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Brango’s Outer Space Adventures

By August 12, 2021September 23rd, 2021No Comments

Have you ever felt the desire to simply leave this planet in search of a better world? It seems that we all have been feeling a bit stressed for the past year or so. Although some lucky fellows get to experience outer space first-hand, for the rest of us is wishful thinking. At least it was so until RTG launched some of the most exciting space-themed slots. Today we are exploring Brango’s Outer Space Adventures with two popular slots.

Land on a Pulsar’s Neutron Star

Pulsar was launched in 2020 and it soon won the hearts of many players, filling their pockets frequently. This game marked the beginning of a beautiful Brango’s outer space adventure. It is a 5-reels slot with 20 fixed paylines. Interestingly, this game’s setting resembles the honeycomb where symbols appear. Therefore, you will see 2-3-3-3-2 symbols on its 5 reels. Pulsar does not contain the usual Wilds, Scatters and Free Games. Nevertheless, it makes up for this with its Cascading Wins Feature and the Neutron Stars Feature. So, let us see what this is all about.

When any symbol removes in a winning combination, the Cascading wins happen. Once a symbol disappears, another one takes its place and makes a new combination. This cascading replacement continues after each win until there are no more possible combinations.

pulsar play now

The Big Blast

As for the Neutron Star Feature, it triggers randomly and stays on the screen until the great explosion. Interestingly, there are four Neutron Stars in different colors, taking different spots. For example, the Green one moves left and right, the Blue one goes up and down. The Pink star combines the previous two, moving left, right, up and down. Finally, the Red star is a tricky little thing as it moves upper and lower left, as well as upper & lower right.

The excitement reaches its peak with the appearance of every Neutron star because that is when the countdown till the explosion starts. As you go from spin to spin and from one win to another, you are approaching the moment when the Neutron Star explodes. That is when the blast activates the Cascading mentioned above. One explosion can cause other stars to explode as well.

Nova 7S Wilds and Solar Flares

Nova 7s has 5 reels and 25 adjustable paylines and is a perfect game to play if you are in search of Brango’s outer space adventure. Moreover, it contains the Red 7 as the substituting and multiplying Wild. This cozy Wild has a special feature. Namely, it also behaves as the Sloar Flare, bursting and morphing into Super-or-Hyper Nova. Now, that sounds powerful, doesn’t it?

Want to know how it rewards the players? Well, you would need to try it out and see for yourself.

Nova 7s play now

Brango’s Outer Space Instant Payouts  

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