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Big Win on Keno and Some Fun Facts

By January 21, 2021May 7th, 2021One Comment

Hey there, Keno fans! Have you heard the news? There is a new big win on Keno in our bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango! It is always a pleasure to be the part of your success and spread the word. Today, we are talking about Erica’s success. Moreover, we are also exploring the interesting stories behind the numbers, as well as some fun facts. Keep on reading.

Big Win on Keno

Erica tried her luck with one of the oldest games in the world. And she made it happen. With a bit of luck and the number combinations she chose carefully, Erica made a big win on Keno. Eventually she withdrew $4,000 instantly.

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Keno play nowKeno Numbers

Majority of games rely on numbers and their various combinations. Keno is one of the oldest games of luck. You never know when a certain number will hit. Or perhaps you do?

Through the years many Keno and lottery fans have been working on the odds and predictions to achieve the big win on Keno. Everyone has his or her own strategy and many of them work. In fact, there is a widely spread opinion that choosing between 4 and 8, or 7 and 11 numbers provide the highest odds. You can read more on this topic in one of the previous texts “Keno Big Win at Casino Brango”.

Furthermore, before choosing numbers, it would be convenient to know something more about the ancient significance of some of them. For example, 6 is the perfect number because all of its divisors (except 6), add up to the sum which is that same number itself (1+2+3 equals 6). It is the number of Venus, the Lover, the lucky symbol.

Lucky 6 play nowIf we take a look at number 2, the story is even more interesting. Read more in the text “Number Two and Its Meaning”.

The story about the meaning of numbers is endless and deserves a lot of attention. “The Magical Number 7” is the post that explores many aspects in more details. All in all, 7 is the magical number that signifies wisdom. What is even more important, it bears the meaning of a force that puts us in confrontation with the illusions. This is also one of the most frequent choices among players aiming for the big win on Keno.

On the other hand, in some other parts of the world, such as China, 8 is the powerful number. We wrote about it few days ago in “Asian Themed Slots With Lucky Number 8

Keno Fun Facts

  • Keno was reportedly invented in Asia more than 1,000 years ago.
  • The original game consisted of 120 Chinese characters that. Some say that those symbols represented a part of an ancient poem.
  • Keno was apparently introduced to the US in the 1880s with the Chinese immigrants.
  • The game of Keno offers better odds on the lower payouts than traditional lotto game.
  • Did you know that some state lotteries offer Keno as well?
  • The chance of hitting 5 numbers is almost one in four, which makes it the most likely outcome.

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