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Memorial Day Free Spins 2021

By May 29, 2021June 3rd, 202172 Comments

Memorial Day is one of the most important dates to all who honor US traditions. When we discuss the Memorial Day, we use big words as gratitude, remembrance, honor, salute, power of conviction. Clearly, there is a lot to be grateful for. The opportunities, the way of life, the freedoms, you name it. All these aspects make the heroes’ sacrifices worth it. The people we honor on Memorial Day gave their lives for a cause. This year, we would like to ask: What is the powerful cause that drives you to act in 2021?

Memorial Day Free Spins

Memorial Day is a commemorative holiday honoring the fallen heroes. Therefore, we felt it would be honorable to treat all eligible players who participate in this promotion with 50 FREE SPINS.

All you should do is leave a comment answering the question:

What is the powerful cause that drives you in 2021?

We would like to know how honorable your convictions are. No, just kidding. Feel free to write about any cause that moves you to act in order to make your own world a better place. Every generation has its heroes. And we live in a crazy world where heroes are scarce. Become that everyday hero!

How to Participate?

Share your thoughts and username in the comments below till June 2nd, 2021 and win 50 FREE SPINS!

We kindly ask you to read the terms carefully and comply with the eligibility criteria.


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  • No two free money promotions available between deposit.
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  • Joe says:

    Username: Hokulea808
    I’m not to sure that I would classify it as a cause, that drives me in 2021. I’d say watching mankind come unglued in the past year and a half, has definitely required a reevaluation of myself, in an attempt to be a better person. This past year and a half has really unveiled people’s true selves, and it turns out, there’s a lot of shitty, mean spirited people in the world. And, that’s not who I want to be. That drives me dailey, ” don’t be a shitty person today”. Simple, yet effective.

  • Kellie Masters says:

    I’m a nurse so keeping people safe this year has been what makes me strive daily to help all in need !!! User kellie072087

  • Smyles328 says:

    The powerful cause that drives me is love. I don’t care how cheesy that may sound. It’s the truth.

  • Joshawa Ingram says:

    the powerful gorce that drives me are my fiance and our children. its what motivates me to get up and live life everyday like it is my last, well because it could be. tomorow isnt promised for any of us. usernaame is joshawa837

  • Amario Dominguez says:

    I’m fixin to have a kid this year so that’s my motivation right now

  • Amario Dominguez says:

    Mrdominguez is the username

  • Casey Frame says:

    My drive in 2021 is to further my success and way of living with my job and family after the COVID-19 outbreak caused us a lot of hardship

  • akduck88 says:

    I want to continue to live in love and peace !!

  • Sarah Bones says:


    What drives me is my beautiful newborn princess, and wantin her to have a bright future

  • Cindy says:

    What motivated me during this 2021 Is my family and friends without them I could not made it I be driven for 2021 with love and peace and the people who is important to me. Smirfie33

  • Kate says:

    Financial stability and desire to live without boundaries is my driving force


  • armando says:

    powerful cause that drives me to do better is knowing I have people that look up to me to be an example.

  • Andrew says:

    Police brutality and racial inequality in the justice system are currently my main social justice focii.

    – Ceasadh

  • Heather says:

    What drives me in the next year is to give others the kindness others, including myself were denied, whether it be wearing a mask to save one more life from COVID, donating money to worthwhile humanitarian causes, or to give a little kid some trinket or pile of tickets at the video arcade.

  • Misnomer34 says:

    Freedom comes at a price. Although not all decisions in free countries are necessarily the right ones, the brave men and women who came before me are the true heroes. These heroes drive me to take advantage of our freedoms to live the way we want and raise our families how we see fit and appreciate the moments more.

  • Username: Tjohnson264
    What keeps me going in 2021 is family. It’s all about family it’s your base, your roots where you come from. If you don’t have that, you don’t have nothing.

  • Jojomb says:

    The powerful forces that drive me in 2021 and beyond are kindness and love. If the world had more kindness and love instead of hate and vindictive actions, it would be a much better place for our children, grandchildren and generations after. If all ones actions are based out of love, then there is no negative outcome.

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  • Daveflorida says:

    What will drive me in 2021 isn’t letting the far left give away our country and drive us into bankruptcy. I will always honor and stand with the men & women who protect this great country. I’ll never take a knee.

  • Mark says:

    I desire dinosaurs and aliens.

  • Brandon says:

    Making positive actions and have positive attitude …. Brandonh180

  • Bluejay71 says:

    A powerful force that’s driving me this year is a new perspective on the fragility of life. A post Covid reflection and how many people close to me that were lost has an intense bearing on how I’m going to handle things today and in the future concerning my children which are my life. Bullets and bombs are brutal but can be easily be dodged when known from where they are launched, but an airborne enemy most assuredly will take down it’s target which are the unprepared and lazy.

  • To be a memorable soul in this life, i shall make each day a day worth remembering. Whether i provide a good home for my family, or give my time and efforts to those in need, i shall forever remember those that are the True heroes-the ones that never made it back. God bless America, and all of mankind. Amen

  • Rocco636 says:

    2 n half years of Sobriety and still going strong, is what drives me everyday and to help others as well as paying it forward.. Thats what drive’s me

  • Lindsay Gines says:

    If I can live in such a way that someday someone says, “She inspired me. She is the reason I didn’t give up.” I’ll have lived a successful life. But what really drives me is the competition I have with myself. Everyday, I strive to be a better person than I was yesterday.


  • Youngjerm00 says:

    My motivation is my children and Jesus

  • Extending the deadline for the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) state ratification timeline, so that the amendment can finally become one of the United States Constitution Amendments as it should have been when Alice Paul first wrote the amendment.

  • My kids are always my drive especially in 2021. They keep you going even when things get tuff! Happy Memorial Day! I’m so Thankful for all that fought for my freedom!

  • Cosimo says:

    kindness is the key!

    user jimgordon1978

  • Sarah cope says:


  • Amy Velasco says:

    I love Memorial Day. Due to celebrating something very important.

  • Josh says:

    My drive in 2021 is to further my success and way of living complete impatient and rtf and stay with my job and family after the COVID-19 outbreak caused us a lot of hardship can’t wait to be better

  • What a great way to honor our fallen heroes. They definitely need more than just one day, thank you for all the service members that have lost their lives keeping us home of the brave and land of the free

  • Bruce LEcuyer says:

    What drives me is how we are about to lose our freedom in the good old US OF A. Everyday I vow to keep cancel culture and the hatred of the left in their mean spirited people teaching critical race therory and Marxist ideology to our children.


  • Daniel Cheeseman says:

    My user name is vvsvrrdc. What drives me is the people I see everyday out there in the streets with nothing and I remember when I was doing so bad at one time in my life that I used to be just like that until I made something happen instead of relying on other people for hand outs. I still struggle everyday but my family gives me the reason to continue my journey

  • Jessica keen says:

    Today I honor my ex-husband and his friends my best friend Courtney and my grandfather. Our veterans sometimes don’t get noticed or appriciated for they’re sacrifices so I make it an effort to never say goodbye but thank you and see you soon. I have a small buisness for helping individuals reach resources they can use to live better and instead of being paid this past week I’ve saved the money and created a photo gallery online for my soilders featuring them before and after they’re sacrifices depicting how it’s impacted them not only on the inside but the outside and that they’re still beautiful.

  • Soradej Raksathai says:

    I’m not to sure that I would classify it as a cause, that drives me in 2021. I’d say watching mankind come unglued in the past year and a half, has definitely required a reevaluation of myself, in an attempt to be a better person. This past year and a half has really unveiled people’s true selves, and it turns out, there’s a lot of shitty, mean spirited people in the world. And, that’s not who I want to be. That drives me dailey, ” don’t be a shitty person today”. Simple, yet effective.

  • Joey Stock says:

    What is the powerful cause that drives you in 2021?
    25th I D Hawaii. OIF. OEF. 2007-2011
    My answer is my Kids they are my life and they are what drives me Everyday to show them the better way..

  • My motivation and force that drives me for 2021 and every other year is my daughter. She is 13 yrs old and I want to do anything I can to make sure she has a successful future and that starts with a successful surrounding. I try my best to help others as much as possible in order to be a good role model for her and also my 12 nieces and nephews.


  • The Drive I have in 2021 is too regain all that the past yrs have taken. So in cases of I am attempting a whole new outlook on life an myself generally speaking.
    User name Loyalty92

  • Megan hicks says:

    What is the powerful cause that drives you in 2021?
    My answer is my family being a mother to my kids and watching them grow.

    793club is my username

  • abs says:

    I will take this day and really think about what those before me have really sacrificed. And bring my current situation into perspective.

    thankful for sure.


  • To see that getting vaccinated will really turn things upside down and I’m proud to say that everyone in the family is vaccinated

  • Erica says:

    What motivated me is getting my whole life in order so I can hopefully have a better 2022 that I did 2021

  • Carly says:

    My drive is kindness. Kindness matters. People never forget kindness.

    Username is Lilcarlz16

  • Anthony Smejkal says:

    Username: Spike33 :: I am motivated by the potential decentralization of all currency through the crypto revolution.

  • Nico ransom says:

    Financial improvement, improvement I’m my work situation and desire to accomplish a better quality of life .

  • 2021 has been a great year my hero is my mother do her hard work and She is resilient and brilliant through all challenges no matter how hard she’s done very well for self and I’m proud of her.

  • Kellyek says:

    MY driving force is to get our Country back to normal after covid ends. Our economy depends on it.

  • Sonya Graves says:

    My daughter is who is my drive in 2021. I never intended to have kids but she’s the best baby I could’ve ever gotten and I’m now raising her by myself. She is my pride and joy and only want to provide the best possible life I can for her. I only want the best for this little girl.


  • What drives me is fitness I believe we all need to look closer at our minds and bodies. Its good to cleanse them. Keep focus. And stay in shape. Never know what the next pandemic could bd. “Josh806tx”

  • Ashley Vellios says:

    Children are what make me choose the right actions. I don’t like seeing innocent people especially children suffer.

  • Chrysanthia Welch says:

    I am passionate about encouraging diversity and inclusion. I have open and honest conversations with my friends and family. By being vulnerable and continuing to hold each other accountable I hope to to see this my small circle making a difference and impacting those around them as well.

  • Krystna10 says:

    What drives and motivates me are my children

  • Samantha says:

    Mine is to be the best mom and wife that I can be for my family. And to help them succeed in everything that they do.

  • USERNAME Raylynsdaddy……,The powerful force that drives me it’s the desire to win and succeed I’ve fought hard to get where I am and I will not fail.

  • Krs1 says:

    Win win win win win win win win win.

  • Abigail Smith says:


    My motive is my kids and my husband. They motivate me to be the woman I am today, they are my reason to be a better woman everyday.

  • Philip May says:

    Less thinking about me and more of helping and giving too others .

  • zoe Michelle lee says:

    The privilege to be able to wake up everyday motivates me to continue to shoot for the moon and Chase my dreams. I want to be an example of a dedicated, determined, optimistic, hard worker to my children, and with any luck, they will value and carry out the same characteristics. Having Joshawa, my fiance, by my side is true blessings. He encourages me to fulfill my goals and ambitions, and doesn’t try to belittle my dream of becoming a social worker. And is mu number 1 cheerleader and my best friend. <3

  • Thomas says:

    Username: 19hart19

    My Girlfriend and I have taken on Learning Technical Analytical Trading. Investing and Day Trading.
    Crypto/Blockchain Technology/ WEB 3.0; are Clearly the Future. Self Empowering the Individual/s Rather then Bank/Corporations.

  • Slp021209 says:

    To a brighter future.

  • Madi says:

    Appreciate what yiu have.

  • Casey Frame says:

    Better things to come!

  • Efril beralde says:

    Username: efril367 The love of the game the passion to play every single day

  • Chara says:

    My motivation for 2021 is that the covid will disappear and we will come back to our normal life – harakatd28

  • Nina vaught says:

    What drives me in 2021 is my son. He makes me a better person. I want my son to have have a great mom. So I try to be the best parent,person, and role model everyday. Hopefully, set a good example for him….

  • James says:

    My drive for 2021 is for me to continue to do well so I can give my family the best life I can

  • Elvisbutay says:

    To have this pandemic complete gone so I can have a better life.

  • Elvisbutay says:

    Username: elvisbutay. To have this pandemic completely gone to have my life back.

  • SpunOut78 says:

    I always tell my friends that I was born to lead a movement… I’m not quite sure what will be the driving force just yet. However, I can tell you it either involves babies, world peace or really great weed!!!
    User: SpunOut78

  • Lydia says:

    Wow! We are amazed at so much positivity seen here! Thank you for all the honest and witty comments! It is a pleasure to be a part of this crowd! Allow me to say that the promotion is officially over. The free spins will be processed as stated in the terms. Cheers, people!