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Easter Celebrations at Casino Brango

By April 17, 20225 Comments

It’s Easter weekend already fellow players and your favorite instant withdrawal casino Brango cannot wait to share the celebratory spirit with you. We had quite a bit of Easter-themed promotions this month that get you 20 free spins without depositing, and extra 50 free spins from April 17th after each new deposit. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so before we get to them let’s present you with some of the most interesting Easter celebrations around the world.

Crimes Stories Reading in Norway

Believe it or not, Easter in Norway is a time for some high crime! Thankfully, not the real crime but that was what people thought back in 1923. The year when a highly popular crime novel came out that made people think it was not fiction. From then on, it has become a custom to watch and read detective and crime stories over this period. We’re proud to say we share that tradition with the Norwegians because we have a whole section dedicated to them. Check them out and see how you can occasionally get a hold of free spins if you manage to crack them.

Egg Cracking in Serbia

Easter is a holiday that jumps around the calendar like a bunny, so it should not come to you as a surprise that for Orthodox people like Serbians it’s not on this but on next weekend. And the way it’s celebrated is rather interesting. Eggs play an integral part, where every family decorates theirs and holds a competition for the most beautiful ones. Everyone chooses one for himself and starts cracking it against another. The one that doesn’t break is believed to be especially blessed with fortune.

The Great Easter Bunny Hunt in New Zealand

When it comes to New Zealand, are folk that spends their Easter celebrations with guns blazing! Namely, every year around Easter, hunters gather in the Central Otago district to hunt for rabbits. And while it may seem a bit cruel to you the reason behind it has an ecological background. The rabbit population was artificially introduced and came to negatively affect the biodiversity of the country. They are therefore considered to be a pest, that needs to be cut down. The reasoning may not be the same, but the means are the same with the Old Granny character in our new Run, Rabbit, Run slot. It came just in time for Easter celebrations, so go and try it out and claim your 30 free spins.

Easter Promotions and Bonuses at Casino Brango

And while our way of marking Easter may not be so bizarre as the previous one thing certainly is. The free spins and bonuses we like to share with our loyal players! We’re having some great free spins & no rules bonuses that go up to 100% to boost your Easter and a $20k Prize Pool Tournament that you can still join till the end of the month. Wishing you a very happy Easter and may fortune always be on your side!

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