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50 Free Spins if You Guess the Killer

By April 5, 2022July 15th, 20221,195 Comments

Casino Brango’s Investigator is back. This time, he is spending time in a theatre. I know, it is not the usual place to investigate the crime. However, he has seen so many weird things so far that one more unusual murder didn’t make a difference to him. The only thing that really stood out from the ordinary was the victim. I mean, who would consider a ballerina to be a threat to anyone, right? But since you are reading this, you are already guessing that there must be a logical explanation. So, sharpen your wits! Here comes another crime story that needs solving. You can grab 50 free spins if you guess the correct answer and leave it with your username below this post. Here we go!

The Victim

When he got the call, the first thing that our Investigator noticed was the odd fact that the victim was the ballerina. Who would have the heart to harm the gracious and fragile creature such as ballerina dancer? And what could be the motive? His mind screamed: Jealousy! What else? Hello? The artistic world bursts with vanity!

As always, he decided not to jump to conclusions, and he headed right to the theatre. There he found out that the victim was the ballerina who recently joined the company. She came from the UK and quickly found her place in the new stagging of the “Nutcracker”. More precisely, she was given the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy, which is one of the most desired roles in this play.

The victim was hanged, although the forensics report showed that she was poisoned prior to hanging. The poison was awkward. It supposedly kills by entering through skin. Huh… someone really had the twisted mind. Ok, let’s take a look at the suspects.

The Suspects

If you asked our Investigator, almost anyone who had any kind of a relationship with the victim at her workplace was a suspect. He interviewed them all, and the three suspects stood out.

The Understudy

The ballerina understudy was the first suspect as she had the strongest motive. At least at the first glance. This young lady claimed that she was not friends with the victim. However, she denied having anything to do with the murder, naturally. According to her statement, she did not even enter the theatre building on that day, as she was out of town.

She was hoping for the leading role, but eventually accepted the part she was given. The Investigator thought that although being slim, this girl had quite the muscles and was probably able to commit the murder as explained above. Not to mention the wits to plan it. Nevertheless, she seemed to have an alibi, and even sounded genuine.

The Choreographer

The choreographer was an older man, an eccentric who did not think that his angry attitude could do him any harm. He openly showed contempt towards his female co-workers. The investigator could conclude that he hated them both but was forced to work with them. To him, both the victim and the understudy did not live up to the standards of fierce professionalism.

He argued with the victim on the day of her murder and the staff even heard him yell: „Sometimes I wish you would just disappear! Why doesn’t God send me a true artist to work with? What have I done to deserve this? “

Despite all this, the choreographer claimed that he did not kill the ballerina. He reportedly went to a dinner with friends straight from the theatre. He also stated that he does not feel sorry, because she was a stuck-up bitch unworthy of the honour she was given. „Hm… not a smart thing to say when you are one of the suspects “, our Investigator thought.

The Makeup Artist

In a conversation with the Investigator, the make-up artist confirmed that he was friends with the victim. He denied being infatuated with her and claimed he had a girlfriend for whom he would have done anything. The makeup artist and the victim used to spend a lot of time together, especially in the theatre.

On that particular day, he helped the victim try on various make up styles for the premiere performance of the „Nutcracker “. He advised, while the victim liked putting on makeup herself while they gossip. The artist had only nice things to say about the victim. He stated that he eventually had gone home to spend an evening with his girlfriend, the understudy.

Can you guess whose story did not hold up and who killed the ballerina? Who had the motive and the means to do it, and lied to the Investigator?

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