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Slots Inspired By Chinese Culture

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The Chinese culture has seen a massive rise in popularity throughout the world in recent years, which some would argue is long overdue considering the number of its population and the contributions it has given to the world. One of those contributions is reflected in the inspiration that many slot developers draw from its rich culture. This should come as no surprise when you consider that Chinese culture is tightly intertwined with luck and gambling. From Macau gambling zones to their predilection for lucky charms, there are numerous links between the two. Our instant withdrawal casino recognized those links, which is why we have so many Chinese-themed slots to offer to players. Let’s review some of the most popular ones.

Lucky 8

One of the most prevalent features of Chinese culture is their obsession with certain numbers. And the one number that is considered to be especially lucky is the number 8. It probably owes that status due to the pronunciation that is similar to the Chinese word for wealth. And wealth is what you get when you play Lucky 8. It has a “Win-Win” feature where you can win up to 88x of your total bet. Not to mention the Minor and Major progressive jackpot that you can trigger randomly after every spin.

Lucky 8 play now


Dragons are one of the most recognizable elements of Chinese culture. But unlike Western portrayals of them, in China, they’re considered to be kind and benevolent creatures. And Fucanlongs are especially revered kind of beings in China. It is said they’re guardians of hidden underworld treasures from where they would erupt to report to the heavens which cause volcanoes to form. Their most treasured possession is the magic pearl that serves as this slots Scatter adding you 8 free spins. The Pearl’s value can go up to 888x times your bet which fits in nicely with the symbolism of the number 8 we’ve already discussed.

fucanglong slot

Super 6

Number symbolism isn’t the only one that the Chinese have a penchant for. Letters also convey a certain symbolism and the Super 6 slot is a perfect example of this. Besides staple symbols of Chinese culture like scrolls, dragons, rabbits, lotus flowers, koi fish, and firecrackers what’s also characteristic of this slot is that the letters and numbers that spell out “Super 6” serve as the Scatter. And when you get six of a kind you can score 30 times your total bet size. Variations of the symbols determine what kind of features you get which opens a path for great winning streak opportunities.

super 6 slot

Fu Chi

Fu Chi is one of the visually most impressive slots with Chinese thematics. With reels set upon an entrance of a traditional Chinese temple at the top of the mountain, you get to enjoy the view of a beautiful starry sky lightened with occasional fireworks. Why fireworks? Because the game was released to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dog, which appears on all reels and increases wins to up to 2000x. It also features a progressive jackpot with medium volatility, so you have pretty good chances of scoring some solid payouts.

fu chi slot

Wu Zetian

We’ve already talked about some of the great historical characters behind some of our most popular slots but this one deserves special attention. Wu Zetian was the only female ruler of China with a temper as volatile as it gets. That applies to this slot too. Rumor has it that she was also responsible for murdering her emperor husband and marrying his son to get the throne. And if that’s not enough to satisfy your thirst for intrigue, she also had twin lovers (that appear in the game as symbols) who tried to manipulate her and failed miserably. But what doesn’t fail is this slot’s potential payout that goes 50,000x your line bet which makes it one of the most generous jackpots ever. Bow down to the empress!

Wu ZeTian play now


Slots are not the only thing inspired by Chinese culture. It also permeates every other aspect of gambling. From lucky slot symbols to feng shui there are numerous contributions we can thank it for. And if you feel especially interested in any one of them, bet safe casino Brango is here to provide you with the best selection of games you can get your hands on, so feel free to play any one to your liking!

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