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Sometimes you just want to start playing. No serious thinking through, no hassle. Pure and simple fun. In times like those, slots are a great choice. However, if you want to get the most out of your slots playing, there are things to keep in mind. Making a checklist of any kind saves time and organizes your life. A bit of organizing in slots playing can boost your confidence and increase the chances of winning. So, let’s start, shall we?

Aim for the Bonus Rounds

Almost all successful players aim for the bonus rounds in slots playing. These are considered the essence of every slot.  Apparently, the odds of making a great win are the highest in bonus rounds. You may be wondering why is that so?

First of all, while playing the bonus round, you gain access to features and free spins – at no additional cost. This is why they call them “bonus” rounds. The slots reward you for simply being there and playing already. Keep in mind that big prizes may strike in bonus rounds.

Next, majority of slots have more than one bonus round to try your luck.  This means more opportunities to spin your way to significant winnings.  Now, getting to the bonus round may be tricky. Nevertheless, if you know the basics you will easily find your way through. And the basics say – check the paylines!

Do Paylines Matter?

In short – yes. Think of the paylines as a gateway to entering the bonus rounds. Sure, to activate the bonus round you would need to land a certain combination or a number of Scatters, most frequently. However, the odds of landing a desired combination increase when you play on many paylines that allow for various combinations. Especially when you know that most times you would need to land just three symbols to trigger the bonus round.

Keep many paylines active. Your bet in coins per payline is proportional to the payback, so plan your bets in advance. Or at least know your limits to get the notion of what to expect.

Check the Slots with Many Paylines

As you may have noticed, majority of slots come with 5 reels and between 20 and 50 paylines. However, the bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango offers plentitude of slots, some of which have the surprisingly high number of paylines.

For example, the latest RTG release, IC Wins, has 6×4 reels and the amazing 4096 paylines! Imagine the possibilities! Speaking of winter holiday themed slots, allow us to draw your attention to one of the hits from previous seasons – The Nice List slot. It has 5 reels and 1024 paylines.

The Nice List Play Now

If you are more into Vegas-kind of an atmosphere, Vegas Lux slot offers 720 paylines or chances to make your winning combination! The slots with many paylines offer exceptional fun and access to bonus rounds. But you should not overlook the base game, though.

Check What the Base Game Offers

Base games in slots are usually considered the main game, where you get to know the symbols and enjoy the multipliers and so on. It is a part of the game where you unlock the symbols or events to access the special features, bonus rounds, etc.

However, a base game is potentially profitable as well. Moreover, some slots have a base game with a twist. For example, the above-mentioned newest slot IC Wins offers the opportunity to get spins with guaranteed wins in a base game. What happens is that after any losing spin in a base game, the re-spin with multiplier will trigger. Most importantly, it will continue to re-trigger with multipliers up to 7x until you hit a win.

IC Wins play now

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