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Three Ways to Make 2021 Better Than Expected

By January 9, 2021May 24th, 20232 Comments

Although we like to keep our spirits and share positive vibes regardless of the situation, we will not do that this time. It is time to acknowledge that there are people who find holidays and January blues especially difficult. You may be one of them. Anyone can tell you that it is all in our minds. The way we live is the reflection of our mindset they say. This may be true. However, today we are focusing on those small steps that can give you a little push in the right direction of building a more serene and controlled life in the year ahead of us. These are the three ways to make 2021 better.

Connect Again

This is first of the three ways to make 2021 better. Almost everyone has narrowed the circle of friends, either willingly or unwillingly, due to the restrictions we all witnessed in 2020. We explored this topic earlier in our lifestyle section. Whatever your situation may be, the psychologists advise that you stay connected in some way. Isolation influences the psyche, with or without the virus.

In plain words, go out there. Do not miss your walks around the block, in the park, or running the new routes. Even if you do not feel like communicating, just being surrounded by people gives a notion of togetherness. And go easy on yourself.

Make Doable Resolutions

Starting a new business in the new year may seem like a legit plan. However, if there are still too many pieces that you need to put together, this resolution may frustrate you.

Breaking a complex plan into several smaller and simpler ones can get you a long way.  This is second of the three ways to make 2021 better. You can apply this way of thinking to almost every segment of your life. For example, instead of focusing on the stellar career success in 2021, try focusing on mastering the new skill. Be the best you can be in your field of interest.

Also, instead of extreme weight loss, try focusing on eating healthier food. In the long run, this will get you on the right path to lose those extra pounds. Focusing on baby steps proved to be beneficial in many aspects.

If you are “high-roller wanna-be”, start with the smaller bets and master the game. The 12 Months of Luck promotion can be a good place to start. You get the idea.

Order Is Good

I know creative souls enjoy their own messy world and find comfort in it. Nevertheless, from time to time, keeping things in order boosts our confidence. Why? Because it makes us feel like we are in control. Bringing some order into your life is the last of the three ways to make 2021 better than expected.

The sense of stability is what we all need in this unstable world. Try filing your important papers in an orderly manner. Or get rid of the old stuff, furniture, or ornaments like you have been planning to do for a long time. It sounds simple, but it is effective.

Moreover, write down the things that you wish to change in your life. Or even people you wish to distance yourself from. Situation becomes less serious when put on paper. Why? Because you are taking control. Above all, do not forget to be kind both to yourself and others. Still waters run deep. Be the water, my friends. Stay safe!

Let us know about the tricks you use to make things run smoothly in 2021.


  • Christopher Castaneda says:

    I love how much positivity is radiating from this post! We need them now more than ever. Thank you for the words of encouragement and I wish everyone else a fantastic and safe year! Cheers!

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