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50 Free Spins for Your Bubble Bubble 3 Review

By October 16, 2021October 22nd, 2021244 Comments

Witchy fans, have you tried spinning the reels on Bubble Bubble 3 yet? If not, hurry up, because there are free spins coming your way! Once again, we are giving you the opportunity to grab 50 free spins for reviewing the Bubble Bubble 3 slot. You will agree that in order to review it, you would need to play it first. If you have already played it and have formed an opinion, go straight to the comments section below and leave a review with your username in a specified time frame. Kindly make sure to read the terms first.

50 Free Spins for Your Thoughts

This is one of everyone’s favorite blog promotions. Whenever there is a new slot, everyone wants to check it out. Since you are already here at crypto Casino Brango, discovering the magic of Bubble Bubble 3, why not collect 50 free spins along the way?

You already know that we value your opinion and can hardly wait to see your comments. The expectations are high since this is the latest in the mega popular Bubble Bubble series. Nevertheless, we do believe that RealTime Gaming managed to deliver the appropriate sequel to the magic performed by Winnie and Wanda in the previous releases. Especially when it comes to the variety of symbols and features. Not to mention the winning possibilities.

Find Your Focus

Although we value every opinion, regardless of its length, we would appreciate if you could share more than a word or two. Tell us about the overall impression. You can also mention which feature you liked the most, or how was your gaming session. Did you have luck? Is the third sequel better than Bubble Bubble 1 & 2?

Basically, you have the freedom to cover any aspect you like. We are looking forward to receiving your comments and rewarding you all with 50 free spins.

Terms of the Promotion

  • Promotion is available only for depositors.
  • Promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions available between deposits.
  • The last day of the promotion is October 22nd, 2021, after which we will start processing the spins.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by October 29th, 2021 at the latest, which is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free Spin winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made.
  • Maximum cash-out is set to $/€ 50.
  • Withdrawal may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€/AUD 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slot games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.


  • Bubblewitch slot gives tons of chanes to win with their hot wild witches!!!!

  • Dustybo1 says:

    Bubble Bubble 3 was the best one yet easy to hit bonuses and the payout is good.

  • Forest Woltman says:

    I thoroughly enjoy the 3rd bubble bubble, it is witchin, how Winnie is unpredictable in the wave of her wand and the expanding 2x wild on real 1 and real 2 makes a huge win with Winnie in the middle. 4 out of 5 takes the cake over its predecessors. Cheers Brango!

  • The bubble bubble games keep me on my toes I’m so hooked on these there great

  • Megan Hicks says:

    username 793club: Bubble Witch 3 is an awesome Halloween game for the year, I love Winnie and Wanda. The feature triggers are great tooo

  • Grat game love it

  • This game is much better than the other two. There are more bonuses and better payouts. Enjoy it thoroughly!!

  • Melissa Davis says:

    Loving this game. Be Careful. It is addictive.

  • Antonio M Swopes says:

    Need free spins

  • Christopher Castaneda says:

    I’ve played Bubble Bubble 3 last week, and it was so much fun. I love the colors for this upgraded classic. Very vibrant and smooth graphics. The bonus hit more than I’m used to, than with other games. And some pretty gteat wins to come with it.

  • Zoe Lee says:

    I really like the new Bubble bubble slot.ive played it the last few days. I only thing I don’t like, is how there’s such a long pause in between spins during the feature.i
    fancy bubble bubble 2 more so the this slot. But I’m a huge fan of the the slots.
    Username: Zoehaynes91

  • I’ve played for a while now I really enjoy the game! Cool feature 😎

  • Joshawa Ingram says:

    Bubble bubble 3 is a great addition to the trilogy. the graphics are great and the fact that it has 3 different features is a big bonus to it. the only thing I don’t like is the game spins a lot different than the first 2 so that’s an adjustment. overall it’s a really good game and personally have had several big hits in the features. oh almost forgot that the witch that’s always on screen occasionally turns all the reels to the same thing giving a decent payout. username joshawa837

  • Kamil says:

    Tolle Spiel…,🙃

  • Cody Collins says:

    I really think rtg did all they could in the 3rd installment of bubble bubble. bubble bubble 3 has plenty to offer with 3 bonus rounds to choose from, wilder witches has done me the best so far but I’m always looking for that next big win. I would highly recommend that any slot enthusiast stop by brango casino and check this new edition of bubble bubble out

  • I love this casino with all the free spins and chips they give iut after you deposit

  • rolins says:

    i find it very addictive

  • Jesus says:

    I want to play my free spin..

  • Angeline says:

    I was able to try it via demo mode, same as bubble 1 and 2, nice graphics, high volatity.. and as expected, HIGH payouts.. and this time I think it has the HIGHEST RTP compared to the first 2 versions

    UN: petmalungpes

  • Sarah Huson says:

    I’m excited to try

  • Kellie masters says:

    I like the 2 and 3 versions of Bubble Bubble ! I think the bonuses are great !!


  • Rowena Abieras says:

    When I first played it I liked how the Winnie’s bonus randomly popped up and it was paying me well. The bonuses were hard to get but when I didn’t get them they paid me fairly. The graphics are on point. I’d play this game again. All 3 bubble games are fun and the best one I do like is the 3rd one😃
    Username: rabieras79

  • Great payouts & great graphics.


  • Sarah Bones says:

    I personally love casino brango and this game is full of wilds and I love that aspect


  • Jacqueline Sutherland says:

    I really enjoy this game, I loved how the witchy characters come alive while playing, the bonus games are really cool and the payout seems fair, the overall opinion is that I would definitely be playing it more

  • Tomkin says:

    Can’t get enough of the game it’s to cute

  • I thought it was fun!

  • Bamavinson says:

    Bubble Bubble 3 is awesome! Love the features!

  • Tamika Hardin says:

    I must admit that I was intrigued by BB3, I actually like it. It’s a step up and the graffics are amazing. All features are outstanding and it makes me want to play even more. It’s become one of my new favorite games

  • Toby Rodriguez says:


  • Kimberly clark says:

    Bubble Bubble 3 is one of my favorite games! Love the graphic design and the bonuses make this an extremely fun to play game!
    Two BIG thumbs up for Bubble Bubble 3!!!

  • Aurora1430 says:

    Bubble Bubble 3 is a great add-on to the series of sexy witches, lol. With that said I found the bonuses to be lacking in comparison to the first two in regards to winnings. That could also have just been my luck at the time too lol. It still is a blast to play but my favorite remains Bubble Bubble 2.

  • Jaydin says:

    Game has crazy features in it big wins love it !

  • Casey says:

    Excellent addition to the series!

  • Kristina Hadden says:

    Wasn’t happy with win loss percentage

  • Rocco A Abbondandolo says:

    Love the new features in bubble bubble 3.

  • PinkFloyd427 says:

    I compare this 3rd release in a slot to Cash Bandits 3. You guys got it right! Very fun and enjoyable game.

  • Natasha Ferguson says:

    I love this slot it’s way more improved compared to the 1&2 that I’ve played in the past and love that you have to pick the bonus on it when you get it

  • Chad Reishus says:

    Fun game, decent returns.

  • The third installment of bubble bubble 3 is by far the best updated graffics and the bubble feature make it one of the best! #Brango

  • Henry says:

    I love it so much fun

  • Brandon says:

    I actually like all the 3 games but newest 1 definitely goes in….. i liked it been playing that the most recently

  • Texstricker says:

    Love it. Better bonuses and higher payout. Keeps the excitement going. I enjoy it alot more then previous versions.

  • Great game. Has a lot of different ways to hit it big. If you can get a few wild witches to hit your bound to hit it big!!!

  • Hakim says:

    Cute Bubble Bubble 3 Game with a lot of wilds. I Like It 🙂

  • Stephanie D'Angelo says:

    Bubble Bubble 3 is a instant classic!!
    More ways to win with 3 types of bonus play. The new graphics are super clean and all new animation signals a instant win with Winni our favorite witch!
    BB 1 & BB 2 are still on my favorites list.
    Great game with big wins always!!!

  • Inthava Luke Sisouphanh says:

    Casino Brango comes out with the latest games ever. Bubble bubble 3 is awesome.

  • Cory Garcia says:

    The graphics are way better and the random features are cool. I like this one alot better than 1 & 2.

    Username grizz333

  • Great game best of the 3

  • This game is fun and random wins and features make it exciting. Good theme for holidays coming up.

  • Anthony Smejkal says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again; I like the fact that the blonde shows her butt to us all.

    Player ID: spike3

  • Username: HappyTrauma

    I personally love the new slot
    bubble bubble 3!
    Bubble bubble 2 was a favorite of mine for along time. So when playing Bubble bubble 3 i immediately noticed the wonderful graphics that catch the eye and hold your attention. As well as the mechanics and features i grew to love with Bubble bubble 2 were similar if not the same. (Why change something if it isnt broken lol)
    So needless to say it was nice knowing the slot features and bonus functions already rather than learning anew. I was able to appreciate the graphics and artwork more and my attention stayed more focused on the dazzling colors and modernized look with bubble bubble 3.

    Overall i think this slot is a fantastic addition to the already wonderful stockpile of slot games offered by casino Brango.

    5/5 rating

  • If I had to pick out of all 3 I say bubble bubble 3 is the best one from the other 2.

  • John Gray says:


    So out of all the new slots that came out this year bubble bubble 3 is in my top 3 along with Asgard Delux and Princess Warrior. With a 3rd witch added theres a few more new ways to hit some nice winns.

  • Brandon C Jones says:

    Favorite one. For sure

  • Vjara1004 says:

    Really enjoy the 20 spins feature!!

  • Phayrath southam says:

    If I was to choose out of all three bubble bubble slot machines i choose bubble bubble 3 is the one

  • I love this game! I won $400 on it playing it my first time! Brango is the best! Extremely fast payouts!!!

  • I love bubble bubble3. I like 2 and 3 . But 3 I seemed to go to the bonus more and I love the crystal ball feature

  • Captn0023 says:

    I love the upgraded graphics and addition of the new witch.

  • Della Lonaker says:

    I have never played Bubble Bubble so hoping for big$$$$. Best of luck!!

  • Heather says:

    Love the new bubble witch game. Lots of cool features to win some money. Love the Winnie bonus feature. It’s a lot of fun. You won’t be disappointed

  • Deante says:

    Bubble Bubble 3 is one of the best yet. I love the free spins feature. I really enjoy this one!!!

  • Raven says:

    Great game ,love the crystal ball feature,and the Winnie magic great add-ons

  • Jack Anthony says:

    A fresh new approach to winning the Witches!


  • renge says:

    i am a fan of the witches love bubble bubble 1 and 2, this one seems to be even better

  • Alice Stopay says:

    I love the game. It has different characteristics than other games I’ve played. It’s easy to learn and win.

  • Eleanor Aguila says:

    I actually just played the Bubble Bubble 3 today and I like it. I was very disappointed with the other slot game that just came out too but this one is exciting and amazing. It’s such a big improvement from the past 2 versions. The graphics are awesome and the bonuses are more generous. The only issue that I experienced was that when I am playing the game using Safari, glitches like the sound disappearing and during a bonus the screen turned black and I can’t see anything but can hear if the the bonus spins are spinning. There are other small glitches but everything worked perfectly fine as soon as I switched my browser to Google Chrome.

  • Adam says:

    Bubble Bubble 3 is a MONEY MAKER these lusty witches are back with all new slot surely to leave you under its spell. This slot features to pick your bonus rounds. This will not leave you disappointed.. You have to check it out only @ Casino Brango

  • Amario Dominguez says:

    I love 5his game I liked the last one but I really like the addition of the 3rd witch In this one and the chance that you might actually get those free spins or bonus after all if you landed 2 bonus symbols and I think the crystal ball re-spin feature is a nice addition as well

  • Kelly Sprayberry says:

    Kekelibby username….love the graphics and colors & the bonuses and payouts are even better then the prior versions….thank you!!

  • The new game bubble bubble 3 is really a good game I like the bonus rounds and how they change user name Raylynsdaddy

  • I really like the new Bubble Bubble 3 slot. You have a great chance at hitting one of the bonus’s often and the payouts are really good. This is a great addition to the Bubble Bubble trilogy, I will be playing this game often!

  • Kate Randina says:

    I enjoyed trying out Bubble Bubble 3 as it does have better graphics and features. However the best luck I’ve had has been in the original Bubble Bubble.


  • My favorite is still the 2nd one but I do like the new features of the new one.

  • Joe says:

    Good game..good bonuses

  • Jesse smith says:

    Good game, pays out more than the other ones.

  • Beverly says:

    I liked all three Bubble Bubble slots, but fell like Bubble Bubble 3 did give you more chances of winning. There were many different ways for the free spins to give you wilds which in turn gave you a bigger win.. I was able to play on the machine for quite a while. I actually fell asleep, because it was so late. I usually lose my winnings from free spins relatively quickly. This didn’t happen this time.

  • Jesus says:

    This slot pays our so well, it really is an upgrade from the last two!!

  • Ashley white says:

    Username ” Chinka27

    I love the bubble games. But the 3 is a lot more fun… more exciting..great upgrade.

  • huynhthai says:

    first time i played this game at Brango and feel so exciting when see have many ways to earn winnings. really love this game
    username : huynhthai

  • Adam Thompson says:

    Bubble bubble 3 is definitely the best of the bubble bubble series! Great fun!

  • Jesse smith says:

    Awesome game, pays out more than previous 2. And Casino pays out instantly!


  • Xris says:

    Bubble with 3 was the first slot I had a good luck on then lost it lol the whole entire online casino is addicting I enjoy it alot. Haven’t had the chance to play 1 or 2 but the 3rd one is fun

  • Steven B says:

    My take on this slot…..well honestly pros don’t outweigh the cons.
    Pros: Good graphics, payouts are decent(when the hit), multiple random bonuses
    Cons: Highly Volatile(Big wins but not often), Even though it’s new with extra random bonuses it’s pretty much the same as the previous 2

    So even though I don’t personally like this game everyone should give it a go and judge it for yourselfs. Its just not my cup of tea but everyone likes different things and it you may get super lucky and win big! So good luck to all!


  • EdgarAlexander Medina says:

    It’s definitely an improvement compared to the other ones it’s much better


  • Toby Rodriguez says:


  • Xxxctleo says:

    I actually enjoyed this slot very much

  • GEMINITWIN says:

    Love this slot great features and amazing payouts

  • John carlson says:

    Great game tons of winning chances

  • Great game! I like that it has different features and different ways to win. I haven’t had much luck with the Bubble slots in the past but will be trying it out again.

  • Ashley says:

    I do like the new Bubble slot but I have to say my fav is still the second one. this one is kinda ridiculously inappropriate for my taste in a gambling game however I did win more than I expected… and then busted lol

  • Kasie Buhler says:

    I really like this game but it doesn’t stay equal with her wilds I spent 100 before I could get a wild .

  • Joann Burnham says:

    Bubble Bubble 3 has amazing graphics. The WINN feature when the witch turns all symbols the same has a potential for huge payouts. I’ll definitely be playing this game in the future.

    Username: JoJoMB

  • No lie I’ve been playing all the games well not all but selected ones cash bandits 3 is my favorite, but bubble makes you get into the trick or treat vibe buwahahaha

    Username; Yosoydebir

  • srhcope76 says:

    Such a fun game…they just keep improving it! Can’t wait to win big!

  • Charles Seal says:

    Game just right


  • Sonya Graves says:

    I’ve been waiting for this to come out and I love it.


  • Shawn Polan says:

    Bubble 3 one of the best games offered. Multi-tier winnings available. Multipliers on the 1st and 5th reals , 3 different bonus round games. Very fun, keep ya spinning!!

  • Yules Giraldo says:

    BubblesBubbles3 is very sexy. Nonetheless I love the fact they added a third witch but getting the bonus is harder than ever!
    It does pay off though.
    Just got to be patient.
    Username is YulesCasino

  • Mark T. says:

    It’s very action packed , such a better improvement from the first two of the series.Because it combines the ability to
    win without the feature like in BB1 and the
    big winnings on the features in BB2.
    So I’m hooked now

    Username Screwston

  • Sara Skan says:

    Bubble bubble 3 is quickly becoming one of my fav top 5 games at Casino Brango! Its addicting in the best of ways. It has multiple features, awesome graphics and sound effects aren’t annoying! Live this game and love this casino!!

    Thank you!
    Username: Smyles328

  • Sharon Johnson says:

    I like the 3rd installment of the Bubble Bubble trilogy so far. It seems like there are more wilds and I like that there are 3 difderent bo uses. Graphics are primo!

  • Jimcliff5176 says:

    Good game. Takes some getting use to. I like Bubble Bubble 2 alot but the more I play this one I like it more and more.

  • Bubble bubble 3 hits you with some new and exciting features that keeps you wanting to play more and more. The display is colorful and has a cool new look to the game. Would recommend giving it a chance to see how your spins turn out to be.
    Brian S

  • Joey stock says:

    Bubble 3 is the best yet payout is good and bonuses come alot
    Username thinfantry25

  • Cody says:

    It’s a nice slot I enjoyed the feature and the bound rounds

  • Dion Dawson says:

    Only the best casino online there is and this game rocks. Thank you Brango for all the extras you give out

  • Shauna A. says:

    Great graphics as always with RTG games. I love the random spin bonus when Winnie pops up with extra wilds!
    I’ll definitely be playing it more! 😃

  • Kimico Baxter says:

    I played this game and loved it! Didn’t win the bonus but I’m gonna keep trying!

  • Philip Raniel says:

    More power

  • Ricardo says:

    Its no doubt my favorite of all 3. Winnie is real generous and helps out alot. All the features are awesome!!
    Highly recommended

  • Dennis Parker says:

    The third one has definitely been alot more promising. The crystal ball bonus is a nice touch as well.

    Username: Mashtran

  • Pepette07 says:

    I am sorry but i really don’t like this game, i did play it several time and loose too much…

  • Eddie humphres says:

    I think its a great slot. It pays out good and the new features is awesome. Its my favorite slot when i play

  • CRYSTAL says:

    Bubble Bubble 3 is bursting with Re-Spins, Jackpots, Symbol Transformations, FREE Spins and more. Fun gameplay and a great addition to the 1st and 2nd versions of the game.

  • Cindy says:

    What an amazing slot I love this game

  • Bubble bubble 3 is a fun slot with easy to hit bonuses and I liked it very well

  • Brian says:

    I love this slot. The way the witch waves her wand and conjures up some goodies for the player!!!

  • The game Bubble 3 is a lot of fun!

  • Brody Miller says:

    I love the game Bubble3! Genius!

  • Dale youngblood says:

    Love all the bubble bubble games great payouts and good bonuses

  • Brandon Starr says:

    Bubble bubble 3 is cool, I do like the 1 st and second one better. I feel the new one it’s harder to win

  • Great game bonus can hit hard I recommend it forsure

  • Joshua B says:

    Great games and promotions

  • Terry Mixon says:

    Casino Brango is my go to casino. They offer great loyalty rewards and seem to be honest. Bubble 3 is a good game. When your hitting on this game you are really hitting. Takes a little bit and some cash to get it to give you returns but once it does they are blessings.


  • Samantha says:

    I really like the new game! A lot of
    Fun to play!!

  • Carolyn92052 says:

    I enjoy bubble bubble 3. Its a nice suprise when the one witch waves her wand and turns 2 crystal balls into 3! 🙂

  • Ra2377ven says:

    Bubble Bubble 3 is very pleasing to the eyes and ears. While very fun to spin, I feel they may have made this one a bit more challenging to win or it could have just been a bad streak I experienced.

  • Alaura lewis says:

    Username: alaura1826

    Bubble bubble 3 is fun and I love the graphics but for some reason I cant seem to hit on it. I know I have bad luck at casinos in general but i cant hit on this slot but it looks like if I was able to to than it would be a great slot haha I just have terrible luck at casinos:/

  • Cool game. Like all the different bonuses and enjoy the wilds. I like this game

  • Callen Cloke says:

    The game is my favorite to play. Big wins! 4 out of 5 for me

  • Cosimo says:

    username: jimgordon1978

    Frankly speaking, this new chapter of the saga haven’t excited me so much. I expected something more, different, this time. Instead, I found an anonymous sequel, where I could not win a penny after lots of spins.

  • Good game if you play long enough although it’s hard to advance without spending some money

  • Jesse smith says:

    Bubble Bubble 3 pays out well and is a great addition to casinobrango’s game line up! As always they have great customer service and quick payouts!


  • Kmmk86 says:

    I like it just as much as the other two . My biggest win was on bubble bubble 2 for over 6000$ . On a losing streak now but maybe this slot will break it.

  • scumbich says:

    Best bubble bubble yet

  • 10 out of 10!! The bonus games truly pay out 🤑 Winnie Returns is my favorite bonus. And the best part of the whole slot is when Winnie randomly changes your spin to a huge money maker! Love it 🙂

  • Evelyn dykes says:

    It is pretty cool I like the witch multipliers

  • Bubble bubble 3 is defently one of my favorite slots ive played i recommend it to all serious players

  • LadieLuck777 says:

    I like bubble bubble 3 more than the first two games because it’s exciting, love the graphics and it pays a lot.

  • Kenneth Bledsoe says:

    Bubble-Bubble 3 is much sleeker and advanced looking than its predecessor.
    Each volume looks and feels like a substantial upgrade.
    I played the game several times but so far a big win has eluded me.
    I look forward to some big returns like I have experienced with the older versions.

    Kenneth Bledsoe

  • I love the bonus it’s amazing and you actually win a lot of money on it especially the Crystal ball one thank you love you guys you’re the best username: Ricketts19

  • Tim rb says:

    This game came by surprise. I wasn’t expecting it. It’s a pretty fun game with excellent quality graphics. My favorite part is the wild respins.


  • Ryan Marck says:

    It’s alright. I didn’t hit but hopefully will with the free spins. I think it’s the best of the 3 witch games tho

  • Lodough says:

    Very fun game nice redesign to a classic.

  • Faith green says:

    Bubble 2 is amazing was so excited bubble 3 came out way to go brango

  • Madelynn Johnston says:

    I really enjoy the win-win feature on Bubble Witch 1 & 2 so I knew I would enjoy the new one! Love the bonus game also it’s kind of like Diamond fiesta.

  • Ashley White says:

    I love all three. But this one is more exciting great upgrade


  • Corinne says:

    Bubble Bubble is my go to!

  • Bubble Bubble 3 – OMG! I am loving this new casino game!!! First of all, Brango Casino is the BEST online casino and my #1 choice in online casino gaming. I trust Brango because not only have I won several times playing their games, they have ALWAYS come through (within just minutes!) to deliver my winnings when I cashout. Rest assured, Brango will not disappoint! As for Bubble Bubble 3? Wow, what a fun slot! I enjoy playing this game so much because I’m not just spinning reels, it’s very interactive and keeps you hooked. When you hit a bonus, you get to choose from 3 or more crystal balls which will determine what type of bonus round you’ve won. From “Winnie’s Comeback” to “Witche’s Wilds”, you know you’ll be in for a win! Fun, colorful, creative and lucky… Bubble Bubble 3 is my new favorite game at my #1 online casino!
    BRANGO BABY! 🤩🤑😍

  • Maronica Parham says:

    Enjoying the witches in Bubble 3 has unpredictable features, so far they seem to be more gracious with their wand than their predecessors Bubble 1&2.

  • Ivy frischer says:

    Can’t wait to play looks like fun !!!!

  • Candice says:


  • denice says:

    cool game

  • tglennd says:

    I enjoyed the added feature with minor mini and major possibilities

  • tglennd

    Love the features!

  • My review of Bubble Bubble 3, I think the game still keeps the traditional feel of the first 2 games. I like the Winnie’s magic feature, it gives people suffering from a losing streak a chance to possibly make a comeback, and on the contrary, people on a win streak to possibly get another big win. The bonus features are really good, especially the cloning wild reel, that’s a super payday for anybody on a win or losing streak. The game as always makes it easy to score the bonus feature with the wild substituting for any symbol on the reels. For 50 cents a spin at minimum, it’s a fun and exciting game to play on. Good luck to you all! Happy spinning!


  • David R Ray says:

    Number 3 is definitely my favorite is love the crystal ball feature to try and catch all before they drop and grill the screen for big pay…😁

  • Lynn Brandau says:

    Would love to try!!

  • Kimberly Jones says:

    Bubble Bubble 3 has really stepped up it’s game!! The graphics are awesome down to the sultry witches curves!! The wiring possibilities are endless and it’s really hard to not get bored of the same spins over and over!!

  • joesic420 here playing at brango. I like the winnings in this game. plus it is by far the most fun I’ve had playing slots in the recent past. thanks guys.

  • J Cook says:

    Great game I like the new bonus

  • Candice Crain says:

    Perfect slot for this month.

  • I like the whole trilogy of the witch games you have. They are all on my favorites list. Very exciting when I get to pick a bubble. October 19 202199

  • Morgan Lee nelson says:

    Username: mrspfoutz15 I love bubble bubble 3 all the different bonuses and when it hits it’s always big wins!!!

  • Shelby says:

    Bubble witch saga three is alright. Didn’t get to play it enough

  • Heather McLemore says:

    Username is HeatherMcLemore

    Bubble Witch 3 is the best one so far. I enjoy it a lot better then the other two. Its a lot more fun as well. The wins are good as well.

  • Camille eyre says:

    Love the game!!!! It has great bonus rounds, wins are good and overall great game!!!!

  • Rebekah Kirby says:

    Great site totally love it

  • Andrea says:

    Love bubble bubble!!!

  • Nylshy420 says:

    Bubble bubble 3 is one of my favorites to play. Love the different types of free spins and the witches the animation is just too cute love it all

  • Sandra Smith says:

    Bubble bubble 3 is lots of fun! Good options for bonuses.

  • I love All the new games bubble 3 is great

  • Andy N says:

    Bubble bubble 3 is a alright spot has new graphics and a brighter theme. Game has new looking features and can be more fun depending on how you like the features to pop up during gameplay. My favorite bubble bubble is bubble bubble 2 as I won biggest out of the series. Overall all bubble bubbles games are pleasant and enjoyable to be playing at brango casino.

  • Bubble Bubble 3 is awesome! Love the features!

  • Charlie9 says:

    Great gome

  • Ginger says:

    Love the Scatters and Free Spins w/re-spins! My favorite part is when the
    2 Wilds (witches) appear on reels 1 and 5 and then they expand to cover the entire reel! My bee favorite RTG game!

  • Eddie says:

    I love this game a lot of bonuses and it was so fun… Easy game i love it

  • Cheryl A Vomero says:

    I think this is a fun game to play, especially since it’s close to Halloween. The witches are cute, and all the special spells they cast keep it interesting and can help you win extra money. I will say that it can take quite a few spins sometimes to get a bonus round, so I don’t recommend starting play with a very low balance. Other times, you might be lucky and hit right away, just like some of the other games. In my experience, the witch that pops up as a wildx2 on the end reel doesn’t really pay off often. I think it would be better if she moved around. All in all an enjoyable slot that I do recommend, but be prepared to spin a good number of times before triggering the bonus. And if you happen to get it right away, even better!

  • Bubble bubble 3 looks like it’s going to be another great addition to the other 2 games I’ve had some big wins on both 1 and 2 so I expect the 3rd will also be just as great!

  • Tearrianna Ricks says:

    I totally love this game is my favorite!

  • Great game, but 2 will always be the reigning champion as far as monstrous wins are concerned.

  • Jesus says:

    Way better than the first two versions of it. Won big but lost it back on a different slot.
    Great bonus!


  • I enjoy playing this game

  • Kalli J Hug says:

    Bubble witch is bubbly

  • Jonathan avalos says:

    Bubble bubble 3 is awesome thanks brango

    Username: johnnyboy714

  • dennis says:

    Bubble witch 3 really have high expectations for this game due too one and 2 being so popular

  • Sepeg96 says:

    Glad to try The game! Sounds fun!!

  • T yang says:

    It’s fun I do enjoy the wilds

  • R Martinez says:

    I like the bonus but wish I got it more often. Pay lines and graphics are likable, too.

    Username RMart210

  • Van says:

    User: vdcoolz
    Compare to the bubbles 2, this new version given more bonus game, and the outcome is very unexpected!
    In general it has 4/5 volatility rate.
    Not bad to give it a shot, at all!

  • Jerry Robinson says:

    Great game hits big

  • Jessica Castillo says:

    Not sure how i feel yet, sometimes its great most of the time its not. Dont like that wild reels only on 1st and 5th reel.

  • Juan C Ayala says:

    Since I downloaded this website Bango it’s been the best website and games I have dry especially game pays out the hits big a magical bubble the upgrade was awesome 11 are recommended to many others are friends of Mines that have downloaded the game and played it and enjoy it

  • Sherry says:

    Graphics are clearer then 1 ans 2. Its enjoyavle.

  • Jessica Castillo says:

    Its ok not my favorite

  • Amanda Mauck says:

    great game fun to play

  • I absolutely love this game!! Want to spin more!!

  • Jeff says:

    Great game. Hit bonus early and stayed in the black the whole time I played. Definitely be back for more

  • Ashley says:

    Well this game was not very kind to me at all and on the rare occasions i did hit it was very little even with all 3 ladies contributing which concerns me. Makes it seem like its set up to lose. It was cool to see a 3rd member added on to the cast and that she counts as a bonus symbol which is very hard to get 3 in a row and even when you do again very little pay out if any. It was amusing to try but not a game id trust to play if the goal is to win.


  • Jessica welch says:

    Bubble witch is a fun and exciting slot. Love the bonus rounds

  • Rob says:

    Graphically this game is a nice upgrade from the first 2. They did a nice job on the new character models. Gameplay is pretty similar to the others with the features just renamed a little. However the addition of the third witch really makes this one’s winning potential pretty exciting.

  • Excited to see the new graphics and new added bonuses.
    Drew Robinson

  • Jimcar12 says:

    Cool game! I think I will like it the more I play it. I’m a big fan of bubble bubble 2 but bubble bubble 3 is making me a bigger fan everyday!

  • andrew chirico says:

    This game seems to be more volatile than the previous 2 versions. This is a great thing when your hitting but when your loosing its very painful.

  • I’ve signed up for this promo still nothing but here is another review! I love this game I seem to have better luck on this on its a lot better than the oldest version

  • Leonardo Duran says:

    Love it finally something good is so addictive cause is so fun


  • Alvanna says:

    I loved playing this game I won big on my first time. I love the Wendy magic feature where she changes some of the slots with her magic to form a win . Just like the 1st and the 2nd game but even better I think. Great job u guys

  • Fabio Cola says:


  • Blake Furlong says:

    I love both the bubble bubbles and this one is just as great keep it rtg and brango you guys are the greatest

  • goodfella says:

    Duude! This game is soooo fun! And the bonus is really rewarding! YupYup!

  • Carol Dinger says:

    So far I really like the graphics it seems very bright and lively. I haven’t seen what the 3rd witch does yet but it’ll be interesting to see what her role is.I’ve honestly never hit big on any of the bubble bubble games but I have seen a lot of reviews before talking about awesome wins so I still am gonna try.

  • Shayla says:

    I can’t ever seem to win anything or ever hit the bonus on all 3 of the bubble bubble games

  • I personally have liked number2 but from what I see there’s a lot going on different in number 3 I’ve only gotten to play a few times but 50 free spins will definitely get a better feel

  • Gavin Henderson says:

    I’ve played all 3 of the bubble bubble games, the 3rd newest game was pretty easy to win on. Just a few spins in and I hit for $50. I’d recommend trying it. Good luck everyone!

  • Kaitlin says:

    I really enjoy the game and the effects. The payout is also a plus

  • J Cook says:

    I like this game and you’d like to bonus round I found if you hit you need to move on

  • Bigwenerd says:

    Love the graphics and characters. I’ve played it a few times and still haven’t gotten the bonus….there must be a BIG one “brewing” up for me. I’ll keep trying!

  • Jose Celis says:

    This game is super fun. I love the when the nonus is triggered and you are able to choose from the crystal balls. My favorite is the crystal ball respin. This gme is a MUST TRY and addicting.

  • I love the treats this game gives way better than all those other games that just trick

  • Chris woerner says:

    Awesome game


  • Angela Trivette says:

    Bubble bubble is great i really enjoyed it.

    Username trivettea

  • Christopher franczak says:

    I was never a fan of any of these bubble bubble games. I must say that I believe it could be the slight difference in graphics that makes this game definitely seem a bit more ” attractive ” to me then the others. I enjoyed the bonus feature. Will play this in between my usual games I go for. I think it has potential.


  • Darius Ayers says:

    I really like the new bubble 3. It has wonderful graphics and awesome bonuses. I can’t wait to play again

  • Msmjoo says:

    I love the new bubbles game. The multiple bonus game options is my favorite feature. It gives me a surprise when the bonus is triggered rather than the same option each time.

  • goodfella says:

    Wow this game is awesome!

  • gregory ditoro says:

    Casino Brango is great and this game is very fun. I like the new bonus features a lot better than the last version.

  • Cesa carrano says:

    This game announces the arrival of Halloween season, it’s has a good design and several ways to win money

  • Tracy says:

    Love this game

  • Chau says:


  • Katie L Edgerly says:

    For this Witchy slot I wanted to ease in to it slowly and wager a few bets above the minimum and I started to win and I loved the wilds at the end of reel. Also the bonuses have never disappointed me. Thanks Casino Brango!!!

  • This is fun! Great payouts and fast and fun games

  • Ashtyn VanBlaricom says:

    Very fyn game good position good way to win big

  • Jessica says:

    Free play. Is nice to get a chance to win money!!!#!!!

  • I liked this game, not alot of bonos hots but payout was satisfying!

  • Shannon Sharp says:

    Bubble3 has better graphics and the 20 respin feature is great. Play it to experience the excitement yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

  • I’ve been playing casino brango for about a year it’s really fun they give you a lot of good free spins and free stuff and I haven’t played Bubble Witch 3 or whatever it’s called but I’ve been played one and two in their fun games maybe once you play casino brango