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Can Dash Make You a Millionaire?

By January 8, 2022No Comments

Now we all love Bitcoin, right? Who doesn’t like Bitcoin, with its nice price jumps and fast transactions what isn’t there to love? But some people love Litecoin as well. With its slightly more modest price jumps and much faster transaction times, it’s the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. But some people really love DASH. To see why we need to answer two simple questions, in spirit with DASH, immediately! What is Dash? Can Dash make you a millionaire? First, the fundamentals.

What is Dash?

Dash, you might be surprised to hear, stands for digital cash and was created in 2014. It is a modification or a fork (change in code) to Litecoin which is originally a fork to Bitcoin. Now, Litecoin was all about speeding up Bitcoin, but Dash took it a step further and even outpaced Litecoin. Plus, it adds privacy features, so no one can know your transaction history except you and the person on the other side.

But we will see that this decision has haunted DASH up until now. Fun fact: Dash is only the coin’s third name after X coin and Dark coin, very edgy. It appears Dash has had a lot of pent up emotions and listened to a lot of Linkin Park growing up. Who are you to judge, you are not his real dad, okay!?

On the more technical side, we have this. Dash can make 56 transactions per second which is much faster than Bitcoin’s 15 per second. Also, Private send which make all transactions between Dash users anonymous.

 The Pros of Investing in DASH

  • It’s one of the more undervalued projects right now. Though it lost its spot as one of the main competitors to Bitcoin, there are signs of a major price explosion. About 44% of the overall supply is held by long term investors which means they are waiting for a jump. This is the first one on the list of answers to the question “Can Dash make you a millionaire?”
  • It’s accepted by more than 155000 vendors worldwide, which is more than Bitcoin. Most of its economic activity is located in South America. This is due to their deteriorating economic state which Dash mitigates with its stability.
  • It’s very stable. Its price is reportedly not going to fluctuate as much as Bitcoin. But this doesn’t mean that price never makes big jumps. On the contrary, when it jumps it jumps BIG! That was the case at the end of 2017 and May 2021 when it’s priced 4x and 5x all the way!

The Cons of Investing in DASH

  • Non-existing media presence. This is mostly to no fault of its own, as the U.S. government has occasionally (allegedly) tried to blacklist DASH. It’s all due to its best-developed feature – private send. But it appears that all of that is sorted now.
  • It’s still dependent largely on Proof of Work (POW) cryptography which is old tech by now. POW is being replaced by Proof of Stake (POS). But, Dash also has some characteristics of POS with its Master nodes, which need to be explained. These are basically powerful servers that help maintain the whole of  Dash program code. The people who possess the master nodes, hold a stake in Dash, hence POS. As all the big players are moving to POS cryptography DASH will be wise to follow.
  • The lack of volatility might mean it’s not a good buy right now if you want a quick buck. But as we said, Dash is a long term project so do more holding and less day trading.

Conclusion – So, Is Dash A Good Investment In 2022?

Well, simply put – yes. While it’s uncertain what the government’s view on the cryptos world as a whole is, the general public loves it. And Dash, being a mature and extremely technically sound project has many benefits that outweigh the risks. Its ultimate benefit of course is that it busts our already extremely fast instant withdrawals into overdrive. So deposit in Dash while using the code DASH30 to get 30% no wagering and no max cash out bonus and get ready for the ride of a lifetime! Or, browse other offers with even bigger boosts. For example 300% boost for claiming the code 300DASH.  So, in the end, can Dash make you a millionaire? Absolutely! Why? With the many progressive jackpots slot on Casino Brango you really can’t miss your shot!

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