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50 Free Spins for Finding the Clue

By December 17, 2021December 24th, 2021303 Comments

It has been a while since our Investigator experienced the latest adrenaline rush. This time, the new adventure took him to an equally somber, and way more frightening assignment. A murder mystery is what he had to deal with. Finding the culprit is never an easy task. Once again, he was facing his own demons, reminiscing similar case from the past which changed his life forever. In short, he just wished for this case to be over with. Eventually, he managed to put the spirits to rest and solve the crime. But how did he realize who the killer was? Casino Brango gives away 50 free spins to all of you who guess what gave the killer away.

50 Free Spins at Your Fingertips   

All of you super snoops, we have a genuine detective story for you. Read it carefully and leave the answer (in the comments below this blog post) to the question: What gave the killer away? Make sure to state your username as well. Kindly note the deadline for posting comments is December 23rd, 2021. Kindly make sure to read the full terms below in order to win the 50 free spins smoothly.

The Crime

It was a hazy morning when our Investigator received a call. Another murder happened at the nearby lake, and he was called in to work on a case. The forensics were already there. He woke up immediately and took a sip of his morning coffee before storming out to the crime scene.

When he arrived, the forensics said that the victim had multiple stabbing wounds and was dragged to the scene. It meant that the murder most likely happened elsewhere.

As for the victim’s belongings, all he had on himself managed to fit into his pocket: a very sharp knife. The investigator was puzzled at first. The victim was dressed in his pajamas, which meant someone surprised him at night. Moreover, why would anyone keep the knife in his pajama pocket? Unless the victim feared the intruder and was expecting him. Perhaps they met before.

The Victim’s Background

The victim was an older man who reported a theft just prior to the murder. A few pieces of jewelry were missing from his house. More precisely, some old-style watches, and rings – diamond ring included. He also had a registered Smith and Wesson 442 that went missing. So, the victim was a bit of an old school. Plus, the stolen gun explains the knife in the pocket, the Investigator thought. The Police found his house to be a bit strange and suspected that the victim was a free mason. They actually found a few masonic symbols which were well hidden, yet in plain sight.

Up until that moment the Police still hadn’t solved the theft case. They tried to match the prints from the house with their data base, but it was a dead end. It appeared as if the thief was a ghost. Interestingly, similar situation happened with the murder victim.  No prints in the system, no next of kin.

The Investigator’s Conclusion

The Investigator suspected that the same person who robbed the victim, eventually returned to the house, and killed him. Did he take any souvenir? Or a powerful symbol of any kind?

Most probably – yes. He knew that murderers who pre-meditate usually take souvenirs. Above all – the victim was obviously a member of the secret society, so the theft as well as the murder were most likely planned.

The Investigation

Our Investigator interviewed the potential witnesses and two persons appeared to be of interest to him.

The first one was a man who reported the crime, as he stumbled upon the body near the lake. The second one was the witness who appeared at the crime scene shortly after the 911 call was made but before the Police arrived.

The Witnesses

The first one was a middle-aged man who was taking his dog for a walk that morning. He was dressed in an old, dark coat and was wearing a dark blue cap. He appeared reasonably upset considering the scene he witnessed. Otherwise, he seemed modest, medium classy, with no special features. The Investigator noticed his old ring with an engraved all-seeing eye. The old man claimed that he approached the body after his dog reacted to something strange in the grass. There was no apparent sign in the man’s behavior that he was hiding something.

The second one was a bit younger guy dressed in a leather jacket. He overheard the other man’s 911 call and offered to help, as per his statement. According to his claims, before the police came, he was calming the dog who went crazy. While talking to the police, he flashed his diamond earing and talked in a street-like manner, throwing in phrases our Investigator heard before. His sharp mind deduced that this guy might as well be one of the gang members he chased a long time ago.

The Arrest

Shortly after the interviews, the Investigator arrested the first witness who found the body. Can you guess what gave him away?


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  • Promotion will last until December 23rd, 2021. and the free spins will be processed thereafter.
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