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75% No Max Cash Out Bonus for 2 Whole Days

By June 21, 2022July 6th, 2022No Comments

It is “Fortune June” month at Brango, which means a bunch of crazy bonuses and free spins all month long. Before I entered the crazy casino world, I must admit I had a completely different picture about how promotions, like this no max bonus, are created. If you scroll below, you’ll find one of the scenarios that were playing out in my head. We are dying to hear yours as well. Feel free to share them in the comments below. In the meantime, allow us to announce that as of today and during tomorrow – June 22nd, you have the chance to get your hands on the 75% no max cash out bonus. Yes, that’s a nice amount of dollars on top of your deposit to make things spicier and make money hand over fist. How we came up with this coupon, what it looks like and what you should do to get it? Keep on reading to find the answers.

Your Tuesday Chilling with Us

So, you ended up with us again. Not too bad… Especially because this is the place where something new happens often. We get it. Sometimes you just need to click the “power off” on everything else that happens in your life and take a moment to chill.

And what better way to chill than with an awesome chance to hit a great, big, fat win? Speaking of which, did you know that there is a huge $20k prize pool in our Fortune June tourney – waiting for you to get your share?

What will it be, a 75% no max cash out bonus or the slots tournament? It’s a tough decision, I have to admit. So, why not both?

 A Short Way from an Idea to Coupon Creation 

In one of the scenarios mentioned above, the boss would start off by saying that we need to provide an offer that not only sounds good but actually delivers value. Sounds familiar? We thought so. Whoever worked in any type of company had witnessed meetings like this one. Basically, this is how the discussion could easily be played out.

  • Boss: The numbers look good, so, let me hear the ideas and wrap things up quickly.
  • Colleague 1: Well, we thought that Tuesday and Wednesday are great days to start warming up with let’s say 50% bonus.
  • Boss: I see you’ve been sleeping. We already have 50% scheduled for June 20th and 21st. So, what else?
  • Colleague 1: Oh, yeah, right… Then, let’s increase it a bit. I would go with 75% on June 21st and 22nd, and then keep upgrading the offer as days go by.
  • Boss: Nice thought, but still not good enough.
  • Colleague 2: I know… everyone likes no wagering, so why not include it?
  • Boss: You are putting me to sleep here, people… I really think we can do better.
  • Colleague 1: Honestly, I think it sounds just regular, not awesome, as we used to bomb them with no wagering.
  • Colleague 2: Then what about we combine no wagering and no max cash out?
  • Boss: You think? We might as well let them run the casino… Although, we always end up with no rules bonuses either way.
  • Colleague 2: OK, that was a hasty thought. I’ve got it! No max cash out!
  • Boss: 75%, no max cash out. I like where this is going. But still, we need something extra.
  • Colleague 1: Available for redeeming unlimited number of times?
  • Boss: That’s it! Do what you need to, and I’ll check it out later. Where’s my coffee?

75% No Max Cash Bonus

And that’s how the coupon before you was created. No…. I’m kidding. We are way more professional than this. But it sums up the core of the promotion – it should always be attractive, affordable and above all – highly potent. Like we all tend to be sometimes.

Therefore, let’s join forces and get that powerful win at the tip of your fingers! Only on June 21st and 22nd, for as little as $35 deposit you can claim the 75% up to $1,000 no max cash out bonus. The bonus is available unlimited number of times a day. Wagering is set at 40x deposit plus bonus amount. We invite you to use it for playing non-progressive slots. Speaking of which, have you checked out the Meerkat Misfits yet? We heard it’s a blast.

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