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How to Become a High Roller

By March 18, 2022September 23rd, 2022No Comments

High roller meaning

A high roller, also known as a whale, often gambles and wagers large sums of money. They spend lots of their time at Casinos and they are kind of celebrities in casino circles.

Becoming a high roller is easier than you might think. We will not be beating around the bush here. Yes, it demands some time, efforts, and extensive bankroll. Nevertheless, people who never played in an online casino may think of it as an unattainable dream. If working in this industry has taught us anything it is that nothing is impossible. And if we would need to comprise the list of advice for all whales-wanna-be, it would contain the tips listed below. How to become a high roller is no longer a mystery.

Raise Your Bets

Sounds simple, but scary? It doesn’t have to be. Raising a bet is the first step to becoming a true high roller. In other words – there is no huge success without a bit of risk.

Now that we have swallowed that bitter truth, we can discuss this further. You will notice that playing at an online casino can be beneficial in many ways. Bonuses are the main advantage of playing online. When you are playing at high stakes, the bonuses can be extremely huge, boosting the chances of winning big time.

When it comes to bets, the biggest advantage is that minimum bets are more favourable than in land-based casinos. Not to mention the house edge in many table games is significantly lower.  This allows wider audience to try and get the feel of success when playing online.

For example, your starting bets on slot measure in cents. On the other hand, table games, such as blackjack, have 50% lower house edge if you play online. These 2 aspects combined, you will agree, can boost your odds significantly.

These are all the reasons why many players, including high rollers, have turned to online gambling. They took gameplay to higher level making it a solid source of income.

How Much do High Rollers Bet?

What we know so far is that online casinos have more player-friendly requirements. The question which naturally imposes is – how much high rollers usually bet?

High Roller Definition

In general, a high roller is a player ready to bet more than it is minimally required. For example, in many brick and mortar casinos, you can see high rollers betting the minimum of $100 per hand. When it comes to slots, they usually wager $25 as a starting bet per spin.

When they play online, high rollers bet several hundreds of dollars as a deposit amount. Remember the beginning of this text? Risk in order to succeed? This is it. As an example, let’s take the $500 deposit for which you can get 100% bonus as part of our Mardi Gras Cash Fest promotion. It means you get to play with $1,000 and potentially hit the win several tens of times as big. Remember that there is no max cash out limit here and the wagering is low (5x). You get the picture.

Choose Smaller Casinos

The same way you may feel more comfortable in a cosy boutique hotel with a service tailored to your needs, you can also reap the perks of tailor-made experience at smaller online casinos. The reasons are many, but one of the biggest is the fact that smaller businesses try harder to get you onboard and keep you there. It is the only way their business can grow.

Now you must be wondering what you can expect at such smaller casinos. It would be logical to assume – bigger bonuses or more free spins. Nevertheless, this may not be the case every time. What smaller casinos usually focus on is superb service. Apart from at least solid offer, those smaller casinos need to go a step beyond to provide unique offer that will keep you coming back. In our case, the unique advantage is our instant withdrawal system.

Why Instant Withdrawals Matter?

If you have ever played with us before, you must have noticed that while others let you wait for weeks to collect your winnings, we pay out instantly. Why? Because we take your money seriously and value your time and efforts. We also take special care of your experience in the long run, providing various benefits as you grow on your way to becoming a high roller. Interested to know more? Keep on reading.

Work Your Way Up

High Roller Blackjack

You must have heard this line many times before. When people say this, they usually have a very long and exhausting path in mind. Working your way up usually refers to building a career. Interestingly, you can also build a career in poker, blackjack, or any other game. The best part of it all – it doesn’t have to be a long, exhausting path.  With our carefully crafted VIP levels, players can easily use many benefits to help them advance even further and achieve their goals.

VIPs in Short

For instance, at the very beginning of your adventure of becoming a high roller, as  Silver level player, you get to withdraw $4k weekly, collect 1 comp point for every $10 wagered. As you grow, you can expect to eventually withdraw $15k on weekly basis and gather up to 5 comp point for every $10 wagered. Remember that comp points are convertible to cash.

Apart from the VIP Lounge and its perks, make sure to stay up to date with the ongoing promotions. Bonus offers are especially interesting to high rollers. No deposit bonuses are fine, but the true magic begins when you invest something for higher gain. Make sure to stop by regularly to check our Promotions, login to the lobby for more details, or get in touch with our live support.

Adopt the High Roller Attitude

Lastly, there is no success unless you set your mind to it. The winning attitude is what differentiates a winner from the rest. If this was a sport, we would say – visualize success.

High rollers are players who started off just like you, betting smaller amounts until they got the grip of the game. Online casinos are perfect for practice because of the immense opportunities at small cost. And once you start feeling like you are in the zone, take that dive. You never know where it may take you.

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