. The beautiful women, the endless drinks and the slots – it was too much. He was seduced and hypnotized by his own desires that he completely forgot why he was there in the first place and deep down he didn’t care, he was having fun.
    As he looked around the room he laughed at the amount of cash he had, “One spin” he said, “that’s all I ever need.” You see, our investigator was born on Christmas Day and every year he always believed in Santa. As a child he once told Santa that all he ever wanted for Christmas was luck. And boy, he had it -every game, every girl, anything that he desired somehow was given to him because he knew that Santa after all gave him the best gift of all.

    Username YulesCasino

  • Pagello22 says:

    With his head down he went out when a flash of light made his glasses shine. There was a coin stuck in a Slot. He took it and thought for a moment whether to report in order to solve the case or … the man made a spin and won the jackpot … his life changed ‘

  • Bruce LEcuyer says:

    As he awoke he started to remember what had happen the night before the story went like this:
    He is considered the best sheriff of the good state his name is Sheriff Moo Who Two Who loves his beer. That night after getting off his shift he went to unwind at the casino only to drink one too many beers. So Moo Who Two Who the best Sheriff of the good state notice robber’s running out of the casino with a suitcase of money. In steps in Moo Who Two Who to save the day. He tripped up the robbers and got the suitcase full of money and all the people cheered you good sheriff,you good sheriff. I told them Im just doing my job. The life and times of Moo Who Two Who.

  • Philip May says:

    And then he said gimme my spins for real gimme my spins.Im too hungover to be thinking bout writing a mystery novel this morning . username :mayphil83

  • adrian13
    he is in mind hallucination he awake naked but is not my be he wearing only underwear and the women is the dog of their house and lots of cash is the paper ang all trash thing that he see and so on and so for theirs many happen and going a lot of thing of that all are hallucination.

  • Jeremy says:

    The investigator made his way across the bedroom and into the living room. There he was brought to a sudden stop at the sight of the huge golden trophy on the dining room table.
    Then it all came back..the woman in the bedroom was the hostess at the awards ceremony…the trophy was his…the money was his.
    The international competition for white-hat hackers was over. His revolutionary system improving casino security had wowed the judges and the prize money was his. The trophy was his..and the hostess?
    He smiled and started back to the bedroom.

    The End.

  • Lora says:

    I’m the least creative person alive but I want free spins too please 😄
    User: cillykitty

  • When she said that I immediately thought to myself she did something last night that can land us in jail…or did we both do something? That might explain all this money. As my head is pounding from the hangover I’m trying to remember the night. All I got was bits and pieces of the night which now I remember someone was robbed at gunpoint and shot dead. But who was it and which of us did it?

  • Lukasz says:

    He looked at her up and down and said fuck it , let’s grab a drink and go.

    She slipped some drugs in the man’s drink and made him feel invincible. With all the adrenaline from the drugs he stole a car with the female. They laughed all the way to the bank just to crash in to it and Rob the joint. Later went in to the hotel room and had a wild night of love making on the pile of Benjamin’s! .

    LMFAO now that’s a movie script right there 😂

  • Brad Haws says:

    And then heseen a star shining so bright he had to know where it led if he followed it it ended up leading him to Bethlehem and in a barn he saw that a couple Mary and Joseph just had given birthto a son hid name was jesus and someday he will save US all.
    Darbswah is my username

  • vaporgamer says:

    Rudolph be running up them racks!!!

  • Sabawear18 says:

    When she said that I immediately thought to myself i made a terrible mistake! or did we both just have a good night and got really lucky?. As my head is pounding from the hangover I’m trying to remember the night. All I got was bits and pieces of the night which i started putting things together from everything i could remember or that would come to mind. Then suddenly it hit me hard like a train to the face, i relized the terrible thing i had done last night. The second i had found the gun next to the money it all came to me, after she had asked me that one question we had left and went to the bank to get some money out and when i noticed i blew it all at the casino i made a stupid decision to rob the bank for the money as drunk as i was i did it. Then right after we went clubbing and then back to the hotel room and crashed out. What the hell did i do! what do i do now with all this money?.. So back to the casino i went.

  • Darren D Bloomer says:

    The man walked around in awe not quit knowing what happened .

  • Chelsearobb

    Even though she was a extremely beautiful woman he could feel the tightness in his chest, his dry throat, swimming eyes, and the uncanny innabillity to stop figgiting. He smelled her sweet sweet smell of heavenly pharamones and lovely perfume. But this time he knew; he knew that this was the spin that would change his life forever. Hell, change their lives forever. He said ‘okay beautiful’ knowing how her body language would change from innocent, comfortable, and for lack of a better term ready too f*** right then and there not caring if the whole world was watching. Too irritated, moody, and uncontent. He spun anyway… his heart began too flutter he almost couldnt believe it was true. She started jumping up and down uncontrolably. and they hugged tightly as the money began too shoot out of the machine, they had won. Too think of it he cant even remember what game he was playing that wasnt important now. all that mattered now was that they could live happily ever after without a doubt soulmates living fulfilled lives and perfectly executted dreams.

  • Then He squinted as the sun glared directly into his bloodshot eyes; the wrinkles on his dust-smeared face becoming clearer due to the sweat-lines. A strong smell of hot dust and rotting plants hung in the air. He sat up, blew the dirt sticking to his lips and looked around in bewilderment

    User name : SPINSLCB19

  • Stephen says:

    Sorry to say the money was not his! A true story this is!
    She grabs all the money and with one single click,it drops like a brick.
    what happened that night
    was our friends first casino fight.
    He made his first deposit of $100 dollars
    with great luck and rules he follows, he just might possibly win!
    He bet and he bet over and over again!
    He beats that playthrough all the way to the end!
    He turned that $100 dollars into $2500, but his excitement about this win would eventually leave him in the wind.
    See He took his hard won money and he went all in betting large amounts nearly losing it all, in just minutes he did fall,
    But a miracle struck he hit his big win! $17 thousand in just one spin, he jumped and cheered with joy!
    So he made his withdraw with excitement he did have!
    then what is this he was told, he broke the rules and would be left out in the cold. See even after playthrough did end he shouldn’t have bet over 10.
    So always remember all months even this december!
    To not be the fool and read the bonus rules.

  • Brandon Jones says:

    “I looked at her in confusion because last night was a blur but without thinking I packed my stuff up and followed her, i don’t remember how I got here, questions whirled in my head, where’s my car, who checked in, how did I get to the room, was I drugged. But I followed her anyway in hopes for answers


  • rochelle says:

    he won jackpot his happy and celebrate it then he get drunk that why he dont know that he get girl

  • It was clear in his mind that she had turned him into a criminal, without him really knowing about it. But now what to do. ” Do I ditch her and run or do I save myself”.
    Thoughts of excitement ran through his head if he has to make the possible decision to stay with her. And safety if he had to run. Going back to his youth, he just can’t resist temptation, so he opts for sticking with her to see how much more excitement there is to come of it all. To be continued!

  • Chris says:

    The robbers will win

  • Rena Kingbird says:

    Username: SavageKing
    Since the last thing he could remember was her touching his shoulder,he knew who may have the answer…shady characters and alcohol were his best friends and some of of those friends just so happened to fo by the name of,” The Cash Bandits”, having seen them earlier check into room 365 ,he knew something was going ti happen big that night.How was it that he couldnt remember??!! The craziest night he’s ever lived! Earlier in the evening the cash Bandits said they needed some help and robbing the casino was on there mind,maybe that’s why he had to his eye to the sky.The woman was their decoy for what was to be the casinos biggest robbery in history, and her name was Angelina,the daughter of Vegas’s most notorious crime boss they called the “Slotfather”…together they pulled it off and undoubtedly got away with the loot,in celebration of this grand event what was another bottle or two of the best Cognac vegas had to offer??!? Now…waking up with a hangover, her next to him,and all this cash!!! He went to room 365 and found them in their casual attire,…they told him the story he couldn’t recall and he couldn’t believe they were all still at the scene,but they assured him…how would anyone know with the decoy Angel and the disguises they wore ?? Now how to figure out how to spend it all…..

  • outla28 says:

    I decided we had alot of cash and a good time coming so i said Let’s go catch a buzz and whoop it up while the night is still young. Things like this happen once in a lifetime

  • With his mind drawn blank again he exits the bathroom and walks into the girl talking on the phone with someone close. Nonchalantly picking up pieces of there conversation he catches “he must be a private investigator and a damn good one at that!my gynecologist doesnt even know that spot existed oh my!”instantly the investigator caughs up some of his coffee, on the morning paper and jolts another flash back,it was the game he remembered looking for earlier! Das beer fest Las Vegas! This is where you witness it all, win it all,forget it all ,or lose it all even lives lost here.the hangover,the girl, the money it all made sense quickly the excitement turned to fear as his eyes scanned farther into the newspaper article where he found his name under” winners of the contest for couples who can drink the most without being carried while they get married his wife’s going to have a case open on the investigator before he can say.yyyyy…..the other name looks like Timothy that can’t be right as he turns around to see the addams apple on “the girl” he woke up next too!

  • User
    Shaking his head, as water runs off his back. He thought to himself. Wow could it be? Did Lady luck_. really come to my rescue? He rushes out of the bathroom, drying off promptly, just to see the eyes of yours truly Lady Luck”.
    An suddenly he feels a good breeze and sees no one in sight! A loud ringing sends him to his knees. An he’s suddenly awoken by the sound of people shouting (Jackpot Winner wake up to claim your prize).
    As he opens his eyes, he saw he had one the jackpot and it wasn’t a dream after all it was simply a glimpse into the future.

  • Kevin Fitzpatrick says:

    As the warm shower water washed over his face his memory slowly came back into focus. It was only bits and pieces, an image here, a few seconds there. He remembered roaming the casino, looking for a specific slot which he knew how to rig in his favor. Lady luck was on his side last night because one of the most beautiful woman he ever saw was sitting right next to the slot he was searching for. He remembered sitting down and making small talk while he kept winning and winning. She noticed him hitting the buttons on the slot in a certain sequence and he just winked at her. She was looking around and noticed the huge crowd that had gathered plus the suspicious eyes of security. “How about you cash out and we go get a drink and have some fun tonight?” she asked. After cashing out he stood in the middle of the casino, looked up and felt her hand on his shoulder. In the shower a huge smile formed on the investigator’s face.

    SN- ButtBongoFiesta

  • Calloway ROLLER says:

    They grab their stuff and went to the car. as they were driving she told him that she was actually hit woman hired to kill him and the money was what she was paid for the hit. But she fell in love with him so they wanted to take the money and run far away so they could be together and not worry about all the trouble they were just in

  • Cory Garcia says:

    I looked her in the eye and said I’m sorry, I don’t pay for “attention”. She replied, “no you dummy. You’re being watched because you’ve been cleaning the house out.” I immediately grabbed my chips, cashed out but instead of just calling it a night, we go to another casino. I ask her to be my spotter and my ditzy f friend for the night. She replied “Sure baby, let’s go have some fun.” We go to the next casino and made out like a couple of bandits. The only problem is, we kept drinking. That’s where everything gets fuzzy. I hop out of the shower and decide to check my phone. While in doing that I’m counting the money in the room and realize we have upward of 5 million sitting there. When I left the second casino we only had 300k. I was even more perplexed. I try to wake her up but she isn’t responding. She’s breathing but not responding or waking up. I begin to panic. I take a xanax because I was about to have a anxiety attack. I then realize half of my prescription is gone. I thought to myself, “She must have taken a few last night while we were drinking.” My nerves start to settle then the hotel door opens. 5 people walk in followed by my best friend who was supposedly deployed in Afghanistan. I was so shook. No clue, l what, when or why he was here. He filled in the details and it’s wilder than I could have even imagined. The evening I was thinking about was 2 nights ago. I apparently met a high roller that night, became his best friend, told him about my best friend deployed in Afghanistan and he pulled strings to have him sent to Vegas for the week for “a top secret mission”. He was a General in the USMC and had the money and power to make that kind of thing happen. We had been playing all through vegas for the last 2 days and the girl in my room wasn’t even the girl from the first night. It was the Generals wife who was sad and upset because the General passed away a day and a half ago and she took a few of my xanax to cope with losing her husband. I asked ” Well where the hell did all this money come from?” He responded “Hell if I know. The girl you were with the other night took half of the money, said the rest was yours and left.” With out saying one word, being the gambler he was, he took the cash, went downstairs. He found the high rollers roulette table and threw all 5 million on red. The dealer closed the betting for the table and threw the ball into the roulette wheel. The little white ball flew around, spinning and hitting ridge after ridge seeming like it will never stop. I starts to slow and starts to weigh in on its final destination. I couldn’t watch. I close my eyes as the ball falls into place. I think to myself “Everybody’s gotta watch someone else in vegas.” I got a feeling the General was watching as I hear my friends erupt with excitement. I think to myself “What a night, only in Vegas.”

    Username grizz333

  • Steven Doyle says:

    As he was wondering why he was wearing a Brinks security outfit and 20 bags full of $100 billS he started to remember the two security Officers from Brinks Bank That they were tied up and gagged and put in the back of the brinks truck With all of the 20.4 million that was being transferred from the Casino to the bank.

  • CPHIBBS1 says:

    When she said that I immediately thought to myself she did something last night that can land us in jail…or did we both do something? That might explain all this money. As my head is pounding from the hangover I’m trying to remember the night. All I got was bits and pieces of the night which now I remember someone was robbed at gunpoint and shot dead. But who was it and which of us did it

  • The woman had warned him that the time to leave was “now”. This was part of the deal, and he was left with little time and no room for error. They cashed out the winnings, headed quickly to Valet, and the limo was waiting..inside was not the luxurious getaway ride, but the main brain to the heist and the unfavorable debt he was avoiding had finally called his bluff. The money was no longer his, and the woman knew her place was with the winnings. They proceeded to the next hotel, just as they were about to depart and let the investigator out of the limo, the woman had quickly gathered the money, and she too exited the limo, and wrapped her arm around the investigators. The limo drove away she glanced back and told him “the cocktail only gives us an hour window”, he replied “I’ll have us 1000 miles away and headed to my favorite hotel by then. Hope you’re ready to spend this cash quick baby!”

  • He thought to himself what happened how did I get all this money. and little bits and pieces of his memory came back into play and she tried to distract him saying who cares about the money pleasure you real quick baby. He responded with a distinct memory of how the money was gotten he got roofied. He decided to put all his money on number 22 and roulette and it hit three times in a row and now he’s a millionaire. The dumbest luckiest man alive and she’s trying to get him to pass out again so she could take all his money with all her gangster friends hanging out outside. Theyre ready to kill him he needs to realize soon quickly are he’s in for a quickening to the story.. Username: ajfitzy22

  • Janice Bradshaw says:

    I would say yes definitely let’s get the heck out of here and enjoy family times in this past year of sorrow losing some loved one from the covid.. Happy times ahead 2021!!
    Love you Brango


  • Lydia says:

    Dear All,

    Thank you for responding to our promotion in such a great number. You gave us some serious reading to do. We just wanted to let you know that this promotion is over. We will review all comments and process the spins as specified in the terms. Thanks once again!

  • Username-scumbich
    Why didn’t I receive anything for this?

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