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European Roulette Win Strikes Again

By January 18, 2022August 9th, 2022No Comments

They say that you can’t really score any money from a roulette wheel, but you players keep proving the haters wrong. This time it was a Platinum level player spinning some European Roulette to a cool $3000+ win! And he did it all by betting on a single number. Which one? Well read on and find out. It just might be your lucky number in the next European roulette win!

European Roulette Double Win

Yap, you read that right it was a double big win this time and that doubles our excitement. I didn’t want to mention it in the opening, for the following reason. I wanted to prevent all-out jealousy from spreading which would have brought down the fun party mood. But a party it was, as our PLATINUM level player just went with his gut and put everything on 5. And pop went the champagne, as our player won a cool $3,024.00 in a SINGLE BET!

Yet our winner wasn’t done winning. Popped another bet on number 20 this time and blamo! 2,808.00  in all-American USD baby!  These kinds of big wins are to be expected from our Platinum level player. It is one of the highest ranks a player can attain at this casino bar-none. However, more on VIP later.

european roulette play now

Fun Fact and Promotions

Quick fun fact: California has its own special version of Roulette with, get this, no wheel in sight?! Well, all games of chance involving a ball or dice are banned in “The Golden State”, so roulette and craps were out!

Truth to be told, roulette wasn’t completely out, as the ever-crafty game makers figured a way to repackage the game using cards. 38/37 of them to be exact. The number depends on if it’s American or the European variety. But the game saw a limited overall play, as players preferred the more traditional version. So, hit a round of European roulette on Casino Brango, get that European roulette win and be our next big winner!

Not a fan of roulette and prefer slots or other games? We hear you loud and clear as we entered this year fully armed with promotions for your every need! With our headline act Blizzard of Cash, you can claim some of the coupons before the end of January, and bam! You are set! And additionally, if you pay with Litecoin you get an extra 10% on a certain promotional coupon! Now let’s get to the VIPs, shall we?

VIP Member Benefits

It seems that every time someone wins big he or she is some highly ranked VIP member. Now our winner this month, as we mentioned before, was a Platinum level player. This gave him two specific advantages. The first advantage was the bumped-up weekly withdrawal limit of $8000 per week which lead Diamond balloons to a crazy $15,000! And on top of that, you get a generous splattering of  $250 worth of free chips per month, going up to $1000 on Diamond!

To go up those ranks you need to play to your limits, so you can earn comp points and rise through the ranks. So, get grinding for those points and a European roulette win, like the one above, is a shoo-in. And when you do win big, just know that money will be coming to your account in a matter of seconds. Why? Because of our INSTANT WITHDRAWALS, which make every sweet win even sweeter! Have fun!

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