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How To Boost Your Luck in Gambling

By May 14, 20222 Comments

As all of us know all too well, luck is an essential part of the gambling experience. And while you can get better at many casino games by employing certain tips & tricks, there wouldn’t be an ounce of thrill all of us chase if skill was all that was needed to get you on a winning streak. The secret ingredient is of course luck. So, if you ever wondered why some people seem to have it more than others, you’re in the right place. They employ certain strategies, and we’ll do the same by offering you few tips on how to boost your luck.

Go With Your Gut

As with many things in life that turn out to be right, you should always go with your gut. There has been extensive research on the subject of intuition, and it proved what most of us already knew. Those butterflies in your stomach that suggest you’re onto something are quicker to respond than your brain. And if you get them to work together, you’re on the best path to boost your luck.

Stay Optimistic

You’ve surely heard about the “hot streak” and “gambler’s fallacy” terms. And guess what, there is a science behind them too. Those gamblers who believed they were on a hot streak were more confident and thus more likely to continue winning. While those who suffered from gambler’s fallacy were sure their luck was about to turn when they got a few bad hands. The lesson one can learn from this is that your mood does affect your play, so be sure to stay optimistic.

Have a Lucky Charm By Your Side

When they asked famous scientist Niels Bohr if he believes a horseshoe above his doorway will bring him luck, his response was that magic works even if you don’t believe in it. That’s probably the best definition of how lucky charms also work. Lucky charms are types of objects you can find across every culture of the world. From four-leaved clovers to rabbit’s foot and fortunate cats, every human society believes these objects can boost your luck. So, whatever your take on them might be, having one by your side certainly won’t hurt.

Learn From More Experienced Players

“Experience is the mother of all learning” and “God helps those who help themselves” are two famous sayings to apply to this rule. If you don’t feel particularly lucky on a certain day, asking advice from more experienced players is a sure way to boost your luck. From the best ones, you’ll get insights into the inner workings of casino games that can change your whole perception. At the worst, you’ll end up with the tips on what lucky charms work the best for them.

Know When to Call it a Night

The true sign of every experienced player is knowing when to stop. The wheel of fortune is constantly spinning so it’s only so natural your luck will eventually run out. The wisdom is to recognize that moment and prevent turning your winning streak into a losing one. Know when to call it a night and luck will surely come back to you the first available chance.

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