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Review the Slot and Earn 50 Spins

By March 9, 2021May 7th, 2021130 Comments

Paddy’s Lucky Forest is the most recent slot addition to bet safe Casino Brango’s family of games. As the magical forest and its inhabitants caused quite a stir among fans of the fantasy themed slots, we decided to give you all the chance to play the game and collect the extra rewards. All you need to do is review the slot and earn 50 spins!

How to Review the Slot?

The good thing is that we want to hear any kind of an impression you may have. You are free to write about any aspect of the game and review the slot in any way you think is appropriate. You have time till March 15th, after which we will be processing the spins. Tell us if you think it is too tight, or generous on the other hand. We also value your opinion on the graphics, symbols, the overall experience. Leave a review in the comments section below this post.

Do not miss the Slippery Wilds and the Free Games Feature, or the 4 jackpots. Tell us what you like the most. Could it be 720 paylines and the immense possibilities to form the winning combinations?

Basically, whatever comes to your mind, be it good or bad, share it with us. Review the slot. Subsequently, 50 spins will be waiting for you to claim them!

Terms of the Promotion

  • Promotion is available only for depositors.
  • Promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions available between deposits
  • The promotion will end on March 15th, and the free spins will be processed thereafter.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by March 20th, 2021 at the latest, which is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free Spin winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made.
  • Maximum cash-out is set to $/€ 50.
  • Withdrawal may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€/AUD 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slots games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.

Paddy's Lucky Forest play now


  • At first this game started off slow took a while for a bonus to hit but, i understood why. The sliding wild held up free spins until the wild was gone giving up to 5 extra spins. this game has potential to payout big…thanks for the new game

  • Mark says:

    Oh yeah I say I took me one spin on this slot magreen and it was all clover for me☘️ Instantly addicting seriously it’s that in the neighbors lawn shamrock geekin looking for this flock of leprechaun good Paddy’s lucky forest welcomes you with luck of the Irish and also the ever so beautiful slippery little wilds you can find snailtrailing all over your reels leaving you loads of loot and treasures mmhmm but there’s more hidden in the forest the bountiful yet elusive pots of gold bonus round stalk you like St Paddy’s day prey if you’re ever so clever to catch one they are freaking awesome man free games and multiplyers whatttt yuppp #winwin ahhhh dang diggity talking bout it making me wanna get jiggy wid it can’t be being a potato gotta go play yo see y’all lato😁🤷‍♂️

  • Ashleyvellios says:

    I like this game more than Lucky 6. Seems less volatile. It also looks newer, better graphics.

  • Yekaterina Randina says:

    The game is fun to play and it seems like it could have potential to win but I was not that lucky and lost my balance fairly quickly


  • lmfester5 says:

    Paddy’s Lucky Forest isn’t my favorite slot but I don’t dislike it either. I have only played a few times so I haven’t gotten too lucky yet, but the graphics and colors are wonderful! I will definitely play more in the future—hopefully my luck on this slot will turn around! 🙂

  • Christopher Castaneda says:

    You will fall in love with this game!! I know I did! I probably played it for about 2 hours. The payouts were really good, and hit a lot. A lot of my bonus rounds got added spins. The bright colors and fun whimsical characters make it a great time! Low bet wagers also! I recommend you trying this out! 5 starts! -ottertaneda

  • The game itself is really easy and fun to get into. Once I started it quickly became one of my favs here. All u should try it.

    User name spinslcb19

  • Paddys lucky forest is a pretty fun game but it doesn’t hit very often. I’ve only played it a few times but overall I like the game because when you do have a streak of luck it hits with big wins. User name joshawa837

  • Aurora1430 says:

    To be absolutely honest I love any game that has to do with leprechauns :). However, with that said this game in my opinion is a bit tighter then most that I have played but it has more then one thing to offer. I love the floating wilds and when I finally got the free spins I realized then just what this game is capable of. The graphics are great and the color is amazing. Overall it is a great game and I fully enjoy it.

  • Mark T. says:

    The way this game is set up is very deceptive.The sounds make you think you have won at least your bet ..but nothing..It will take me sometime to figure out the winning lines and payouts .I love rtg just because of that once you figure it out I can play almost any game for hours especially if it’s hot..
    username Screwston

  • GEMINITWIN says:

    Game is pretty cool like the offset reels and sticky wilds .

  • Chris says:

    I have mixed feelings. Has potential, but odds seem a bit unfair. Who knows, maybe it’s just random bad luck lol

  • Ryan Pearson says:

    Have yet to win anything on it but definitely enjoy the game. User sicknt

  • Ezra says:

    Didnt have much luck my self but seems like a good game maybe ill have better luck in the future

  • huynhthai says:

    Beautiful design , many way to get winnings , same same Lucky 6 but faster playing
    username : huynhthai

  • Foxyfoxy123 says:

    5/5 won 400 on one of my first 80 cent bets! Fun new slot, like the variety of ways to win

  • Krystna10 says:

    Game just took my money bonus wasn’t good.

  • victor says:

    The game is not bad. In my opinion, it is missing something, some type of wow factor. The wilds are great. The bonus not so much. The graphical aspect is low on my list of important things. All in all, i would give it 3 out of a 5.


  • Tertius Trollip says:

    Good game. Great winnings when you hit the features. Fearured also comes often. Love casino brango. Fast pay outs

  • Jan Justin Penaflor says:

    First off its like one of my favorite games which is lucky 6, i beleive this slot can give huge wins with the right timing and bet. Th graphics is amped up too so it looks like a fresh new slot that can either make or break your day, lol…

  • Nicole says:

    Unfortunately I was not a fan of this gave small wins and the sliding wilds did nothing to help. It could have been a bad-luck day for me, so I plan on trying this game one more time.

  • Jose Celis says:

    It started off a little slow for me, but after i played a bit i hit the bonus. The bonus has potential for nice Payouts. I am going to play a little more and see what the games full potential is….buuutt so far i would say its just ok…only time will tell.

  • bgdubs says:

    Paddy’s lucky Forrest has a fantastic bonus round as well as unique gameplay and vibrant aesthetic


  • Jennifer cuevas says:

    This slot game is just ok. I only played for few minutes before switching to different slot. Didn’t win back anything I wagered from this slot.

  • Brandon says:

    The game is ok. I think the game has potential. I think there should be more to ut

  • Luis Rimbert says:

    I enjoyed the game the first few times I played it not much stood our to me but agteg6i finally hit the bonus and picked something like 46times my bet and then another time hot like 3 and a half rows of leprechauns yue money started adding up. All in all I give it 4 stars but a must try at least once

  • Dr.Rock85 says:

    Very eye catching and vibrant for sure and like most slots has the potential to get nasty with the payouts unfortunately for me there was no pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. I can really dig the slippery wilds part of the game and I think it’s pretty unique and could bolster some big wins. For the time I played it I think I should’ve gotten more than one bonus and it was ok paying $26 on a $.80 bet. Overall 4/10

  • Adrian says:

    Brango goes live
    Best RTG gaming experience

  • Smyles328 says:

    I have a lot of fun playing this game. I get stuck in it so it seems. I’ve had a few big wins including the minor jackpot while playing for a very minimal amount of time and the graphics as well as the feature have me wanting to play all the time!!

  • Anthony Stricker says:

    Very fun and exciting game. I give 2 thumbs up. 5 stars

  • Brandon Jones says:

    One of my favorites, it started off pretty slow but it picked up quickly and stayed up. I definitely have it at the top of my list


  • akduck88 says:

    I will forever chase the rainbow and hope to get the pot of gold hat har

  • Linda says:

    Colourful, good graphics and really fun to play. The game has a more “modern” feel to it. I must say, I do love the sliding wild feature!
    I only managed to win the free spin feature once so far but, it seems like the game has the potential to pay out big wins.
    Thank you for the fesh, new games.

  • Adam Thompson says:

    Very enjoyable game to play and the bonus feature is even more so. Great to see a few newer slots from RTG lately that have a bit better graphics and features then the older ones. Continue the good work!

  • Walter Hurtado says:

    I liked this slot, the bonus features were cool. I like the free spins more than the times bet feature. I would spin on this slot again. Give it 3.5 out 5. Thanks for the free spins. My username on Casino Brango is Walter626.

  • Cindy says:

    Awesome game amazing love the 3 pots you get so you can choose a pot for free games or n miltiplyer I love this game you can win alot I love to play this game


  • I have been playing Brango for a while now and at first I really liked it but lately the game seems to be really against me I don’t know maybe it’s as bad luck I really like the new game Patties Forest though it’s fun still not winning anything but it’s fun anyways

  • Yules Giraldo says:

    The new slots has it all! Prior to playing I thought I would not be able to hit the free games but boy o was wrong. Within a half hour. I had done over 6 free bonuses including even getting the Minor Jackpot. I was so thrilled and shocked because hello! It’s a new game.
    I don’t have any problems with the game and I honestly think that it is a very very fair game with an incredible pay to player rate. So in my opinion, this slow is definitely worth trying. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!! Thank you

    My username is YulesCasino

  • sarah cope says:

    The game is fun.. it seems for me that it is either hitting or it is not… but when it started to hit it was nice amounts.. the potential is there to cash put big

  • Brandon says:

    The game is fun, but it feels like the wallet is getting sucked dry waiting for the bonus. Its not worth losing a bunch of money trying to wait for a bonus that gives almost nothing on free spins. I like the sticky wilds but spins should be free while they are dropping. Most games you want free spins as a bonus,this one you want the multiplier.


  • Kellie Masters says:

    I think the graphics are pretty but I didn’t have much luck yet . I like the bonus gold pots and the reels slow when they hit. User- Kellie072087

  • A. Dela cruz says:

    Honestly, I haven’t tried this yet. Due to the current pandemic situation I can no longer play as I use to before, but been a depositor with brango for years now So I’m quite surprised of new slots coming in.
    Looking at the graphics itself, it seems like a combination of lucky 8 and stardust in one 🙂
    Hope to have some trial spins to try itout 🙂


  • I personally think the game quite similar to other slot games, but the other slot games are far superior (doesn’t matter which game because it is garbo). It feels like it was rushed or not criticized well enough. On can only assume St Patrick’s day was the cause for the awful game to be released. Those sneaky holidays. The game speeds up when you hit 2 free spin icons. But they are only present on reels 2-4. So all it does is let you know that you’re last spin was a loss a little quicker than other slots. Also the mystique factor of whether or not you will hit a bonus round essentially goes out the window; due to the “re-invented slow roll.” It’s almost like the game is taunting us when it speeds up to simply let you know that the odds are not in your favor. In my mind it’s a predatory game that masks the fact that it speeds up losing spins without consent per se. And I’m not keen on the games that don’t let you win with the game’s featured icon. Hitting leprechauns should happen more often since the game is named after the fable creatures themselves. But hitting with a decent sum
    Is less likely than hitting the free games even. It’s probably the least creative, most boing, and silly slot I have ever played.

  • This is a fun game, I like the unique features of it. The three pots are cool, they have 3 different bonus features, free spins (my least favorite), a bet multiplier( I like this one), and I guess one of the progressive jackpots(I have yet to get this one yet). Then there’s the vaping wild, it has the potential. All in all, cool unique to the game features that are different from all the other games and its fun. I’ve noticed higher bets had zero payouts.

  • I love this game love the expanding wilds. An the many jackpots one of my 2nd favorite machines yet

  • I tried this game and by appearance it seems like a wonderful new way the reels are set up. Like most reviews if you win the review is great. Not so for me, I didn’t have much luck on this game. Though that doesn’t mean I won’t try again in the future.
    It appears to have quite a bit of potential.

  • User name loyalty92
    I don’t like the game

  • Justme says:

    Ive havent had much luck on this game but i like it ha

  • SoulsearchT says:

    Slidng wilds, pots of Gold and leprechauns, what more, Can you want?! The best is whenever the wilds are in the middle because they slide until they go all the way down…. Also when you play and get luckythere’s an extra bonus mode where the three pots come down super quick, will you got lucky? I did! Love the game!


  • marelnor says:

    Very fun! I love the rainbows and I love the fast scattering of the three pots. Also I was lucky enough to get a random Minor jackpot, this one is fun!

  • Acyngarcia says:

    So fun! The sticky wilds stick around for as long as long as they slide all the way down. The little ferry’s glisten when you get a 5 of a kind! Fun fantasy entertainment!

  • Samantha says:

    I loved the new game! Fast paced and fun, I hit the bonus round constantly. I really enjoyed this new game!

  • Ovadiamichael says:

    Great game, i get excited when the pots of gold come down quickly to anticipated bonus rounds, i got it quickly and during my bonus round got the sticky wilds!

  • This New game had me WINNING hundreds of dollars while wagering just over a dollar per spin. Love the game and the casino. Brango is #1 Casino

  • Alaura lewis says:

    I like this game way more than lucky 6 you have a higher chance of winning and the graphics are way better and more eye catching I always love st. Paddy slots. The payouts though are kind of small but the sticky wild’s are awesome and adds a little twist to it but I think it should have a better feature to it but overall it’s a game I would keep going back to and playing

  • Sage says:

    I absolutely love the graphics on Paddy’s Lucky Forest. The fairies are gorgeous.

    The ‘slippery’ wild feature is cool. I wish the payouts would come a bit easier but that’s how it goes with slots anyway.

  • Vickie Anderson says:

    Didn’t have much luck on it maybe my luck will change when I playbitbin the future

  • Andrew714n says:

    This slot has many lines which makes it more fun and easier to hit something. Game is colorful with new features and paylines. Goal is to hit all lines betting a high margine to maximize win profiting. I suggest to try game to get hang of before playing with real money or bitcoin. Game is tons of fun and excitement go ahead and try for yourself at brango casino…

  • Its. Definitely a cool slot. Seems a little tight to me. I habent hot the bonus yet but still going to throw more threw it to see. All in all i like the game and look forward to my big win on it

  • Its an interesting concept and set up like Vegas WIns. Not my first go to be honest and my luck isn’t all the best when it comes to these slot setups. Although I did play on it a few minutes and actully won some free spins which was nice. but it took so many spins to just get that. Not opposed to coming back to playing this one. Would more than like do so when I’m way up in profit so I can attempt this one with high bets.

  • Amy Larson says:

    Great and exciting. Love the graphics and sound effects.

  • Gary says:

    It’s a nice break from normal RTG games as they usually follow a simple formula so this type of game is appreciated. It’s nice you are expanding game types. Seems like a nice addition overall

  • Jenna says:

    Paddy’s Lucky Forrest is a decent game. I’d say overall I’d give it a 8.5/10 rating. The game itself doesn’t seem to pay All that great on regular bought games. The bonus however, that’s where it’s at. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t played it yet, but it’s worth the wait to get the bonus for sure! As for the graphics, and design that’s where my lower rating comes from. Though the graphics are good, I some of the recently released games Are all the same thing. I’m sure I’m not the only one getting burnt out on the graphics. All in all, Paddy’s Lucky Forrest is a fun game, with lots of potential. Good luck everyone!

  • John C says:

    This slot is average. The wilds feature is a cool concept but after 10,000 spins I was only ever able to get the one wild going out of 3 possible. The bonus round is very subpar as you just choose from 3 pots of gold and none of which have very high payoffs especially for how hard it is to get the bonus to begin with. Not my favorite RTG game. I look forward to next release though as RTG is still probably my favorite of them all.

  • The chances of winning is high and there’s a minor and major prize that possible to come in your hand,

  • Donna Smith says:

    The new game seems pretty up and down as far as giving out wins!! Though just when it seems that your not gonna get a win, the mobile van drops in with a good win! I’m not sure whether I like this game much yetvor not!

  • This colorful and exciting new game has me wishing for some pretty pixie dust to sprinkle me lucky charms and give me the 3 pot O’ gold bonus! It’s so fun when you get to pick more than just 1 pot O’ gold, and how thrilling it is when the bonus prize is revealed! I can’t wait to play again, this game is very generous with the slippery wilds that keep giving with the next spins. Thank you Casino Brango for this lovely new addition to amuse me.

  • Anthony says:

    I really enjoyed Paddy’s Lucky Forest and thought it was an exciting experience. The graphics, sounds, and overall theme is amazing. The free spins and expanding wilds are awesome. The game runs very smoothly and makes you feel like you are in the casino! I look forward to future spins with Paddy!

  • Tanja says:

    I like the game, but I think it’s really tight.. other than that, it’s a fun game!

  • I didn’t care for the game as a whole. It was very tight and hard to hit anything. On the rare occasion I got a bonus I couldn’t hit anything in it. I did however like the sliding wilds. In still going to give this game a few more chances nessie l before I throw in the towel

  • tyson lake says:

    I like the leprechaun he reminds me of myself LOL

  • rochelle says:

    brango is best one forme

  • Soradej Raksathai says:

    Very good slots game ever seen before

  • Steven bouldin says:

    I haven’t played it all that much. But it’s fun. Let’s you play for a long time. I’ve yet to hit it bog on it. But I’ve seen where lots of people have. Maybe I’m next

  • Love this casino easy to cash out -****

  • Kristen Merideth says:

    I enjoyed the game nice graphics & love the color green plus I’m Irish so win win! Thanks for the fun playing new slots game! Although if willing you loosen that slot up just a wee bit! Never did hit the free spins feature!

  • Love this slot many ways to win plus all the wilds the graphics are bold i love this slot 5⭐s

  • I like the game it paid pretty good the first couple times I played it but not so much the last couple of times. All in all I like the bonuses and the graphics. Love this casino it’s my #1 place to play!!!

  • Shayla Hazlett says:

    So far I think I like this game more than Lucky 6. Seems less volatile. It also looks newer, better graphics. Haven’t won yet though lol

  • Richard Ebert says:

    I only played it a few times but I really enjoyed it. Never did hit a feature but will definitely continue to try. Love the graphics.

  • Game is pretty cool graphic wise but not a lot of money.

  • jaydub515 says:

    it’s cool..need to bet high to it to payout

  • Joey says:

    The game is awesome I want to hit the big bucks and win. I hope, I wish to win, happy patricks day. 🙂

  • Gavin Henderson says:

    I’ve played this game once today for the first time, it’s actually a pretty good game. I personally had more wins then losses. I would try it if I hadn’t yet. Good luck all.

  • Ingyyen says:

    Love this Game takes a while for the three scatter pots, but those sliding wilds are a winner if you hit them I also like the leprechauns it’s magical rainbows and the random Jackpot wins! Very fun it’s like lucky eight but bigger wins and more graphics!

  • Hodgedkj says:

    Very unique and entertaining, you get that Rush when pots of gold come out for bonus, has excellent graphics, snd the best part is getting the stuck wilds during the bonus!

  • Marelnor says:

    So fun! It’s like you’re in the game, I love how you can still get the wilds to stay around even when you’re not in the bonus round! Love the sound effects and the colors! And of course the three golden pots that give you the bonus!

  • AmorosoG says:

    Love the graphics that excite you before getting a bonus 1/2/3 pots of gold from the leprechaun’s lair! and guess what you will probably get a wild that sticks around till the end for every spin that pays you out! I think it’s graphics are better than lucky 8 and betting and payouts are much better also! Very entertaining!

  • I instantly feel in love with the game. After instantly hitting the bonus and triggering 12 free spins. I especially love the 720 different ways to win it makes the game a go to for me. The wins are often and the payouts are generous. I love the game.. thanks casino Brango you …hit a home run with this one….

  • Ashley says:

    Its pretty, but rarely pays out and when u do win its never equivalent of what you spent…even when you hit the bonus…a bonus is supposed to give you an amount that is larger than the norm of a winning spin, but like most nowadays, barely gives you 10% if that of what your balance is. The bonus round is also very boring and very uneventful….the cool thing is sticky wilds do give u extra free spins.


  • Hennessy007 says:

    Its super addictive i love it!

  • Kristy says:

    Paddy’s lucky is an alright slot dosent hit to much but its worth playing when your betting big. I love playing every slots cant get enough of it. Should start paying out more though for sure .

  • Brandon says:


  • lojo4u says:

    lojo4u says: A couple of things I like about the game are the way it speeds up when you get the first scatter – that sets up good anticipation. On one feature I only got 6 spins but it popped up with pick again so I ended up with more. It seems like the slippery wild should stay in place for one more spin. It’s awesome when you get them toward the top of the big reels. I’ll play this game again.

  • steven gillies says:

    Crappy game play, way too small pay outs. Not the best grafix ..older games pay more

    • Bobbi Prince says:

      I actually really enjoyed the game. As with any slot machine its good when its good… And it sucks when it sucks. Good graphics and keeps your attention… I will play it some more.

  • Mario dominguez says:

    I didn’t really get into this game too much so I haven’t seen any of the bonus features but I didn’t really care for the game itself

  • The bonus is a tough one to trigger took quite a while but once I hit the understood way it has potential to win big 50 Cent game to give a try to.

  • Byron Hinton says:

    Very nice slot. Very easy to play



  • Jeff Lake says:

    Played 1000 freebies and pretty much broke even. Had my best luck with mid range bets, but that was my luck. Bonus round was mediocre, but overall it was a fun experience and I worth the time spent.

  • Ben says:

    Volatile game good graphics have yet to have a decent win

  • Kevin Fitzpatrick says:

    Paddy’s Lucky Forest is just ok to me. The payouts aren’t that big and I don’t like how in the bonus round 50x is the max you can get if you don’t pick the one with free spins. The Slippery Wild is fun but this game could use more features. Also the couple times I got free spins it hardly paid at all. Probably won’t play this game too much.

  • A.S. says:

    Overall game is quite exciting with many different aspects that really caught my attention. From the great graphics to the sliding wilds this game will provide exciting and fun gaming to generate some big hits. Although the volatility being high it doesn’t take long for some great hits and fun bonus games. This is a great pick for the season and I hope everyone can enjoy this game as much as I have!

  • Alwayzdreaming34 says:

    At first I was impressed with the game but the more i play the more disappointed i become. It seems impossible to hit anything worth the bet. I’ll keep trying it because i want it to be a good game that becomes one of my go to games.

  • Rob says:

    This game has smaller wins but when the three pots of gold hit… Money money money moooneeyy. The graphics are very nice and the min bet isn’t overly much. Good game, will be adding to my favorites for sure!

  • Kimmi says:

    I’ve spent so much money on this game and haven’t won anything significant haven’t even gotten the bonus. I want those three pots sooooooooo bad!!!

  • Ok game. I have played it alot and have yet to win anything great. The 3 gold Pots trigger the bonus feature and those can be very rewarding. The best I’ve hit is a gold pot at 42x bet. I think you have to bet at least .80 to get good results. I’ll play it again eventually and hopefully get a big win! 🙂

  • Randy White says:

    The game has landed me some large wins. I think the largest was x150 so far

  • Carla white says:

    Paddy’s luck has not netted the greatest wins for me. I like the slippery wilds but the volatility seems very high.

  • Sarah says:

    Paddy’s Luck is an interesting game as it is very different from the typical games found at RTG casinos…
    Paddy’s luck has some positives and negatives that are worth mentioning.
    – This game wins infrequently.
    – Free games generally do not win a great amount.
    – When you win big, you win BIG!!
    – For a small bet this game can win huge.
    – The graphics are good and the pictures themselves are cute, cheerful and interesting.

    Overall this is definitely a slot game worth trying… It might just become your next favorite one! 👍

  • Eli Villarreal says:

    It’s an ok game but needs more wilds and better bonuses

  • Stephany says:

    I love how the wilds to stay around even when you’re not in the bonus round! I really enjoyed the sound effects and the colors! The three golden pots that give you the bonus are a lot of fun and come often.

  • Lisa says:

    Fun game when u win. I like the bonus

  • Patricia Sweet says:

    Brango rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks

  • Joey stock says:

    Brango rocks and I have had alot of luck with the clovers on paddy luck
    Will play him again

    • Lydia says:

      Joey, thanks for this comment. However, this promo offer has expired. Kindly refer to the terms of each promotion, and keep reading our blog to stay up to date with the new promos.

  • Lisa Scott says:

    Great game

  • jami retherford says:

    The game is fun I think I just need a big deposit in order to actually be able to play

  • Didn’t think I’d be excited for looking for me gold but then ye started getting me all spun out in my spins til I won big can’t get enough of this game I think I’m a lil addicted to the game now that i gots some lucky charms

  • gary christmas says:

    For Santa…Ty for the free spins I love the fact that we can win and use the winnings on different slots..also I love all the promotional offers..thabks

  • anthony hancock says:

    this is a really fun game.this game is one of my all tiome favorites

  • anthony hancock says:

    i really do like to pl;ay this is one of my top ten list of games i play

  • Dalton green says:

    Patty’s lucky forest is one of many new arrivals on brango I must say I would have to give this slot game a 5 ⭐ rating I recommend everyone over the age of 18 years old to download brango an get started on Playing Patty’s luck forest right away you won’t regret it I promise…….

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