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Slot Hit Rates Explained

By April 11, 20223 Comments

In one of the earlier articles, we’ve covered the topic of RTP (return to player) in online casinos. The term in close relation to it is slot hit rates, which many players confuse with the RTP and the volatility of slot machines. It can be tricky to distinguish between these terms, so that’s what we’ll try to unravel in this article.

What are Slots Hit Rates? 

Hit rate is a term you’ve certainly must have come across if you enjoy spending your time playing online slots. It’s one of the most important terms to consider if you show interest in the winning potential of a slot game.

Simply put, hit rate is the probability at which a winning combination lands on a slot machine. It comes in the form of percentages, and it indicates the number of bets from which one can make winnings on an average of 100 played bets. In other words, a slot machine that has a 60% hit rate will deliver winning combinations on 60 out of 100 bets placed. The higher the hit rate, the better the payouts.

One should not think that the hit rate determines how much money a slot machine pays out, only how frequently it does so. So, use the hit rate as a guide when you’re trying to figure out how often a slot machine will deliver prizes.

The Relation Between Hit Rates & RTP

The first term closely related to hit rates is the RTP of a game. While the hit rates answer the question of how often a slot machine pays out, the RTP on the other hand is about how much of that payout goes back to the players. You can see that while the two terms are complementary, they are not the same but are in direct correlation.

The higher the RTP, the better the hit rates of a slot game will be. While the RTP is more of a long-term figure, the hit rates will provide you with more accurate percentages of payout rates in the short run.

Both these pieces of information are essential in order for one to know what winnings it is possible to make on an online slot, however they are totally independent and have no influence whatsoever on one another.

The Relation Between Volatility and Hit Rate

Another term that people usually associate with the hit rate is slot volatility. It’s in close connection to the hit rate with which it has a reverse proportional relation.

For example, if a slot machine has low volatility the hit rates will be higher offering you a better chance of winning on a smaller scale. If it has a high volatility the hit rate will be smaller, but once it delivers the payouts will be greater.

Depending on your personal preferences you should choose the ones that better suit you. If you like constant smaller winnings, go with the low volatility ones, and if you’re a risk-taking type of guy, high volatility slots are what you should aim for.

The Bonus Hit Rates Frequency

Yet another factor one should consider is the bonus hit rate frequency. The bonus hit frequency is in close conjunction with the reward amount if you’re out for larger wins. So, having a clear picture of it will in turn help you find out the scope of hit rates.

If a game has plenty of bonuses to offer, it will certainly come with a better hit rate than those that offer none. After all, the bonus rounds are where the biggest payouts usually are.

That’s because the bonus frequency usually involves free spins with additional features such as multipliers, stacked wilds, or even a reel copy that’s exclusive to our new Copy Cat Fortune game. And you can see how that knowledge can help you find out both the overall win rate and the bonus round frequency.


Keeping track of all this stuff can be a formidable task for both the veteran and rookie players alike. But having all this information at your disposal can only help you find the best slot machine for you.

So, next time you’re up for a winning streak, do a little research on your own. Then, come back to your favourite bet safe casino Brango, and try out one of the many games we have in stock until you find the right one!

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