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Do You Have Better Odds of Winning at Online Gambling?

By January 15, 2022May 3rd, 20232 Comments

If the above question lingers on your mind, you are off to a good start this year. Planning how and where to invest wisely is what makes a crucial difference. I am referring to the difference between you – a go getter and just some random person who goes with the flow. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes, going with the flow is very comfortable. However, it doesn’t deliver. And you, my friend, seem like a person on a mission.  To achieve success in gambling, as well as in life, it is always better to have a plan. Get your facts straight and then – jump in. Assessing the odds is important. Today, I will try to answer the question of all questions – do you have better odds playing online or in brick-and-mortar casinos?

Can You Really Play and Win with Online Gambling?

Everyone agrees about one thing. Online casinos are more flexible and comfortable in any possible way. Forget about the mentioning of playing from bed, or bathroom, or in a taxi, on the go. Or perhaps during a boring zoom meeting. That goes without saying. Joking here. What I am referring to is the fact that gameplay is much faster, as you can switch from game to game, or even try some games in a fun mode for free. Faster the gameplay, more chances of winning, for start.

Not only that it is possible to win but there are reasonable chances that you can win big time. And we have evidence to prove it. With years of experience, we have gathered a significant number of fans worldwide. The best thing about providing any kind of service is the fact its quality resonates with general audience. And what audience that is!

Most of our players keep coming back and like spreading the word, which we are grateful for. If at any point, you wish to know what others think about the odds of winning at crypto casino Brango, we invite you to surf the Internet for reviews. Trust Pilot is certainly a good place to start. Also, as you may already know we like hearing your thoughts, good or bad. Therefore, a long time ago we have also given you space on our blog to share your review.

And if this is not enough to form an opinion about the odds of gambling online, we can also suggest you check out the Latest Winners section on our blog which covers just a small portion of the winnings at Bitcoin casino Brango.

Is Online Gambling Rigged?

Perish the thought. And here is why. Online gambling is often the subject to various theories about its fairness. We understand that you like your money protected. Therefore, there are a few things to check out before depositing.

First and foremost, user experiences speak for themselves. Ask around and you will find someone who has already played at the certain casino and has genuine impressions.

Next, to be sure that you have chosen the right casino which secures fair play, check out the game providers. In the sea of developers, there are but a few companies that have distinguished themselves in the gaming world.  RealTime Gaming is one of them, and at the best crypto Casino Brango you have the opportunity to try out their games, either for real money or just in fun mode.

Yes, a great number of slots is available in fun mode, so you know what to expect when you invest your money. Trying out the game also gives you the idea of the game flow, volatility, and the overall impression of whether the game is rigged.

And to understand why the betting system cannot be rigged, let us explore the topic of RNG.

What is RNG?

As many other games, slots function on the principle of randomness. It means that the result of your spin depends on the random number generator, which is at the core of each slot.

The RNG produces a random series of numbers after each spin, resulting in a certain symbol combination. Having in mind the extremely large number of series, it is virtually impossible to rig this system, despite the rumors. You can browse the blog for more information on RNG, or check out the article How to Tell if a Slot Machine is Hot?

Which Games Have Better Odds Online?

Answering this question really gets to grips with the core of this topic. Better odds at online casinos can result from several aspects. Lower house edge in certain games is one of them. Playing games with the help of certain bonuses available only online is another.


For example, Blackjack fans usually gather online, because online blackjack variations have significantly better odds. More precisely, the house edge almost halves when playing online. Naturally, the online variants differ slightly from the traditional Blackjack game. However, you never know which one you like best until you try. Some players have developed their first skills playing Blackjack online.

And did you know that at any point you can switch to live dealer games, Blackjack included? This is one of the beauties of online gambling – instant and dynamic play at your fingertips.

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Slots, Video Poker, Keno

Your better odds online are secured by bigger offer of bonuses on daily basis. These bonuses usually apply to playing slots, video poker and keno. Online casinos make sure that you are well equipped to wager more money in order to win more money. Much of it depends on luck here, but in case you win with the help of our bonus, you will keep coming back here, which is important to us.

Therefore, we always try to include some player friendly rules to the use of bonuses, and to keep the offer as wide as possible. Why? Because better bonuses (which may include no wagering or no max cash out rules) mean better odds for players. And more satisfied players mean higher income for us in the long run. It is a two-way street, mates.

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How Do Online Casinos Pay You Your Winnings?

I bet you heard many stories about how online casinos hustle the users, stalling the payouts and so on. Guess what? We heard it as well.

News alert! The most delicious part of any gambling session at Casino Brango is collecting your winnings instantly. It may sound crazy, but we have given you control over your winnings. Again, ask around, or try it out for yourself. We have become known for instant withdrawals. It means that we payout your winnings the same day. Sometimes within a few minutes, or a few hours, depending on crypto confirmation times, among other things.

Nevertheless, as we host a significant number of crypto methods, the payment processing is faster than anytime before. Now you must be wondering in which cryptos you can deposit and withdraw. We will get to that a bit later.

Are There Any Withdrawal Limits?  

When online casinos pay out the money to their players, they have to take into consideration several aspects. The most important ones are as follows:

  • Whether the player used a bonus with the max cash out limitations
  • Additionally, they also need to deduct the bonus amount from the winning amount, before paying out the player.
  • The player’s VIP level status at the casino which may allow certain higher weekly withdrawal limits. You can see the details in our VIP Lounge 

For more information, we invite you to check out the text Understanding Casino Withdrawal Limits and refer to the Terms and Conditions for the always-prevailing rules applied to all.

How Casino Bonuses Make for Better Odds?  

The bonus amount is the money which online casinos offer to players to use while playing. Why? Because bigger bankroll can last longer and result in higher winning amounts. If you play with the bonus, casino will deduct the bonus amount from the winnings, prior to paying out.

Casino bonuses can be huge, and they represent one of the big advantages of playing online, because the bonuses can improve your winning odds significantly. Bigger and friendlier bonuses, better odds. It is that simple.

Moreover, casinos often provide bonuses without restrictions in terms of the playthrough or maximum cash out amounts. If you find the coupon that includes both of these rules, we suggest you grab it instantly, because it doesn’t come better than this.

These so-called “no rules” bonuses mean low risk for players while bearing the big winning potential – especially if the bonus is big.  Low risk – because there is no requirement to wager your winnings the standard 40x or 50x before becoming eligible to withdraw them. Therefore, there is no risk of losing your winnings. Plus, the no max cash out means there is no cap on your winnings.

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Which Cryptocurrencies Are Accepted at Casino Brango?

Cryptocurrencies are to thank for exceptionally fast payouts. They have raised the bar in online casino world and challenged the industry. Brango was no different. We embraced the benefits which cryptos offer and shared them with all of you. From the very king among cryptos, the Bitcoin, to the plethora of cryptos old and new, we cover many of them.

If you are new to the crypto world and not sure how to make a deposit, we made our special easy-to-follow Bitcoin guide, Litecoin Guide – just to name a few.

Ready to Grab the Better Odds at Online Casino Brango?

Now that you know how online casinos provide for better odds, Casino Brango Team invites you to make a smart decision and try grabbing the many opportunities.

With introduction of every new crypto method, we also launched special promotions, some of which we have covered in the recent post Big Crypto Bonuses . There’s a thought – why not start your journey with one of the hot crypto promotions?

And make sure not to miss out on the $20,000 prize pool tournament . As you will see, the craziest bunch of people is at crypto casino Brango. Join us.


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