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Wish You Happy New Year

By December 31, 202110 Comments

We wanted to be the first one who will wish you a Happy New Year! Still, we wanted to go deeper than just saying ‘Wish You Happy New Year’. Because of that, this holiday season we are going to close with a short recap of the past year and our wishes for the next one.

In a couple of hours, the hands of the clock will stop at midnight, the fireworks will start, and a brand new day and a brand New Year will come. There is something about that time of the night, midnight, which leads people to believe magic is real. Maybe it’s just a superstition or a false belief, but we cannot help it.

The idea that the world has something more to offer than this is in our hearts and souls. We hope for more and we wish for more. So, with that in mind, what will be your wish for the year ahead of us? We at the Casino Brango know what ours will be.

More Love

The past year was filled with ups and downs. We hoped that the light at the end of the tunnel will come and that just didn’t happen. Why we don’t know, and that is making us feel confused and worried. But we have learned something. More strictly speaking, we remembered something. We remembered that love is necessary, love between partners, between families and friends. Love is necessary even between strangers on the bus, or people at a football game, or in line in the grocery store.

We don’t want to sound trivial, but love is truly the core of everything. It is the core of the progress, and the past year has taught us that. What the hell, past years have taught us a lot! If there is no love, there is no solidarity, no hugs, no smiles, and, in the end, no fun. And, let me ask you, can you live without all that, in a world like that? Don’t think so. So, we wish for more love in the year to come.

More Laughs

In the new year, we don’t want to sad cry anymore. Of course, there will be losses and there will be tears because they are a part of life. We cannot escape from reality, and reality is not always pretty. But spending time with loved ones, making jokes, and having happy cries is something that we hope for. We hope for more happy tears and more laughs until we run out of breath. Not just that we hope for more laughing in our lives, we crave for it.

If you didn’t know, laughing helps because it calms our heart rate, releases stress, and relaxes our minds. It’s not just that it is nice to laugh, it is healthy both mentally and physically. We can now understand that the saying ‘Smile, it’s free therapy’ is not for nothing. So, we wish for more laughs in the year to come.

More Life

Finally, we hope that in the following year we will have more life. When all the fuzz with the virus started, we thought that it was going to last a lot shorter than it actually was. In fact, it is still not the end, and we feel like our life was taken from us. There is no liveliness around us as it used to be and only from time to time, we can again sense the fun and the thrill of the ‘previous’ life.

We miss all the little things that contained our normal, regular, and pretty average life, which are today considered  a luxury. It’s not just about the concrete things that we miss, we miss the feeling. We miss feeling careless, and not so anxious and worried every day, 24 hours a day. We believe and we hope that our lives are going to come back to us. With the help of people near to our hearts, we are going through these uncertain times and, more importantly, we are surviving them. Yet, we still want more life in us as well as around us. So, we wish for more life in the year to come.

In the end, our three wishes for us, as well as for all of you, our dear players, are to love and to be loved, to laugh, and to live life to the fullest. Simple things really do make life and what is simpler than to love, to laugh, and to live?

In the past year, we have played a lot! The most played game was the Wild Fire 7s slot, while the most paying game was the Ritchie Valens™ La Bamba slot. Maybe 2022 is going to be your lucky one! Keep up with us because we are starting off the new year heavily armed with dazzling promotions. We, from the Casino Brango Team, wish you a Happy New Year as we expect to see you again in the following year also!


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