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4 Ways People Use Cheating In Casinos

By July 12, 2022July 19th, 2022No Comments

Since the casinos were invented, people have attempted to cheat their system. There is no doubt casinos represent big businesses. There is a lot of money. For example, over the years, casinos in Las Vegas have been robbed for millions of dollars. But, thanks to technology, it’s a lot harder to make it nowadays. Casinos have cameras looking at every table and they are checked regularly. Still, some people manage to pull up frauds. Counting cards, rigging machines, or simply walking out with bags full of cash are only some ways people use cheating in casinos. We did a little research on this topic. Let’s see what we found out.

Card Counting

To be clear, players who count cards are not cheaters. Using math to strategize is never cheating. It is a technique for playing Blackjack that if done correctly can give the player an advantage over the casino. Counting is 100% legal because it is an effective way to win. You cannot be arrested for counting. We already wrote about this technique, check it out if you want to know more about it. However, the act crosses the line into cheating when someone uses a device, such as a card-counting computer.

Hole Card Reading

Similar to the previous one, hole card reading is often considered an advantage play. It happens when players in Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, and Three Card Poker try to spot the dealer’s hole card and use that information while playing the game. As well as card counting, it is considered cheating once a player uses a camera to see the card or a hand-held mirror to see the card.

Slot Machine Bill Validator Device

So, here come the most lucrative games on the casino floor. Slot machines are probably the most interesting for both the players and the house – and cheaters. Because of the huge payouts available, they are always a game of cat and mouse between casinos and cheaters.

In the old slot machines, people would attach a piece of string to the coin with a paper clip on the end to prevent it from falling into the hopper. But, as the technology evolved, there appeared small computer devices that can trick the bill validator. Nowadays, casinos have protection against this kind of tricks so these devices don’t really work. We at Casino Brango don’t recommend trying any of these tricks.

Cheating in Casinos: Roulette Past Posting

If you ever had contact with casinos, you must’ve heard about this one. It’s very simple – you place your chip on the winning number after the ball has dropped on the roulette wheel. The player usually distracts the croupier’s attention to either move the bet to or place a bet on the winning number. In fact, it is a bold and very risky strategy but it can be effective if the cheater has the skill, timing, and awareness to pull it off.

The advantage of being an online casino is that you can’t use these tricks here. Just kidding, but we hope you will not use them anywhere. The casinos are places where you should have fun and earn some money while playing your favorite games. Check out Casino Brango’s games and join a bet-safe casino. We’re sure you’ll experience nothing less than pure excitement!

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