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Valentine Free Spins for Defining Love Cheating

By February 11, 202164 Comments

Everyone cheats, they say. Is it really true, and what is considered cheating? Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and this year we would like to focus on romantic love and things to stay away from in order to preserve it. The tumultuous times we live in have made it hard for some people to stay faithful. Nevertheless, the line that we cross or should not cross seems to be changing constantly. Define cheating and you may win up to 100 Valentine free spins.

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Our blog is the place to share thoughts. We invite you to share your opinion on cheating. We know the lines are blurred. However, we would like to know what you consider cheating in 2021. Is it just lust and physical contact? Or does sexting, flirting, online activity, etc. count as cheating as well? What other forms of cheating have you come across?

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  • Lynda Gendron says:

    I have been cheated on what number times speak to me cheating on me have you other people’s phone numbers I hide in it spending time with them or not you lying about it just kissing. And sex of every kind

  • Lynda Gendron says:

    It’s the way people are today in this world everyone is with more than just one person at a time unknown to the ones they are with they are lieing to each of them saying they are the only one and telling them that thete crazy to think they would ever do them wrong

    • cheating can be defined as being emotionally or sexually unfaithful to your partner who you are in a closed relationship with. Having intimate physical or emotional contact with another person is typically considered cheating.

  • Ryan says:

    Broadly, cheating can be defined as being emotionally or sexually unfaithful to your partner who you are in a closed relationship with. Having intimate physical or emotional contact with another person is typically considered cheating.

    User, sicknt.

  • lindazeagler says:

    Valentine’s Day lindazeagler
    Cheating!! I have always been faithful to my partner, but my partners have not always been faithful to me. So here I go. Married high school sweetheart 2nd year of marriage cheated, well he got a blow job, but said that wasn’t counted as cheating. To me it was so “DIVORCE”. 2nd spouse lost on Valentines day 1996 he was the love of my life. We had a great marriage never caught him cheating. 3rd husband Well 2nd year of marriage he cheated with my friend. Ended up moving out a week with her then came crying wanting to come home. Well I took him back, but our relationship was never healed. “Divorce”. Now I am on my 4th husband “ROY” he is my true soul mate of 15 years. We have the best, honest, wonderful, and sharing relationship that could ever be in the world. He has stood by me through life and death one foot in pearly gates day and night for 4 mos hospital stay. He has always considered my opinion and shared his thoughts. He is just the greatest man in the world. So no not ever man cheats. Only the week, insecure, damaged, and scorn men cheat!!! You have to find a soul mate that listens, understands, and shares theirs thoughts with you!!! Once you find that soul mate you will experience the most joyful and happy life imaginable!!!

  • Jose Celis says:

    Its funny how most of the time, Males and females versions and definitions about what cheating is, can tend to differ DRAMATICALLY….on a more personal note, i will use my wife and i as an example. We both agree that cheating is WRONG and destroys families, marriages, and relationships. Lol now where we differ is what is considered cheating. Cheating to me is engaging in anything sexual, deceptive, or having inappropriate relationships with someone other than your partner. My wife on the other hand thinks that having conversations with another woman without her knowing is cheating. Or hanging out with another woman without her knowledge is cheating. I think that if it is innocent, but i chose not to tell her because i know she would overreact, then that is not cheating.

    Username: dvice52

  • David says:

    2021 We are in the future… Once upon a time love, marriage, and intimacy went hand in hand. A women would wait untill her Wedding Day to be intimate with her lover Husband…. Reality check, it’s 2021 and if your not a swinger then your a player who doesn’t admit any encounters to their significant other, either way everybody is active with other partners at one time or another. This being said Cheating is no longer a physical action, true cheating is loving someone else. You can be in love but still have multiple partners, yet only love one person. However if you are in a committed relationship but in love with someone other than your significant other, your cheating. If you sleep next to one person every night, but dream of someone else, your cheating. Sex is just sex but how you feel is most important. 2021

  • Ashleyvellios says:

    Cheating is doing anything behind someone’s back that you wouldn’t do right in front of them. But I’m an extreme person 🙂

  • Tiffany Stackhouse says:

    Not answering your phone well your sleeping is cheat talking to another girl friendly is called cheating these day lol

  • GEMINITWIN says:

    Cheating has nothing to do with physical contact.
    Sex is just that .. sex
    Has nothing to do with real intimacy,
    That’s why so many people can do it with people they don’t care about or people that they’re never going to talk to you again or people they don’t even know their name sometimes .

    when you’re really intimate with somebody that shit is held in your heart .

    Now as far as cheating goes the specifics of it , there are no specifics each situation is different
    but when your heart is allowed wonder that’s when you’re cheating. When you are allowed to feel for somebody other than your specific other . That’s cheating.

    Everybody can make a mistake and go out and have sex with another person. Again that is just sex. Not saying it’s right I’m just saying that shit happens. But

    When you start feeling a connection with somebody else. that’s the big cheat. That’s the one that really matters.

    And that’s the one that there is no going back from.

  • Alwayzdreaming34 says:

    When one person does stuff with someone besides their partner in their dreams i consider that cheating. The subconscious is aware of our desires.

  • Cheating to me can take on many forms. texting, sexting, flirting, definitely anything that is erotic or causes sexual pleasure. It can even be just conversation with the opposite sex. Cheating is any act or behavior committed knowingly or willfully resulting in your partner feeling hurt or betrayed emotionally. In a monogamous relationship your partners feelings and expectations should be first and foremost in all your decisions and behavior when dealing with the opposite sex. So any act committed that will knowingly cause your partner to be hurt can be considered cheating in my opinion.
    Username jabster579

  • lojo4u says:

    Each relationship should have an agreed-upon level of absolute trust.
    Couple A may consider simply fantasizing about someone else while making love with your mate to be a breach of trust. The relationship might not endure unless the rule is revisited from time to time because it simply happens and if you lie to your mate about anything, you have now cheated the trust.

    Couple B might agree to and even have fun with fantasies about others, creating a richer relationship but could draw the line at having an “emotional affair”, a confidant of the opposite sex or not with whom you share your hopes, dreams, and fears with and who might become part of a physical breach of trust in times of relationship challenges.

    Couple C may have an open relationship and as long as both are present and agree on additional partners, no cheating has occurred.

    Couple D may resemble Couple C, but allow the other to “go it alone” as long as the rest of the agreement stays intact.

    Couple E may have a completely open relationship and still be very much in love.

    So, the answer to the question of “what is cheating?”, is “It depends”. Any breach of trust would qualify in my eyes.

    Personally, I think Couple B are more apt to maintain a long and satisfying relationship, at least that has been my experience.

  • Peter Prokopenko says:

    What can be considered cheating for one person won’t necessarily hold up against another. Looking at a mere image of desire and lust could constitute cheating for someone, as their energy, desires, and passion fractured for that of their partner. I look at cheating as a two part occurrence: A. The established terms of faithfulness within the context of existing relationship(don’t make assumptions about your partner, nor project on them assumptions for you) being violated.
    B. On individual level, in our soul, we know when we’re cheating.
    In general I would define cheating as fracturing the trust at any level, no matter small or big, as it’s taking away from the intimacy(as a whole not limited to just sexual intimacy) of ones relationship.
    The end! Now stop cheating, for in the end you cheat yourself really!!
    player: thewonwhoone

  • Joey says:

    Cheating can comes in many forms. One example is simply lying. A person can lie to someone to win an arguement or whatever he/she intentions. So the person lying can have a positive response or at least result or reaction will be in he/she’s favor. It can also come having another relationship.

  • Jeremy Madrid says:

    It’s only cheating if they find out. Don’t ask, don’t tell because what they don’t know can’t hurt them. And If they do find out never admit to it either. They say they want the truth but they don’t. I have been on both sides of it and believe in it because I have lived it.

  • Rodney Marshall says:

    Being on a pod cast disguising it as just having fun…but entertaining other men.and going out with your homegirls and telling your man that he should just home and get some rest…I will just have a drink with my homegirls.

  • Jessica mcclellan says:

    “It was my first date ever with a boy, and I had a slight cold. We went to a nice restaurant, and while we were eating our meal, I sneezed — and a huge booger bubble came out of my nose! It was awful, and it wouldn’t go away. I jumped up as fast as I could and ran to the bathroom with my hands over my face. After that, the guy never asked to go anywhere with me again. It was so horrible!” Worst time ever lol.

    Ps my user name is : jessicamcclellan

  • Brian Boland says:

    I think cheating is a physical touch. You can say anything, go online and say your hot, none of that bugs me. But If I did that my girl would threat to leave lol. As humans we have to flirt, it’s who we are. It’s a connection, it’s nothing more than a good feeling when you flirt. Although flirting can lead to everything, just depends on your intentions. Say and do anything, but when you physically touch or kiss, now that’s cheating

  • Leslie Dean says:

    Everyone cheats in their head

  • Cheating usually always comes around if you have gave it around. The bad get bad things done to them in the long run.
    Brian s

  • Texstricker says:

    When you come to find your damn girlfriend masterbating on webcam with 2 other people. I don’t know if that’s considered a three some but of course I had to join in lol.

  • Brandon Hazlett says:

    In my own words Cheating is when your in a relationship with another human being and you end up having sexual or even emotional with another person that’s not your significant other. Personally I believe your cheating even if your having just sexual thoughts or any thoughts of desire that would cause you do be drawn away from the person your in love with. Being in love is embracing all the moments with your significant other, including every hardship as well! Being in love is like being on a roller coaster a lot of ups and downs, a lot of laughter, and time is always passing fast usually before you know it the rides over and being in love is too.

  • Ezra says:

    Cheating would be anything that consist of a sexual/romantic action or with intent and anything that would be misleading. Cause even harmless flirting isnt harmless. Its your spouse or what ever was to show up and catch you doing it even though you thought it was harmless cause you had no intentions od taking it any further it still hurt your spouse. So cheating to me is anything done that you wouldnt do to your brother or sister. Treat every one outside your relationship as if they were your family when it comes to any romantic or sexual feelings and youll never be a position go cheat. Cause if u got a family member flirting and coming onto you. You are gonna stay the hell away from that perv

  • jennifer cuevas says:

    Cheating is obviously sleeping with someone else, but then theres the other kind of cheating which can hurt someone just as bad and thats the emotional cheating. The cheating where you connect with someone on a personl level maybe in person or online and just havent gotten physical. That does exist too even though some would say no it doesnt. If you have to hide it from your significant other then it wrong.

    username Sexxxyjc

  • Jknight5665 says:

    If you are in love with someone, and they are the first thing u think of when u wake up and the last when u fall asleep, then….sexting, flirting, or physical contact would be cheating. With TRUELOVE none of that would even cross your mind to begin with, that’s what I hear….. I wouldn’t know! 🤣

  • Adrian Maciaszek says:

    This all depends on the relationship that is entailed by the couple in question.
    Every relationship is different, and each decide there terms, if the other party break the terms that’s what would be considered cheating in the modern era. Its adult, Its grown up, and standing by your rules and moral values.

    People say certain aspects of a relationship like monogamy and such are the most viable, whereas modern day couples think in a vast variety of ways,
    These are all accepted and should be the most logical way of following out your daily life.

  • Smyles328 says:

    Perfect perception of love.

    How we view love itself is unique as I believe, it is the most difficult feeling to describe. With that, Our definitions of cheating will most likely vary as well. To me, to give another the time, attention and affection that you would only give to your partner wether mentally, emotionally or physically, is cheating. It takes away from the relationship, depriving and cheating the relationship from opportunities for growth.

  • Andrea33 says:

    Cheating to is physical contact texting having unknown outing lunch with unknown friend.

  • John Dooley says:

    I guess you could say I am Old School. In this day and age of technology people have lost sight of whats a true commitment to someone else. They flirt online because they believe it means nothing since they arent looking into somebody’s eyes. For myself even a casual conversation typed out with another person has meaning. So many hide behind their keyboards and feel like since its not in person its not real or doesnt count, yet words are powerful. They can hurt or heal another, whether typed or spoken aloud. Dont cheat on your girls heart by talking online with other females.

  • Well when it comes to cheating I’ve been on when and where I’ve been the person that’s been cheated on and I’ve been the cheater and neither one feels great they get caught are you get caught but What Hurts the Most I guess would be is if the other person had feelings for the person they cheated on you with like if they fell in love with them because a form of cheating to me is them giving away their heart to someone else ….and that should only belong to you…. I don’t think I could ever forgive that ….. now I could forgive if my dude hooked up with some slut of a girl but to go and create an relationship and feelings for her now thats a hole nother storie…. if she is a slut USE HER…. ABUSE HER…. LEAVE HER…..BUT DONT FALL IN LOVE WITH HER BECAUSE IF U DO THAT….WELL MY FRIENDS THATS CHEATING CHEATING CHEATING !!!

  • Eddie humphres says:

    I think everyone is a cheater in there own way and I dont know why people want to go behind the one they say they love and destroy that. Makes no sense to me

  • Jamie Neill says:

    Cheating is … anything that is shared with another person in ANY intimate way, whether it be physical or emotional intimacy, that is NOT your partner!!!! That is my definition of cheating.


  • Mario dominguez says:

    I think cheating takes place when you do anything that you have to cover up or lie about to your significant other like if you have a conversation with someone that has to be hidden you are doing wrong

  • Vickie Montoya says:

    When love is true you don’t look towards anyone else to flirt with or text. When you or your partner start looking to others for flirtation and more, that’s cheating. That ruins trust which in turn will ruin love.

    My user name is MsVickie47

  • Legin Powell says:

    I’m in love!!! For the first time in a while I’ve been in love!! And I love to play at Brango casino!!

  • Laura says:

    you can cheat when there is physical contact and with your thoughts too …. unfortunately cheating is so normal these days 🙁

  • Mark says:

    I feel cheating can be summed up and defined by acting on anything that subconsciously you wouldn’t want reciprocated from your significant other whether it be an open relationship or strictly monogamous everyone should have clear understanding and agree on their relationships boundaries and limitations the level of respect for each individual relationship should be the same from all parties

  • Kyle says:

    So the never-ending argument of whats considered cheating and whats not! That is all based on each individuals opinion. Some say cheating is only physical, and some would say any form of communication with someone other then the significant other is cheating. I personally feel once it goes past a simple flirt, such as talking about leaving ur spouse for someone else, physical contact, or secretly talking behind ur significant others back with no regards to your significant others feelings/emotions! Either way cheating is unnecessary and selfish. If your going to cheat, save the heartbreaks and break up with ur current significant other! Happy vday!

  • Lmfester5 says:

    Cheating is relative; it all depends on whether or not there is trust in the relationship and what someone’s intentions are in any given situation. For real relationships, the ones that truly last, there must be unconditional love and thus unconditional trust. If such exists, then cheating can simply be defined as infidelity—being unfaithful to your partner. In the absence of trust, the idea of cheating gets dicey; people start to misconstrue platonic acts as more than what they are and misinterpret kind words or nice gestures as betrayal. If you love and trust your partner unconditionally, and your intentions are pure, interactions with other people shouldn’t be considered disloyal. A good person knows if they’re really crossing the line or not; it’s an unwritten, unspoken understanding. When put in a vulnerable situation, a person’s true colors will show and deep down they will know whether or not what they’re doing is cheating. Cheating is a terrible thing, and people do terrible things everyday. Perhaps the more important thing is whether or not one’s moral compass feels off, and what they chose to do in the aftermath of a mistake. Love and trust go hand in hand, but neither can exist without honesty and integrity. <3 xoxo

  • Karriona Calda says:

    Username: kkcalda94


    We’re stuck on repeat

    It’s making my heart beat
    & hard to breath!

    No more sleeping

    I’ve tried screaming

    & I’ve tried pleading

    But it’s not easy make believing

    That I can leave these feelings for you behind..

    The best thing that ever happened to me

    Has now become the worst thing and I can’t think

    It’s still the same old story stuck on replay

    & I can’t replace all of these days

    Or all of these ways
    That I’ve died

    You act like texting is nothing

    But it led to you cheating so now its something

    So our time becomes nothing

    left in the paths that we made to decay and divide

    While the lies you continue to hide behind

    Let’s just be safe

    & not retrace

    All of the mistakes that we made

    I guess we’ve decided it’s not worth it

    Nothing anymore is perfect

    I’m so certain that you’re uncertain

    So I guess that we’ll close the curtain

    Because I don’t want to fight

    But i won’t make it out alive

    I could care less about pride when it comes to me n u

    You told me to make a wish at 2:22

    But it never came true!

    If it did

    You would’ve finally had a clue

    How much I loved only you

    But you refused to stay true

    Maybe I’m cursed

    And my heart is meant to hurt

    Until it bursts into flames and burns

  • James barber says:

    Cheating is deceiving, whether it’s a fling thing or sext receiving, text deleting is in fact the definition of deception, after repetition of deceitful selections, breathing gets heavy when asked a simple question. Cheating begins with lust and ends in deception. So if you wonder if it’s cheating. Just ask a simple question. Would I myself consider this deceptive?

  • Cheating is one of the worst things you can do to another person. Whether it is on an emotional level or physical, its all the same. Having even the intention of cheating by making yourself appear available whether it be not wearing your ring, or flirting online or having your status be single when your not single. You dont have to physically be intimate with another person to be actually cheating. Lastly, one can save the other person alot of heartbreak and end things before moving onto the next emotional or physical relationship.

  • I just wanna share my personal experience that’s ongoing right now, by exploring this broadcaster web and met this cute girl without my gf knowing and altho me and the web girl only seeing each other over the labtop screen but all the fantasies in my head is overwhelmed and she’s satisfying all my needs . I think it’s kinda mind spiritual cheating to my current gf. Thsts all

    User name SPINSLCB19

  • There’s a lot kind of cheating, in love or even in politics but since it’s valentine month today so I’m going to love, cheating is big big sin cause its in the ten commandments of God that you cannot do that most specially if we are married give all 100 percent of your to your husband or wife don’t commit cheating and put god to the center of your love.

  • rochelle says:

    cheating is part in relationship coz all couples is not perfect sometimes we find things to other that we cant find to our couple…thats why even its bad we try things coz if we dont try we didnt know if its work or not just all people wants happiness….thank u god bless all

  • Tracy says:

    I feel that it depends on your relationship with your partner. For some couples, simply looking at someone else is cheating. Depending on how you and your partner communicate and how much trust is in the relationship.
    Iamfihlypsgirl username

  • Kimmi says:

    Cheating is when you spend your “my” time with anyone else either on the phone at the mall in a bed in a car at the post office it don’t matter that’s our time


    The love is sincere … I have always been curious to know again what happened to my other girlfriends, what was in her life I have never cheated on her …
    User name 042788

  • Gavin Henderson says:

    Cheating in my opinion is any form of getting needs met outside of your relationship without the verbal communication of agreement of boundaries within the relationship as reguards to outside influences from any persons outside of the two in the relationship. For example, getting your needs met with someone other than your partner in anyway that should be sacred between y’all. Texting an opposite sex, about everything and anything and looking forward to the response from that individual while leaving your partner out more often than not and making your partner anything other than the person who you go to First for all things important or not. Constant communication with an opposite sex if that’s your sexual orientation, that is not your partner can lead to physical cheating. It’s already disrespectful to find emotional needs met in another person outside the relationship, when communication breaks down, or love tanks aren’t being maintained by both parties in said relationship and the spark is either dying or dead the fun is non existent and lord forbid the glue of the relationship (sex) dwindles or has discrepancies from at least one person in that relationship then your relationship is at great risk of failing and not being able to recover. Now add on top of this physical relations with anyone else outside your partnerships, then you have the biggest and hardest form of cheating that your relationship may not ever recover from. Porn in my opinion is also a gateway to cheat in one way or another, it’s lusting after anyone other than your partner, and when you allow this yourself and are okay with it, you may soon find yourself with not only wandering eyes but your body will follow and you more than likely will find yourself In an affair or damn close to it and not really sure how it all happened so fast. It blindsides you, you lower your Morales and you give yourself the okay to lust then okay to maybe call that cute clerk or stewardess and you give yourself credit and Co sign your own bull as you really are looking for any reason to excuse yourself and place the blame anywhere other than yourself to allow you to feel guilt free and seek pleasure as well as immediate gradification This all is dishonesty and cheating in my eyes

  • Plain and simple cheating is done by physical contact. Although on the other hand some do consider cheating to be even in ones thoughts or actions. For example texting someone with certain intentions can be considered cheating… .. it boils down to one’s intentions and motives that would constitute if someone was cheating or not.

  • G1ng3r says:

    Cheating can be physical or emotional! To me, both are equally damaging to a relationship!

  • Abeofspades says:

    Cheating is absolutely horrible. Th pain it causes is real. Soon as you step put of your boundaries your cheating. My ex went as far as to ruin my life. She had a affair then when I found out she tried to get me fired from my job. She then tried on several occasions to have me arrested. Why. I don’t understand why.

  • Brandon Mills says:

    Every relationship has different rules and dynamics. With that being said any action that you feel you would not want your partner to find out about from as simple as online flirting to a secret separate family you should consider a form of cheating.

  • If you have to hide who you are talking to or if you have to hide period then you cheating

  • Samantha says:

    To me, no matter what it is, if you know it’s wrong and wouldn’t do it in front of the other person and hide it from them that is cheating.

  • Damouseshouse says:

    Anytime you’re getting something from someone else if it’s support, sex, pleasure, presents, it opens a door to having a weak moment and can lead to something most will regret. It’s best to sit down with the one you’re with and tell them what you may feel is lacking in your relationship cause if you need to have someone else fill the hole who knows what hope maybe getting filled next. If the one you’re with doesn’t fufill the qualities you need maybe it’s time to think about just what you’re doing and if you shouldn’t either work to correct or go ahead and maybe go different paths, rather hurt and destroy the relationship to a point where you hate each other. If you’re with them theres a reason and if you truly love them you owe them that much. The best realationship is where both love each other for who they are not who you wish they was. Try to understand to love someone is to love them not what they make you feel like or do for you. If you can’t love someone enough to see that you wish to do what’s best for them then you don’t truly love them. So many don’t understand this and they will always be the ones that jump from relationship to relationship. If you do understand this then cheating doesn’t happen and won’t happen and the one you’re with knows this too

  • Kirsty says:

    Love sends you in circles as does the dictionary meaning. Cheating, to me, is defined as ANYTHING you cannot admit to your partner that you have done. ANYTHING.

  • Olivia says:

    Hello all! Thank you for participating in this blog promotion and sharing with us your definition of love cheating. Our editorial team is working hard to chose the three most creative comments. Stay tuned, we will inform you about rewards very soon. Be prepared to spin reels with free spins!

  • Swanky says:

    Defining the very act of cheating in 2021 feels like it could be similar to attempting entry to a no fly zone. In a day and age where gender is such a sensitive topic how could one possibly make a judgement on what would constitute cheating? I personally feel it is not my place nor any other imperfect human being’s place to judge another. That being said, I have observed instances in relationships I have had, friends or family have had over the years that have shown some common themes. The first being the most important in a relationship which is communication. Such and important factor that, in reality, withholding it is, in many ways, cheating in itself. Not discussing your needs, wants, goals… what makes you happy, sad, scared… with your loved one is cheating them of the opportunity to be the best partner to you and is cheating yourself of a relationship that is truly real. We all have a polished version of ourselves that we put on display for others but is that the you that you want a partner to love? Accepting someone with all their flaws, past mistakes, what they have been, will be and will never be…. that is what real love is. Some friends of mine have been married since they were barely 20. There have been plenty of ups and downs. I asked, what is your secret to happiness? They both said, mind you in separate- putting one another’s well being first. In getting to know a partner over many years cheating in a physical way perhaps may not be cheating as defined by the relationship. This couple had at one point had an open marriage even although ultimately determined it wasn’t for them; they have stayed close through the years by being thoughtful towards one another, even when at times it wasn’t easy to. They both let their yes mean yes, and no mean. Matters of the heart, secrets told in confidence, were handled with the ultimate care and respect. Cheating to them would be witholding the intimacy of thoughtful communication that has been the strength of their love spanning decades- much greater in concept than a simply physical act. In conclusion- what is cheating? cheating is a betrayal of a spoken or unspoken agreement in Love, whether physical ,emotional, or spiritual. Only those in a relationship can decide what constitutes cheating in their relationship, but regardless of what that may be, selflessness and communication will ALWAYS be a driving force in those that last!

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