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What Has Changed for You in 2021?

By October 12, 2021One Comment

It has been almost two and a half years since our worlds have turned upside down. Although the cause of it is not something to be happy about, we cannot turn our backs to searching for positive aspects in any given situation. Casino Brango has scratched the surface of the topic of changes which happened in 2021. Furthermore, we wanted to know whether these changes have impacted our characters, daily routines, relationships and lifestyle in general. We would also like to hear from you regarding this subject. What has changed for you in 2021? Was it for the better or worse?

The Technology

Our crypto casino Brango keeps introducing new cryptos and processing your payments instantly, as if the regular speed is not fast enough. The world has never spun this fast. Technology seems to be in focus wherever we turn.

Most probably you have a favorite app which helps you in handling your daily shopping or reminding you about the errands. Perhaps you got used to the VR experience and find it strange to actually be physically present among people. Whatever technology you are using, there is one thing that you and all of us should remember – it is there to be your tool. Don’t fall into the trap of letting tech rule your life. It should make things easier, that’s all.

They say that very soon contactless ways of making payments will become mainstream, diminishing the volume of usual cash payments until cash completely vanishes. Would you like to see this happen or not?

Free Time and Remote Working

If you are not an essential worker, you have most probably worked from home, for at least one period of time during this entire mess we found ourselves in. How was it for you?

People who needed to juggle their work with kids and family had the toughest times. Recently, I read somewhere that the entire concept of time has changed amid the new circumstances. For many people days became longer and exhausting while others felt inadequate in their own lives.

If someone offered you to work from home a few years ago, you would most probably be ecstatic. No commuting to work, no dress codes, more free time on your hands. What about today?

Personally, after having spent some time working from home, I must admit that remote working has more traps than I originally thought. The most important one being the false belief that we hold control over time. In case you actually managed to use the spare time to do something meaningful, you can consider yourself lucky. Moreover, we would honestly like to hear about it. You may inspire someone to follow your lead and improve his or her life.

Did you work out more? Completed an online course? Fell in love? Started your own online business? Helped the local community in any way? Our comment section below is dying for your comments.

Social Interaction in 2021

In 2021, social interaction comes down to keeping in touch online. You most probably know what happens in your friend’s life by simply scrolling through his or her Instagram, Facebook, or any other app. Nevertheless, when was the last time you sat together and really talked?

This question leads us to exploring the topic of the importance of live communication. Apart from the fact it stimulates creativity in many ways, and generates productivity, live communication is irreplaceable in bonding. In that way, live communication can prevent negative thoughts, deepen the mutual understanding, make us feel being parts of a community.

What has changed in communication in 2021? How do you communicate with people close to you? Via chats, phone, or in person? Do you feel more connected in 2021 than before?

Instead of the Final Words of Wisdom

The questions are many. We obviously have years to delve on these. What has changed in the previous year is a tough question. Seemingly, not so much. The Earth still supposedly revolves around the sun, and we still have no influence on global politics. Perhaps we will not know the true results of this global shift until we get old. However, only if we stay aware of the change, we may be ready to act once we feel we are off course. Are you awake?

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