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Table Layout Differences in Baccarat Explained

By March 4, 2022May 12th, 20222 Comments

The game of Baccarat earned its reputation decades ago as a game for high rollers. The fact that Baccarat tables are usually secluded to VIP areas in land-based casinos, that it was popular among French aristocracy, and it being Napoleon’s and James Bond’s favourite game did nothing but further shroud it in a cloud of mystery.

The truth is that it is one of the easiest-to-learn table games you can get your hands on. And with the rise of online casinos and decreased wagering limits Baccarat became accessible to both low and high rollers. With its incredibly low house edge and simple rules it gradually rose to popularity it has on this day. And it is often said that the simplicity of the game reflects the simplicity of its table layout. But there are different variations out there that deserve a further explanation. And that’s exactly what we are about to do with this short guide.

Basic Sections of the Baccarat Table Layouts

Whether it be a land-based or online casino, the Baccarat table in both places will surely have two things in common. The “BANK” and the “PLAYER”. These are sections where players put their respective bets. The table is comprised of two identical halves, with players seated on both sides. The number of players at some tables can go up to 24 but it’s usually lower.

The player’s position corresponds to the number marked on the table, except for the one with the number 13. The reason being obvious because of the negative connotations associated with it. What may not be so obvious is the absence of number 4 on some table layouts. That’s because it’s considered unlucky in some Oriental cultures.

One of the sections on the table is reserved for what is called a caller or dealer. It’s a person that’s familiar with the rules of the game, and therefore able to call a move. He also announces when a hit is to be done and when a hand has to stand.

In front of his position will usually be cash slots where players place their wagers. And in between them one can find a place for discarding the cards that were already in use.

There is also a third option to bet on besides “bank” and “player” ones and that option is called a tie. It will most likely be placed at the centre of a given Baccarat table layout. And since the payouts from betting on a “tie” are 8 to 1 it will probably be marked as such under it too. Once this is understood, you shouldn’t have much trouble playing on any of the three main different variations of Baccarat table layouts. Them being Big, Mini, and Online.

Big Baccarat Table Layout

The Big Baccarat table layout is, despite the changing reputation of the game, still considered reserved only for high rollers. If you go to a brick-and-mortar casino you will most likely encounter this kind of table layout.

It’s around 12 to 14 players that are allowed to participate at the same time with this table layout. And in line with the high roller reputation, the area where the table is positioned is usually secluded from the rest of the casino games areas. And the players will be dressed up like they just got out straight from James Bond movies.

The middle part will have a U-shaped cut that’s reserved for the caller. With betting possibilities stated at the beginning of the game, there will be a maximum of three betting sections. And two more dealers to assist the caller and players.

If you consider playing this kind of table layout, have in mind that the betting amount will range from $50 to $100,000 or even higher. So, if a high-stakes gambling experience is what you look for, this version is the way to go.

A notable thing to mention is the so-called midi-baccarat version of this table layout. It has a slightly smaller shape than the standard Big Baccarat layout because it can fit only up to 9 players. The only other difference is that the betting limits are also significantly lower.

Mini Baccarat Table Layout

Mini Baccarat table layout is the one we should thank for making the game accessible to a wider range of players. It’s a game both high and low rollers can enjoy, without posing too much risk to their bankroll.

Unlike Big Baccarat, Mini Baccarat can only host a maximum of 7 people. That makes it much more comfortable for players. The table is shaped like a semi-circle allowing players to sit on the same side while the caller sits across. It also allows its players a looser dress code, making the atmosphere much more relaxed.

The rules of the game are the same as with Big Baccarat, except that the “bank” and “player” are on the player’s side of the table, and they are usually marked with a different colour. Also, the betting area for the “tie” is positioned by croupier’s side.

But what really makes this table layout stand out as the most popular version besides its simple rules are table limits that are within reason. The betting amount usually starts from $5 and goes up to the maximum limit of $25. This makes it an affordable choice for players of all kinds.

So, if you feel that the expectations Big Baccarat Table entails are way too pretentious for you, and you’d rather not risk bigger bets, choosing the Mini Baccarat version is worth considering.

Online Baccarat

And at last, we come to the version that took the popularity of Baccarat to a whole new level. The explosive rise of online casinos during the last decade provided players a chance to have access to any game of their choice at the tip of their fingertips.

The online version of the table is virtually the same as the Mini Baccarat table layout. Three are also three betting sections (player, banker, and tie) displayed. The RNG system is responsible for dealing with the cards, which eliminates every possibility of foul play.

What differs it from the previous versions is the fact that you are the only player sitting at the table. This eliminates both the need to interact with others directly and the need to even consider dressing up. That’s because you can play the game from the comfort of your bed.

But if you’re more of a guy who likes to have a real-life experience of a casino, you can always choose one of many live dealer Baccarat games. They allow you the ability to freely interact with both the dealer as well as other players, without leaving your room, thus combining the best of two worlds. Luckily, your instant withdrawal Casino Brango offers quite a lot of them so be sure to check them out.

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